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Posting and Transfer - Gazetted
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Dated Reference No. Brief Description Last Updated on Website
23-05-2017O/o No. 325Posting orders of Assistant Manager/IT against CRA 4/201623-05-2017
16-05-2017O/o no. 303Promotions/postings of PS to Offg.Sr.PS and posting/transfer of PS16-05-2017
16-05-2017O/o no. 300Posting/transfer of AE/Elect.16-05-2017
16-05-2017O/o no. 299Promotion & posting of Under Secy. to Offg.Dy.Secy.16-05-2017
16-05-2017O/o no. 298Postings/transfers of Sr.Xens/Addl.SEs(Elect.)16-05-2017
12-05-2017O/o no. 293Postings/transfers of Sr.Xens/(Elect.)12-05-2017
11-05-2017O/o no. 289Postings/transfers of AEEs/AE(Elect.)12-05-2017
11-05-2017O/o no. 287Promotions/postings of AAEs to Offg.AEs (Elect.)11-05-2017
08-05-2017O/o no. 278Posting order of AE/OT (Elect.)08-05-2017
08-05-2017O/o no. 277Posting/transfer of AE/Elect.08-05-2017
08-05-2017O/o no. 271Promotions/postings of AEEs to Offg.Sr.Xens and postings/transfers of Addl.SEs/Sr.Xens (Elect.)08-05-2017
28-04-2017O/o no. 260Promotion/posting of AAE to Offg.AE28-04-2017
25-04-2017O/o no. 254Postings/transfers of Addl.SEs/Sr.Xens (Elect.)27-04-2017
25-04-2017O/o no. 250Promotions/postings of AEs/Elect. to Offg.AEE/Elect.25-04-2017
11-04-2017O/o no. 217Posting/transfer of AE (Elect.)/AEE (Civil)11-04-2017
11-04-2017O/o no. 214Promotion/posting of Addl.SE (Civil) to Offg.SE11-04-2017
11-04-2017O/o no. 213Promotions/postings of Addl.SEs (Elect.) to Offg.SE11-04-2017
07-04-2017O/o no. 209Postings/transfers of AEs(Elect.)07-04-2017
07-04-2017O/o no. 208Postings/transfers of AAO/AOs07-04-2017
03-04-2017O/o no. 199Posting/transfer of Chief Engineer03-04-2017
29-03-2017O/o no. 185Posting/transfer of AE/Elect.30-03-2017
21-03-2017O/o no. 176Posting/transfer of Addl.SE/Civil21-03-2017
21-02-2017O/o no. 114Posting/transfer of Sr.Xen after Leave21-02-2017
20-02-2017O/o no. 109Posting/transfer of AE after Leave21-02-2017
04-01-2017O/o no. 12Posting/transfer of AE04-01-2017
04-01-2017O/o no. 10Postings/transfers of Addl.SE/Sr.Xen04-01-2017
04-01-2017O/o no. 09Postings/transfers of Chief Engineer/Dy.CE04-01-2017
03-01-2017O/o no. 04Promotion/posting of AAE to Offg.AE03-01-2017
03-01-2017O/o no. 06Posting/transfer of SE/Civil03-01-2017
30-12-2016O/o no. 841Posting/transfer of Sr.Xen02-01-2017
27-12-2016Office Order 833/Admn./PSTCLPostings/transfers of Addl.SEs/Elect.27-12-2016
27-12-2016Office Order 832/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of AE27-12-2016
22-12-2016Office Order 823/Admn./PSTCLPromotions/postings/transfer of AEE/Sr.Xen22-12-2016
19-12-2016Office Order 810/Admn./PSTCLPromotion/postings/transfers of Addl.SE/SE/Dy.CE19-12-2016
19-12-2016Office Order 809/Admn./PSTCLPostings/transfers of AE/AEEs (Elect.)19-12-2016
13-12-2016Office Order 791/Admn./PSTCLPostings/transfers of AEs/AEEs13-12-2016
09-12-2016Office Order 787/Admn./PSTCLPromotions, postings and transfers orders of Offg.CHD on Tech. Training09-12-2016
06-12-2016Office Order 779/Admn./PSTCLPosting and transfer of AEE06-12-2016
02-12-2016Office Order 771/Admn./PSTCLPosting of Er. Shinder Pal Singh in continuation to PSPCL O/o no. 219/BEG-I dated 03.11.201602-12-2016
17-11-2016Office Order 749/Admn./PSTCLPromotions/postings/transfers of Dy.CEs/SEs/ASEs/Sr.Xens/AEE17-11-2016
07-11-2016Office Order 727/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of AEE/Elect.07-11-2016
01-11-2016Office Order 717/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of Under Secy.01-11-2016
01-11-2016Office Order 716/Admn./PSTCLPromotion/posting of JE/Civil to Offg.AE/Civil01-11-2016
01-11-2016Office Order 715/Admn./PSTCLPromtion/posting of PS to Offg. Sr.PS01-11-2016
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