Punjab State Transmission Corporation Limited
(A Punjab Government Undertaking)
New Pension Scheme(NPS) / CPF
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Dated Reference No. Brief Description File Details Last Updated on Website
10-11-2017FormAnnexure III to CSRF: Additional Nomination form. (In English) 162.80KB10-11-2017
10-11-2017FormNew PRAN form. (In English) 624.50KB10-11-2017
09-11-2017Specimen Copy of FormSpecimen copy of New PRAN Form. (In English) 6.18MB09-11-2017
09-11-2017Memo No.179Implementation of New PRAN form and Non- acceptance of old PRAN forms. (In English) 505.41KB09-11-2017
20-01-2015NPS Circular No. 1/2015/ PSTCLRelease of new fu nctionality in CRA system for e - PRAN card. 217.55KB20-01-2015
26-11-2014Reset IPINReset of Internet Personal Identification Number (IPIN) for Subscribers through generation of One Time Password (OTP). 996.24KB26-11-2014
16-06-2014Accounts Circular No. 6 /2014 /PSTCLProcedure of t ransfer of amount credited during the financial year 2012 - 13 and 2013 - 14 to GH 57.160, 57.165, 57.170 and 57.175 in respect of New Restructured De - fined Contributory Pension (NPS) Scheme to Head Office in March 2014 Adjustment Account. 36.67KB16-06-2014
06-06-2014Memo No.131/173Submission of S - 1 Form of newly recruited employees of PSTCL for allotment of PRAN No. 408.82KB06-06-2014
24-02-2014FormS2 Form_Subscriber Detail Change Form_PRAN. 255.33KB24-02-2014
24-02-2014SpecimenSpecimen Copy: Intersector Transfer Form_PRAN. 2.65MB24-02-2014
24-02-2014FormIntersector Transfer Form_PRAN 242.02KB24-02-2014
18-07-2013InstructionsInstructions Regarding Form S-1 8.52KB18-07-2013
18-07-2013NPS InstructionsGuidelines for proper implementation of New Defined Contributory Pension Scheme. 248.61KB18-07-2013
07-08-2013SpecimenSpecimen Copy of Annexure-III to CSRF-1: Additional Nomination Form. 233.28KB07-08-2013
07-08-2013Annex to PRAN formAnnexure-II to CSRF-1: Additional Request Details. 114.11KB07-08-2013
18-06-2013NPS Circular No. 1/2013New restructured Defined Contributory Pension Scheme (NPS) for employees recruited by PSTCL. 2.94MB18-06-2013

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