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Dated Reference No. Brief Description File Details Last Updated on Website
02-07-2019Office Order No.63/Sr.Xen/TCTraining of Diploma Students. (In English) 112.66KB02-07-2019
02-07-2019Office Order No.62/Sr.Xen/TCTraining of B.Tech/Diploma Students. (In English) 91.59KB02-07-2019
21-06-2019office order No.60Training of B.Tech Students. (In English) 217.06KB21-06-2019
21-06-2019office order No.59Training of Diploma Students. (In English) 334.02KB21-06-2019
11-06-2019Office Order No.55B.Tech/Diploma Students Training. (In English) 233.59KB11-06-2019
04-06-2019Office Order No.50/Sr.Xen/TCTraining of B.Tech/Diploma Students. (In English) 108.20KB04-06-2019
30-05-2019Office Order No : 46Training of Polytechnic Students. (In English) 97.39KB31-05-2019
30-05-2019Office Order No : 45Training of B.Tech/Diploma Students. (In English) 102.50KB31-05-2019
31-01-2019Office Order No.23/Sr.Xen/TCStudent Training From 1st February 2019. (In English) 2.24MB31-01-2019
11-01-2019Office Order No.07Regarding industrial Training of B.Tech students. (In English) 1.17MB14-01-2019
24-12-2018O/o No. 97Students Training (In English) 275.40KB24-12-2018
19-06-2018Office Order No.51Training office order of Polytechnic students. (In English) 198.34KB19-06-2018
19-06-2018Office Order No.50Training office order of Engineering students. (In English) 103.64KB19-06-2018
11-06-2018Offoce Order No.41Training office order of Engineering students. (In English) 237.78KB11-06-2018
11-06-2018Offoce Order No.40Training office order of Polytechnic students. (In English) 286.97KB11-06-2018
04-06-2018Office Order No.36Training office order of Engineering Students. (In English) 165.60KB04-06-2018
25-05-2018Office Order No. 32Training office order of B.Tech Students. (In English) 194.12KB28-05-2018
28-05-2018Office Order No. 31Training office order of Diploma Students. (In English) 207.27KB28-05-2018
29-01-2018Office Order No. 9List of Students for training - 89. (In English) 205.41KB29-01-2018
10-01-2018Office Order No.2List of Students for training - 88. (In English) 374.18KB10-01-2018
28-12-2017Office Order No. 87List of Students for training. (In English) 369.07KB29-12-2017
30-06-2017Office Order No.64List of Students for training - 86. (In English) 160.07KB30-06-2017
19-06-2017Office Order No.58List of Students for training - 85. (In English) 364.41KB19-06-2017
19-06-2017Office Order No.57List of Students for training - 84. (In English) 381.49KB19-06-2017
07-06-2017Office Order No.45List of Students for training - 83. (In English) 376.09KB07-06-2017
07-06-2017Office Order No.44List of Students for training - 82. (In English) 477.75KB07-06-2017
07-06-2017Office Order No.43List of Students for training - 81. (In English) 141.71KB07-06-2017
02-06-2017Office Order No.40List of Students for training - 80. 472.86KB02-06-2017
02-06-2017Office Order No.39List of Students for training - 79. 269.26KB02-06-2017
24-05-2017Office Order No.37List of Students for training - 78. 348.23KB24-05-2017
24-05-2017Office Order No.36List of Students for training - 77. 193.36KB24-05-2017
24-01-2017Office Order No.11List of Students for training - 76. 260.63KB24-01-2017
06-01-2017Office Order No.2List of Students for training - 75. 431.77KB09-01-2017
30-12-2016Office Order No. 111List of Students for training - 74. 575.37KB30-12-2016
16-12-2016Office Order No.109List of Students for training - 73. 289.34KB16-12-2016
03-08-2016Office Order No.81List of Students for training - 72. 135.28KB03-08-2016
20-07-2016Office Order No.79List of Students for training - 71. 156.86KB20-07-2016
17-06-2016Office Order No.72List of Students for training - 70. 158.69KB17-06-2016
10-06-2016Office Order No.69List of Students for training - 69. 123.20KB10-06-2016
09-06-2016Office Order No.68List of Students for training - 68. 318.50KB09-06-2016
09-06-2016Office Order No.67List of Students for training - 67. 583.26KB09-06-2016
30-05-2016Office Order No.64List of Students for training - 66. 745.94KB30-05-2016
18-05-2016Office Order No.57List of Students for training - 65. 546.94KB18-05-2016
29-01-2016Office Order No.18List of Students for training - 64. 49.37KB29-01-2016
19-01-2016Office Order No.10List of Students for training - 63. 331.00KB19-01-2016
11-01-2016Office Order No.2List of Students for training - 62. 388.65KB11-01-2016

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