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Accounts Circular No.10/2017/PSTCL: Opening of New Account Code for booking of short provision of income tax.
Accounts Circular 9/2017 - Amendment in Accounts Circular No. 7/2017: Regarding Accounting treatment of transactions relating to deposit works and contribution works as per Chapter 7 of Capital Expenditure and Fixed Assets Manual (CEFA).
Accounts Circular 8/2017 - Complete ban on Inter Corporation Transactions (except Personnel Accounting) with PSPCL & vice versa.
Accounts Circular 7/2017- Accounting treatment of transactions relating to deposit works and contribution works as per Chapter 7 of Capital Expenditure and Fixed Assets Manual (CEFA) and accounting treatment of Depreciation on fixed assets created through Consumer contribution, Grants and Subsidies.
Accounts Circular 6/2017 - Disclosure requirement for preparation of Balance Sheet as at 31st March 2017 - regarding details of Specified Bank Notes (SBN) held and transacted during the period from 8th November 2016 to 30th December 2016.
Accounts Circular 5/2017 - Provision of bonus payable for the FY 2016-17 under the Payment of Bonus Act, 1965 in March Annual Adjustment Account 2017.
Accounts Circular 4/2017 - Implementation of electronic U-cheque Management System for the transactions occurring on or after 01.04.2017.
Accounts Circular 3/2017 - Payment of Bonus for the year 2015-16 under the Payment of Bonus Act, 1965.
Accounts Circular 2/2017 - Bookings under Inter-Corporate Transaction (ICT) Heads by PSTCL offices.
Accounts Circular 1/2017 - Booking of Expenditure on Diesel consumption of DG sets at Sub-Stations.
Accounts Circular 8/2016 - Transfer of material from one job to another job within same accounting unit.
Accounts Circular 7/2016 - Opening of New A/c Code for booking of expenses for engagement of manpower through outsourcing agencies.
Accounts Circular 6/2016 - Opening of New A/c Code for booking of O&M charges of bays.
Accounts Circular 5/2016 - Clarification regarding Accounts Circular 3/2016/PSTCL.
Accounts Circular 4/2016- Allotment of Location Codes to newly Constituted Accounting Units due to restructuring.
Accounts Circular 3/2016 - Instructions regarding accounting of stores after re-structuring.
Accounts Circular 2-2016 - Account Code for booking of Expenditure on Horticulture.
Accounts Circular 1-2016 - Account Code for Contribution to PSTCL CSR Trust.
Accounts Circular 7-2015 - Rebate on early/timely payment of ULDC and other charges.
Accounts Circular 6-2015 - Transmission Charges recoverable from others.
Accounts Circular 5-2015 - Booking of Pro-rata A&G Expenses.
Depreciation policy from FY 2014-15 onwards.
Opening of new cash Book from the beginning of each financial year (i.e. w.e.f. lst April).
Accounts Circular 2/2014-Opening of New Account Code/Head.
Accounts Circular 1/2014-Online submission of Monthly Trial Balance through Online Software of accounting, prepared by the SE/IT, PSTCL from the month January 2014 onwards along with hard copy with vouchers to AO/WAD as usual.
Office Order No. 58/ CAO/A&R-75, dated 07.10.2013: Office Order for Pre-Audit of Service Books of Grid Const. Div. Jalandhar and Civil Const. Div. Jalandhar.
Accounts Circular 11/2013- New Account Codes for providing Income Tax Expenditure at Corporate Level.
Accounts Circular 10/2013- New Account Codes for providing of Liability for Payment of Gratuity, Leave Encashment, Ex-Gratia and post-retirement medical benefits of employees recruited by PSTCL.
Accounts Circular 9/2013- New Account Codes for providing interest on contributions of newly recruited employees covered under New Pension Scheme
Accounts Circular 8/2013-Revision of Accounting Procedure for Payment of GPF Advances for PSTCL
Accounts Circular 07/2013: Opening of New Account Code/ Head for NRLDC fees & charges
Accounts Circular 06/2013: Opening of New Account Code/ Head for Booking of RTU
Accounts Circular 05/2013: Opening of New Account Code/ Head for IUT (relating prior to 16.04.2010)
Office order for pre audit of service books of TS organization
Re-iteration of instructions issued in Accounts Circular 4/2013
Accounts Circular No. 04/2013/PSTCL regarding GPF Deduction & Disbursements
Accounts Circular No. 1/2013
Submission of Monthly A/c of the month of March 2013 and Annual Adjustment Account of March 2013
Accounts Circular 05/2012
Accounts Circular 04/2012
March Instructions 2012
Accounts Circular 02/2012 (Annexure)
Accounts Circular 01/2012
Accounts Circular 01/2010, 01/2011 and 02/2011
Instructions regarding Capitalization regardless of non-finalization of contractor's bill
Specimen of Leave Salary
Accounts Circular 05/2011
Annexure-A, Annexure-B, Annexure-C, Annexure-D
Accounts Circular 06/2011
Instructions for Accounts Submission (March, 2011)
Letter regarding Tax Audit  (Download EPF Performa, ESI Performa and  TDS Performa)
Accounts Circular 07/2011 (Download Annexure-I)
Segregation of Balance Sheet of erstwhile PSEB
Certificate of ICT
Issue of U-Cheque without IUT Bill
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