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Dated Reference No. Brief Description Last Updated on Website
27-02-2017Office Order No.19/Sr.XEN/TCDepartment Exam Result 2016 (3rd Session)-UDC/General27-02-2017
27-02-2017Office Order No.18/Sr.XEN/TCDepartment Exam Result 2016 (3rd Session)-SAS Part-II27-02-2017
27-02-2017Office Order No.17/Sr.XEN/TCDepartment Exam Result 2016 (3rd Session)-JE/Electrical & JE/Civil27-02-2017
27-02-2017Office Order No.16/Sr.XEN/TCDepartment Exam Result 2016 (3rd Session)-AE/Electrical27-02-2017
06-12-2016O/o No. 107Department Exam Rechecking Result 2016 (2nd Session)07-12-2016
22-11-2016O/o No. 105Department Exam Rechecking Result 2016 (2nd Session)23-11-2016
27-10-2016O/o No. 104/Sr.XEN/TCDepartment Exam Result 2016 (2nd Session)-UDC/General27-10-2016
27-10-2016O/o No. 103/Sr.XEN/TCDepartment Exam Result 2016 (2nd Session)-SAS Part-II27-10-2016
27-10-2016O/o No. 102/Sr.XEN/TCDepartment Exam Result 2016 (2nd Session)-SAS Part-I27-10-2016
27-10-2016O/o No. 101/Sr.XEN/TCDepartment Exam Result 2016 (2nd Session)-JE/Electrical and JE/Civil27-10-2016
27-10-2016O/o No. 100/Sr.XEN/TCDepartment Exam Rechecking Result 2016 (1st Session)27-10-2016
15-09-2016O/o No. 93Department Exam Rechecking Result 2016 (1st Session)15-09-2016
18-08-2016O/o No. 90/Sr.XEN/TCDepartment Exam Result 2016 (1st Session)-UDC/General19-08-2016
18-08-2016O/o No. 89/Sr.XEN/TCDepartment Exam Result 2016 (1st Session)-SAS Part-II19-08-2016
18-08-2016O/o No. 88/Sr.XEN/TCDepartment Exam Result 2016 (1st Session)-SAS Part-I19-08-2016
18-08-2016O/o No. 87/Sr.XEN/TCDepartment Exam Result 2016 (1st Session)-JE/Electrical and JE/Civil19-08-2016
18-08-2016O/o No. 86/Sr.XEN/TCDepartment Exam Result 2016 (1st Session)-AE/Electrical and AE/Civil19-08-2016
18-03-2016O/o No. 37Rechecking Result: DAE-201518-03-2016
29-02-2016O/o No. 27Rechecking Result: DAE-201529-02-2016
03-02-2016ResultDepartment Exam Result 2015-SAS Part II03-02-2016
03-02-2016ResultDepartment Exam Result 2015-SAS Part I03-02-2016
03-02-2016ResultDepartment Exam Result 2015-UDC(General)03-02-2016
03-02-2016ResultDepartment Exam Result 2015-JE(Civil)03-02-2016
03-02-2016ResultDepartment Exam Result 2015-JE(Electrical)03-02-2016
03-02-2016ResultDepartment Exam Result 2015-AE(Civil)03-02-2016
03-02-2016ResultDepartment Exam Result 2015-AE(Electrical)03-02-2016
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