Punjab State Transmission Corporation Limited
(A Punjab Government Undertaking)
Posting and Transfer - Non-Gazetted
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Dated Reference No. Brief Description File Details Last Updated on Website
18-10-2017O/o no. 718Removal of condition (LDC to UDC) (In English) 92.25KB18-10-2017
18-10-2017O/o no. 716Posting/transfer of Peon (In English) 80.30KB18-10-2017
06-10-2017O/o no. 695Posting/transfer of UDC (General) (In English) 78.80KB06-10-2017
03-10-2017O/o no. 682Posting orders of LM against CRA-04/2016 (In English) 155.03KB03-10-2017
27-09-2017O/o no. 675Postings/transfers of JE(Elect.)/Foreman/SSA/RTM (In English) 192.55KB27-09-2017
26-09-2017O/o no. 673Posting/transfer of Driver (In English) 75.26KB26-09-2017
22-09-2017O/o no. 654Posting orders of SSA against CRA-03/2016 (In English) 143.50KB22-09-2017
18-09-2017O/o no. 643Promotion/posting of UDC to Circle Asstt. (In English) 123.93KB18-09-2017
18-09-2017O/o no. 642Posting/transfer of SSA (In English) 72.48KB18-09-2017
15-09-2017O/o no. 641Promotion/posting of Sr.Asstt. to Supdt. Gr-II (In English) 90.85KB15-09-2017
15-09-2017O/o no. 640Postings/transfers of JEs/Elect. (In English) 81.33KB15-09-2017
15-09-2017O/o no. 639Postings/transfers of Circle Asstt./SAS Accountant (In English) 96.20KB15-09-2017
11-09-2017O/o no. 630Posting orders of UDC (General) on Compassionate ground (In English) 131.39KB11-09-2017
11-09-2017O/o no. 629Posting/transfer of AAO (In English) 73.44KB11-09-2017
11-09-2017O/o no. 628Postings/transfers of JEs/Elect. (In English) 92.70KB11-09-2017
07-09-2017O/o no. 622Posting orders of JE/Elect. against CRA-03/2016 (In English) 153.39KB07-09-2017
01-09-2017O/o no. 610Promotion/postings/transfers of ALM (In English) 81.25KB01-09-2017
25-08-2017O/o no. 594Posting orders of JE/Civil against CRA-03/2016 (In English) 125.91KB25-08-2017
24-08-2017O/o no. 592Partial modification of O/o no. 557 dated 11.08.2017 (In English) 53.90KB24-08-2017
23-08-2017O/o no. 588Posting orders of ALM against CRA-04/2016 (In English) 139.19KB23-08-2017
23-08-2017O/o no. 587Posting orders of LM against CRA-04/2016 (In English) 161.56KB23-08-2017
23-08-2017O/o no. 582Posting/Transfer of Sr. Asstt. (In English) 61.63KB23-08-2017
17-08-2017O/o no. 571Postings/transfers of JE (Elect.)/LM/SSA (In English) 63.69KB17-08-2017
11-08-2017O/o no. 559Posting orders of LMs against CRA-04/2016 (In English) 487.03KB11-08-2017
11-08-2017O/o no. 558Posting orders of ALMs against CRA-04/2016 (In English) 587.88KB11-08-2017
11-08-2017O/o no. 557Postings/transfers of ALMs/SSAs/RTMs/OC (In English) 138.95KB11-08-2017
11-08-2017O/o no. 553Postings/transfers of Divnl. Accountants (In English) 68.59KB11-08-2017
11-08-2017O/o no. 554Posting/transfer of UDC (General) (In English) 59.26KB11-08-2017
03-08-2017O/o no. 538Posting orders of UDC (Accounts) against CRA-03/2016 (In English) 134.33KB03-08-2017
03-08-2017O/o no. 537Regularization of promotion orders (SSA to JE/Elect.) (In English) 93.14KB03-08-2017
02-08-2017O/o no. 532Postings/transfers of SAS/Divnl.Accountant (In English) 62.32KB02-08-2017
02-08-2017O/o no. 527Posting orders of JE/IT against CRA-03/2016 (In English) 117.50KB02-08-2017
01-08-2017O/o no. 526Partial modification of O/o no. 514 dated 26.07.2017 (In English) 56.22KB02-08-2017
01-08-2017O/o no. 522Posting orders of JE/Elect. against CRA-03/2016 (In English) 127.67KB02-08-2017
27-07-2017O/o no. 518Posting orders of Peon on Compassionate ground (In English) 105.32KB28-07-2017
26-07-2017O/o no. 516O/o no. 399 dated 15.06.2017 held in abeyance (In English) 49.53KB26-07-2017
26-07-2017O/o no. 514Posting orders of UDC (Accounts) against CRA-03/2016 (In English) 123.73KB26-07-2017
24-07-2017O/o no. 513Posting order of SSA against CRA-03/2016 (In English) 135.80KB24-07-2017
21-07-2017O/o no. 509Posting/transfer of JE/Elect. (In English) 71.08KB21-07-2017
20-07-2017O/o no. 504Regularization of promotion order (In English) 87.44KB21-07-2017
13-07-2017O/o no. 488Posting orders of UDCs(Accounts) against CRA-03/2016 (In English) 153.57KB14-07-2017
13-07-2017O/o no. 487Posting orders of SSAs against CRA-03/2016 (In English) 139.54KB14-07-2017
13-07-2017O/o no. 486Posting orders of JEs/Civil against CRA-03/2016 (In English) 138.68KB14-07-2017
13-07-2017O/o no. 485Posting orders of JEs/Elect. against CRA-03/2016 (In English) 148.50KB14-07-2017
13-07-2017O/o no. 484Regularization of promotion orders (In English) 113.81KB14-07-2017
12-07-2017O/o no. 482Cancellation of O/o no. 783 dated 08.12.2016 and O/o 274 dated 08.05.2017 (In English) 64.00KB13-07-2017
06-07-2017O/o no. 466Posting orders of JEs/Elect. against CRA-03/2016 (In English) 164.19KB06-07-2017
06-07-2017O/o no. 465Posting/transfer of UDC (General) (In English) 68.62KB06-07-2017
06-07-2017O/o no. 464Promotion/posting of RTM to OC (In English) 75.33KB06-07-2017
03-07-2017O/o no. 460Posting orders of UDC (Accounts) against CRA-03/2016 (In English) 194.12KB03-07-2017
03-07-2017O/o no. 457Postings/transfers of LDCs (In English) 74.37KB03-07-2017
03-07-2017O/o no. 452Posting orders of JE/Civil against CRA-03/2016 (In English) 128.48KB03-07-2017
30-06-2017O/o no. 449Promotions/postings of Elect. Gr.-II to Elect. Gr.-I (In English) 369.77KB03-07-2017
30-06-2017O/o no. 447Posting order of JE/Elect. against CRA-03/2016 (In English) 132.29KB30-06-2017
30-06-2017O/o no. 446Posting order of SSA against CRA-03/2016 (In English) 127.37KB30-06-2017
30-06-2017O/o no. 445Posting order of Peon on Compassionate ground (In English) 122.77KB30-06-2017
29-06-2017O/o no. 436Postings/transfers of JEs/Elect. (In English) 76.66KB29-06-2017
23-06-2017O/o no. 426Promotion & Posting of DHD to CHD and posting/transfer of CHD (In English) 75.14KB23-06-2017
23-06-2017O/o no. 427Postings/transfers of LDCs (In English) 74.41KB23-06-2017
19-06-2017O/o no. 410Posting orders of JEs/Civil against CRA-03/2016 (In English) 141.02KB19-06-2017
19-06-2017O/o no. 411Posting orders of JEs/Elect. against CRA-03/2016 (In English) 155.93KB19-06-2017
19-06-2017O/o no. 412Posting orders of Peons on Compassionate ground (In English) 134.87KB19-06-2017
19-06-2017O/o no. 413Posting orders of SSAs against CRA-03/2016 (In English) 171.05KB19-06-2017
15-06-2017O/o no. 398Partial modification of O/o no. 313 dated 19.05.2017 (JE/Comm.) (In English) 63.98KB15-06-2017
15-06-2017O/o no. 399Postings/transfer of JEs (Elect. & S/S) (In English) 74.68KB15-06-2017
15-06-2017O/o no. 396Partial modification of O/o no. 364 dated 06.06.2017 (LDC) (In English) 70.92KB15-06-2017
15-06-2017O/o no. 395Posting/transfer of Hawaldar (In English) 71.76KB15-06-2017
14-06-2017O/o no. 387Partial modification of O/o no. 338 dated 31.05.2017 (LDC to UDC) (In English) 72.80KB14-06-2017
08-06-2017O/o no. 375Ban on postings/transfers of personnel (In English) 53.50KB08-06-2017
06-06-2017O/o no. 366Posting/transfer of Peon (In English) 71.06KB06-06-2017
06-06-2017O/o no. 365Posting/transfer of AAE (In English) 68.20KB06-06-2017
06-06-2017O/o no. 364Posting/transfer of LDC (In English) 68.29KB06-06-2017
02-06-2017O/o no. 347Posting orders of SSAs against CRA-03/2016 227.32KB02-06-2017
02-06-2017O/o no. 346Posting orders of JE/Elect. against CRA-03/2016 186.82KB02-06-2017
01-06-2017O/o no. 344Posting orders of Peons on Compassionate ground 214.08KB02-06-2017
31-05-2017O/o no. 338Promotions & postings of LDC to UDC and Posting/transfer of LDC 90.48KB31-05-2017
31-05-2017O/o no. 337Posting/transfer of JE/Elect. 68.98KB31-05-2017
24-05-2017O/o no. 328Posting orders of SSAs against CRA-03/2016 143.04KB24-05-2017
23-05-2017O/o no. 326Posting orders of JE/Elect. against CRA-03/2016 181.25KB24-05-2017
23-05-2017O/o No. 324Posting orders of Divisional Accountant against CRA3/2016 162.26KB23-05-2017
22-05-2017O/o no. 318Postings/transfers of JEs/Elect. 83.80KB22-05-2017
19-05-2017O/o no. 315Posting orders of JEs/IT against CRA-03/2016 881.89KB19-05-2017
19-05-2017O/o no. 314Posting orders of SSAs against CRA-03/2016 1.07MB19-05-2017
19-05-2017O/o no. 313Posting orders of JE/Comm. against CRA-03/2016 1.03MB19-05-2017
19-05-2017O/o no. 312Posting/transfer of JE/Elect. 535.97KB19-05-2017
19-05-2017O/o no. 311Promotion/posting of JE S/S to AAE S/S 557.50KB19-05-2017
16-05-2017O/o no. 305Posting orders of JE/Elect. against CRA-03/2016 442.92KB16-05-2017
16-05-2017O/o no. 304Regarding power to transfer personnel 60.14KB16-05-2017
16-05-2017O/o no. 302Promotion/posting of Sr.Scale Stenographer to PA 75.04KB16-05-2017
16-05-2017O/o no. 301Postings/transfers of JEs/Elect. 70.82KB16-05-2017
11-05-2017O/o no. 291Promotions/postings of UDC (Accounts) to Offg. Divisional Accountant 333.48KB12-05-2017
11-05-2017O/o no. 290Promotion/posting of Supdt. Divnl. (Accounts) to Assistant Accounts Officer (Accounts) 80.22KB11-05-2017
11-05-2017O/o no. 286Promotions/postings of SSAs to Offg.JE/Elect. and postings/transfers of JE(Elect./ S/S) 647.92KB11-05-2017
08-05-2017O/o no. 276Posting/transfer of UDC (Accounts) 68.49KB08-05-2017
08-05-2017O/o no. 274Posting/transfer of JE/Civil 71.73KB08-05-2017
08-05-2017O/o no. 273Promotion/posting of Circle Asstt. to Divnl. Supdt. 86.10KB08-05-2017
25-04-2017O/o no. 249Promotions/postings of ALMs to LMs 164.37KB28-04-2017
25-04-2017O/o no. 255Posting/transfer of ALM 69.47KB26-04-2017
25-04-2017O/o no. 253Postings/transfers of AAOs 73.62KB26-04-2017
25-04-2017O/o no. 251Posting/transfer of JE S/S (absent from duty) 124.18KB25-04-2017
25-04-2017O/o no. 252Promotion/posting of Supdt. Divnl. (Accounts) to Assistant Accounts Officer (Accounts) 80.63KB25-04-2017
24-04-2017O/o no. 243Posting/transfer of UDC (General) 71.76KB25-04-2017
11-04-2017O/o no. 218Posting/transfer of RTM 66.06KB11-04-2017
07-04-2017O/o no. 210Posting/transfer of JE/Civil 68.02KB07-04-2017
21-03-2017O/o no. 177Posting/transfer of CHD 66.30KB21-03-2017
16-03-2017O/o no. 164Posting/transfer of UDC (Accounts) after leave 74.69KB16-03-2017
01-03-2017O/o no. 135Posting/transfer of UDC (General) after Leave 69.17KB02-03-2017
31-01-2017O/o no. 72Posting/transfer of RTM 67.37KB01-02-2017
04-01-2017O/o no. 14Postings/transfers of ALM/SSA 85.16KB04-01-2017
04-01-2017O/o no. 13Promotions/postings of SSAs to JEs 103.70KB04-01-2017
04-01-2017O/o no. 11Promotions/Postings of JEs to AAEs 130.55KB04-01-2017
03-01-2017O/o no. 05Posting/transfer of UDC (General) 64.61KB03-01-2017
30-12-2016O/o no. 844Posting/transfer of ALM 66.00KB02-01-2017
30-12-2016O/o no. 843Postings/transfers of RTM 73.79KB02-01-2017
30-12-2016O/o no. 842Promotions/postings of DHD to CHD 84.49KB02-01-2017
27-12-2016Office Order 831/Admn./PSTCLPromotion/Posting of Jr.Scale Steno. to Sr.Scale Steno. 77.95KB27-12-2016
27-12-2016Office Order 830/Admn./PSTCLPromotions/Postings of Circle Asstt. to Sr.Asstt. 103.22KB27-12-2016
22-12-2016Office Order 824/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of SSA 68.69KB22-12-2016
20-12-2016Office Order 817/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of ALM 67.69KB20-12-2016
20-12-2016Office Order 816/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of LDC 69.32KB20-12-2016
20-12-2016Office Order 815/Admn./PSTCLPostings/transfers of UDC (General) 67.54KB20-12-2016
20-12-2016Office Order 814/Admn./PSTCLPostings/transfers of JEs/SSA 82.33KB20-12-2016
08-12-2016Office Order 783/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of UDC(General) 61.97KB08-12-2016
06-12-2016Office Order 775/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of Elect.Gr-II and Lineman 62.69KB06-12-2016
06-12-2016Office Order 774/Admn./PSTCLPromotion and Posting of LM to JE 62.62KB06-12-2016
22-11-2016Office Order 755/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of SSA 60.70KB22-11-2016
22-11-2016Office Order 754/Admn./PSTCLPromotion/posting of Circle Asstt. to Sr.Asstt. 71.33KB22-11-2016
21-11-2016Office Order 753/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of ALM against SSA 68.05KB21-11-2016
10-11-2016Office Order 741/Admn./PSTCLPromotions/Postings of JE S/S to AAE S/S 164.02KB10-11-2016
10-11-2016Office Order 740/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of Sr.Asstt. 60.33KB10-11-2016
09-11-2016Office Order 738/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of Driver 61.99KB09-11-2016
08-11-2016Office Order 733/Admn./PSTCLPostings/transfer of ALM 59.54KB08-11-2016
08-11-2016Office Order 732/Admn./PSTCLPostings/transfer of ALM 59.07KB08-11-2016
07-11-2016Office Order 728/Admn./PSTCLPostings/transfer of ALM 62.90KB07-11-2016
01-11-2016Office Order 714/Admn./PSTCLPostings/transfer of ALM 72.11KB01-11-2016

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