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Date of Uploading Office Order No./Dated Brief Description
17.12.2015 Memo No. 16807, dtd. 10.12.15 Regarding Original Certificates of the Employees recruited by PSTCL under CRA 01/2011 and CRA 02/2012.
21.10.2015 Regarding Diary/Directory of PSTCL for year 2016.
21.09.2015 Office Order No. 803/Admn. Regarding joining of Sh. Satnam Singh (SSA).
13.08.2015 Memo No. 12065/69/General-497, dtd. 13.08.15: Regarding Corporate Transport Policy of PSTCL.
Corporate Transport Policy of PSTCL.
10.07.2015 Office Order No. 582/Admn. Regarding punishment against chargesheet of Er. Anil Kumar.
10.07.2015 Office Order No. 581/Admn. Regarding reinstatement of Er. Anil Kumar as Sr.Xen/P&M Division, PSTCL, Fatehgarh Churian.
06.07.2015 Memo No. 9748/54/Gazt./Misc.-20, dtd. 01.07.2015 Reminder: Regarding Uploading of Immovable/Movable Property Return of Employees recruited under CRA 01/2011 and CRA 02/2012, PSTCL, on Punjab Government's Website.
23.06.2015 Memo No. 9341/47/Est-2/Admn./Adpt.Cir./25, dtd. 23.06.2015 Regarding Adoption of PSPCL Circular No. 04/2015 by PSTCL.
12.06.2015 Memo No. 8937/44/Gazt./Misc.-20, dtd. 11.06.2015 Regarding Uploading of Immovable/Movable Property Return of Employees recruited under CRA 01/2011 and CRA 02/2012, PSTCL, on Punjab Government's Website.
11.06.2015 Office Order No. 447/Admn./PSTCL Approval to retain 114 No. ALMs working under Grid Const. Circle, PSTCL, Ludhiana in that organization by charging their pay to the vacant posts/similar vacant posts under P&M organization for the FY 2015-16.
09.06.2015 Memo No. 8742/48/Est-2/Admn./Adpt.Cir./25 Regarding amendment in service conditions of employees directly recruited to the vacant seats in the Government organizations.
20.05.2015 Office Order 367/Admn./PSTCL Continuation to O/o No. 798/799/Admn./PSTCL, dtd. 16.09.2014.
14.05.2015 Memo No. 7312/37/Gazt./Misc.-20 Regarding Uploading of Immovable/Movable Property Return of Employees recruited under CRA 01/2011 and CRA 02/2012, PSTCL, on Punjab Government's Website.
23.04.2015 Office Order 289/Admn./PSTCL SE/IT, PSTCL, Patiala designated as Project Manager for implementation of ERP in PSTCL.
20.03.2015 Office Order 216/Admn./PSTCL Amendment in Service Regulations relating to Direct Recruitment/Promotion of Various categories of Employees appointed in different services by PSTCL.
26.02.2015 Office Order 141/Admn./PSTCL Transfer of Administrative Control of SE/Planning from CE/HPI to CE/TS, PSTCL, Patiala and Re-designation of post of SE/Planning as SE/Planning and Communication.
19.01.2015 Memo No.1221/26/Misc.604(Vol.II) Regarding requirement of Contractual Engagements of Retired Employees and Outsourced Staff.
13.01.2015 Office Order No. 33/Admn./PSTCL Regarding termination of services on account of submission of forged certificates for getting appointment in PSTCL - NGE Mr.Paramjit Singh S/o Sh. Amarjit Singh, SSA, Emp.ID: 603197.
02.01.2015 Office Order No. 08/Admn./PSTCL PSTCL is pleased to appoint Dy.CE/HR&Admn., PSTCL, Patiala as Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO).
16.12.2014 Memo No. 19023/Gen-183 Work Order-cum-Contract Agreement for providing mobile phone and FCT services to PSTCL under Corporate Plan.
08.12.2014 Memo No. 17947/952 Regarding Destruction and Preservation of Old Office Record.
4.12.2014 Memo No. 18295 Regarding the enforcement of Swacch Bharat Abhyaan in PSTCL.
26.11.2014 Memo No. 11743/46, dated 25.08.2014 Regarding the Destruction & Preservation of Old Office Record.
20.11.2014 Office Order No. 1047/HR&Admn., dated 19.11.2014 Regarding the sanction of imprests to the Officer/Official at the Corporate Offices.
30.10.2014 Memo No. 15126/28/Mis.-594, dtd. 27.10.2014 Regarding Pension Cases of Officers/Officials of PSTCL getting retired.
30.10.2014 Memo No. 15123/25/Mis.-594, dtd. 27.10.2014 Regarding Family Pension Cases of Expired Officers/Officials of PSTCL.
29.10.2014 Memo No. 15343-48/Estt-2/Admn./Adpt.Circ./25, dtd. 29.10.2014 Regarding Fixation of Pay of the Employees appointed by PSTCL-Adoption of PSPCL FC No.23/2014, dated 13.10.2014.
16.10.2014 O/o 864/HR & Admn, dtd. 13.10.2014 Regarding Permanent/ Temporary Imprests upto Rs.10000.
30.09.2014 O/o 760/HR & Admn, dtd. 02.09.2014 Committee of members for dealing with the cases of sexual harassment to women at PSTCL.
26.09.2014 O/o 830/HR/PSTCL The PSTCL is pleased to shift the office of SE/Civil Works Circle, PSTCL, Jalandhar from Jalandhar to Patiala at Officer Flat No.-10, Near ShaktiVihar, PSTCL, Patiala with immediate effect.
16.09.2014 O/o 800/HR&Admn./PSTCL Reconstitution of Committee mentioned at Sr.No.13 and 14 of O/o No.9/CS-4/PSTCL, dated 31.12.2010.
16.09.2014 O/o 799/Admn./PSTCL Amendment in Office Order No. 798/Admn./PSTCL, dated 16.09.2014.
16.09.2014 O/o 798/Admn./PSTCL Chief Engineer/SLDC, PSTCL, Ablowal (Patiala) shall look after the work of Technical Audit wing of PSTCL, in addition to his present duties without any additional financial remuneration till further orders.
15.09.2014 Memo No. 12960/67 Non Submission of Various Information/Comments/Reports regarding complaint.
15.09.2014 Memo No. 12948/55 Non Compliance of Posting/Transfers Orders of Officers/Officials of PSTCL.
04.09.2014 Advt. No. 01/PM(ERP)/2014 Recruitment of Project Manager (ERP)
08.08.2014 Memo No. 11206/34/Gazt./Misc 20 Reminder regarding Submission of ACR Reports of employees appointed under CRA 1/2011 and CRA 2/2012, for the financial year 2013-14.
01.08.2014 Compliance of Office Order Regarding Compliance of Office Order No. 619/Admn/PSTCL, dated 07.07.2014.
30.07.2014 Office Order No. 673/Admn./PSTCL Regarding Constitution of Committee for rationalizing the sitting arrangement at Shakti Sadan Building, Patiala.
09.07.2014 Memo No. 9224/50/Gazt./Misc.-20, dated 04.07.2014 Regarding ACR Reports of employees appointed under CRA 1/2011 and CRA 2/2012, for the financial year 2013-14.
08.07.2014 Office Order No. 623/Admn./PSTCL Shift in the headquarter of Technical Audit/Civil wing from Ludhiana to Patiala.
27.06.2014 Office Order No. 592/DAE-2 Regarding Finalization of Syllabus and Rules and Regulations of Departmental Exams.
18.06.2014 Memo No. 7295-7300/Estt-2/Admn./Adpt.Crc./25 Fixation of Pay of the Employees appointed under different CRAs advertised by PSTCL.
16.06.2014 Memo No.7145/64/Misc.604 (Vol.II), dated 16.06.2014 Extension in Contractual Engagement of Retired Employees.
12.06.2014 Public Notice The Public Notice regarding invitation of short term tenders from Service Providers for providing Outsourcing of Services of Data Entry Operators and Skilled/Un-Skilled Workers on contract basis which has been published in "The Tribune and The Ajit" on dated 21.5.2014 is hereby scrapped.
10.06.2014 Office Order 402/Admn./PSTCL, dated 16.05.2014 Regarding Headquarter Leave.
20.05.2014 Specification No. 01, dated 19.05.2014 Hiring in Services of Data Entry Operators & Skilled/ Unskilled Workman.
14.05.2014 Memo No. 5248/53/Estt-2/Admn./Adpt.Crc./25 Fixation of Initial Pay of the employees appointed on or after 01.01.2006 under different CRA's advertised by PSTCL.
25.02.2014 O/o No.171/Admn./PSTCL Regarding Granting of Extra Ordinary Leave (EOL) to new appointees.
20.02.2014 NOTICE Regarding Granting of Extension to Recruitees under CRA-02.
23.01.2014 60/HR&Admn Office Order Regarding Mobile Allowance
12.11.2013 1061/HR&Admn Landline Phone alongwith internet connection to the listed stores
27.11.2013 3287/PSTCL/Admn./150 Amendment in Work Order No. 10/PSTCL/Admn
07.11.2013 1048 Charge of O/o Director/Technical
06.11.2013 16857/956 Office Order related to Promotion/Transfer/Posting of deputed officials of PSPCL in PSTCL
01.11.2013 16553/653 Office Order related to Promotion/Transfer/Posting of deputed officials of PSPCL in PSTCL
    Appointment of Director/Technical
Corrigendum No. 1
23.08.2013 11174/11304/GEN478 Revised norms for Procurement of office furniture
13.08.2013 645/Admn/PSTCL Office Order Post of SE/IT & Technical Audit is re-designated as SE/IT
20.12.2011 705/Admn/PSTCL Office Order
08.12.2011 678/Admn/PSTCL Office Order
06.12.2011 656A/Admn/PSTCL Office Order
05.12.2011 653/Admn/PSTCL Office Order
05.12.2011 652/Admn/PSTCL Office Order
05.12.2011 651/Admn/PSTCL Office Order
01.05.2011 646/Admn/PSTCL Office Order
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