Punjab State Transmission Corporation Limited
(A Punjab Government Undertaking)
Posting and Transfer - Gazetted
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Dated Reference No. Brief Description File Details Last Updated on Website
01-12-2022O/o no. 932Partial amendment of O/o no. 442 dated 04.07.2022 (In English) 461.09KB01-12-2022
01-12-2022O/o no. 931Posting/transfer of Chief Engineer (In English) 430.51KB01-12-2022
29-11-2022O/o no. 922Posting/transfer of Accounts Officers (In English) 941.54KB29-11-2022
22-11-2022O/o no. 902Postings/Transfers of Officers (In English) 1.11MB22-11-2022
22-11-2022O/o no. 901Promotions/Postings of AEE/Elect. to Offg. Sr.Xen (In English) 1.99MB22-11-2022
21-11-2022O/o no. 894Promotion/Posting/relieving of Supdt. Gr-I to Offg. Under Secy. (In Punjabi) 479.08KB21-11-2022
16-11-2022O/o no. 874Posting/transfer of AE/Elect. (In Punjabi) 633.04KB16-11-2022
09-11-2022O/o no. 854Promotion/Posting/relieving of Supdt. GR-II to Supdt. Gr-I (In English) 579.93KB09-11-2022
07-11-2022O/o no. 851Promotion/Posting/transfer/relieving of AE to AEE (In English) 751.29KB07-11-2022
07-11-2022O/o no. 850Promotion/Posting/transfer/relieving of CE/SE/Addl.SE/Sr.Xen (In English) 791.70KB07-11-2022
01-11-2022O/o no. 833Promotion/Posting/transfer/relieving of PS/Sr.PS (In Punjabi) 691.06KB01-11-2022
18-10-2022O/o no. 794Promotion/Posting/relieving of Under Secy. to Offg. Dy.Secy. (In Punjabi) 509.67KB18-10-2022
17-10-2022O/o no. 782Postings/transfers of AE (In Punjabi) 670.32KB17-10-2022
14-10-2022O/o no. 781Postings/transfers of AE/Elect. (In English) 126.71KB14-10-2022
14-10-2022O/o no. 775Promotion/Posting/relieving of Supdt. Gr-2 to Offg. Supdt. Gr-1 (In English) 483.79KB14-10-2022
13-10-2022O/o no. 767Ratification of appointment of CFO, PSTCL, Patiala (In English) 511.99KB13-10-2022
07-10-2022O/o no. 747Posting/transfer/relieving of AE/Elect. (In English) 371.29KB07-10-2022
03-10-2022O/o no. 714Promotion/Posting/relieving of AO to Offg. Dy.CAO (In Punjabi) 531.84KB03-10-2022
22-09-2022O/o no. 682Promotion/Posting/relieving of PA to PS (In Punjabi) 443.27KB22-09-2022
09-09-2022O/o no. 645Regarding additional work of AO/SAL and AO/CPC (In English) 474.74KB09-09-2022
09-09-2022O/o no. 636Promotions/Postings of Supdt. Gr-II to Supdt. Gr-I (In English) 672.15KB09-09-2022
05-09-2022O/o no. 611Posting/transfer order of Dy.Chief Engineer (In English) 422.86KB05-09-2022
29-08-2022O/o no. 590Promotion/Posting/relieving of PA to PS (In Punjabi) 483.56KB29-08-2022
25-08-2022O/o no. 579Posting/transfer of CAO/CFO (In English) 614.10KB25-08-2022
23-08-2022O/o no. 567Posting/transfer orders of AE/AEE (In English) 2.22MB23-08-2022
18-08-2022O/o no. 558Cancellation of posting orders of newly recruited AM/IT (In English) 428.73KB18-08-2022
18-08-2022O/o no. 554Promotions/postings of AEE/Civil to Sr.Xen/Civil (In Punjabi) 2.06MB18-08-2022
18-08-2022O/o no. 553Posting orders of AE/(Elect./Civil) against CRA-10/2021 and posting/transfer of AE (In English) 1.43MB18-08-2022
12-08-2022O/o no. 543Additional charge of Dy.Secy./Estb.,PSTCL,Patiala (In English) 245.61KB12-08-2022
11-08-2022O/o no. 534Promotion/posting/transfer of AEEs/Sr.Xens/Addl.SE (In Punjabi) 3.12MB11-08-2022
10-08-2022O/o no. 531Posting orders of AE/OT (Elect.) against CRA-10/2021 (In English) 1.15MB10-08-2022
10-08-2022O/o no. 530Promotions/Postings of JE/Civil to AE/Civil (In English) 1.10MB10-08-2022
10-08-2022O/o no. 529Posting/transfer/relieving of CFO (In English) 460.34KB10-08-2022
09-08-2022memo no. 16133/40Instructions for compliance of promotion/posting/transfer orders. (In Punjabi) 660.53KB09-08-2022
03-08-2022memo no. 15947/50Instructions regarding uploading of posting/transfer orders on PSTCL Website. (In Punjabi) 600.42KB03-08-2022
26-07-2022O/o no. 15516/28Instructions regarding demanding of staff and postings /transfers of the officers/officials (In Punjabi) 1.20MB26-07-2022
21-07-2022O/o no. 488Posting/transfer of Addl.SE (In Punjabi) 587.98KB21-07-2022
19-07-2022O/o no. 479Cancellation of posting/transfer orders of Er. Navdeep Kumar, AE/Elect. (In English) 432.87KB20-07-2022
19-07-2022O/o no. 477Posting orders of AE/Civil against CRA-10/2021 (In English) 1.17MB19-07-2022
18-07-2022O/o no. 472Posting orders of AE/OT (Elect.) against CRA-10/2021 & transfers of AEs/Elect. (In English) 1.33MB18-07-2022
12-07-2022O/o no. 458Posting orders of AE/OT (Elect.) against CRA-10/2021 (In English) 1.07MB13-07-2022
12-07-2022O/o no. 457Posting/Transfer order of AE/Elect. (In English) 411.63KB13-07-2022
12-07-2022O/o no. 456Promotion/Posting of PS to Sr.PS (In English) 431.22KB12-07-2022
07-07-2022O/o no. 453Regarding extension of compliance of O/o no. 426 dated 01.07.2022 (In English) 25.40KB07-07-2022
04-07-2022O/o no. 442Posting orders of AE/OT (Elect.) against CRA-10/2021 (In English) 2.90MB04-07-2022
04-07-2022O/o no. 440Posting/transfer of AE/AEE (In English) 916.80KB04-07-2022
04-07-2022O/o no. 437Posting orders of AE/Civil against CRA-10/2021 (In English) 1.12MB04-07-2022
04-07-2022O/o no. 436Posting/transfer/relieving of Addl.SE (In English) 571.80KB04-07-2022
04-07-2022O/o no. 430Promotion/Posting/relieving of Dy.CE to Offg. CE (In English) 722.01KB04-07-2022
01-07-2022O/o no. 428Promotion/Posting/relieving of Sr.Xen/AE/Elect (In English) 618.50KB01-07-2022
01-07-2022O/o no. 427Postings/transfers of Addl.SEs (In English) 633.83KB01-07-2022
01-07-2022O/o No. 426Posting/transfer/relieving of Addl.SEs/Sr.Xens (In English) 609.20KB01-07-2022
21-06-2022O/o no. 414Posting orders of AEE after maternity leave (In Punjabi) 610.41KB21-06-2022
13-06-2022O/o no. 404Promotion/Posting/transfer/relieving order of Addl.SEs/ SEs (In English) 592.86KB13-06-2022
13-06-2022O/o no. 399Posting/transfer/relieving of Addl.SE (In English) 558.88KB13-06-2022
09-06-2022O/o no. 390Additional charge of SE/TLSC Circle Patiala (In English) 438.57KB09-06-2022
08-06-2022O/o no. 386Posting/transfer/relieving of SE (In English) 527.15KB08-06-2022
07-06-2022O/o no. 380Promotions/Postings/relieving of PA to PS (In Punjabi) 744.30KB07-06-2022
07-06-2022O/o no. 381Posting/transfer of AM/IT (In Punjabi) 597.27KB07-06-2022
31-05-2022O/o 360Promotion/Posting/relieving of Addl.AE to Offg. AE (In English) 419.42KB31-05-2022
26-05-2022O/o no. 348Additional charge of AO/TLSC Cirlce, Patiala (In English) 445.62KB26-05-2022
09-05-2022O/o no. 296Posting/transfer/relieving of AO (In English) 468.42KB09-05-2022
06-05-2022O/o no. 294Postings/transfers/relievings of Addl.SEs and additional charge of Divisions (In English) 868.60KB06-05-2022
05-05-2022O/o no. 292Postings/transfers of Accounts Officers (In English) 572.08KB05-05-2022
03-05-2022O/o no. 286Promotions/postings/transfers of CE/SEs/Dy.CEs/Addl.SEs/Sr.Xen (In English) 44.18KB03-05-2022
27-04-2022O/o no. 275Posting orders of Accounts Officer against CRA-10/2021 (In English) 790.17KB27-04-2022
26-04-2022O/o no. 273Posting/transfer of AE (In English) 414.67KB26-04-2022
25-04-2022O/o no. 266Posting orders of Accounts Officer against CRA-10/2021 (In English) 756.11KB25-04-2022
21-04-2022O/o no. 256Posting orders of Accounts Officer against CRA-10/2021 (In English) 890.05KB21-04-2022
15-04-2022O/o no. 237Posting orders of AM/IT against CRA-10/2021 (In English) 657.68KB16-04-2022
15-04-2022O/o no. 236Posting orders of AM/HR against CRA-10/2021 (In English) 733.51KB16-04-2022
11-04-2022O/o no. 225Postings/transfers/relieving of Addl.SE/Sr.Xens (In English) 508.25KB11-04-2022
07-04-2022O/o no. 222Promotions/postings/transfer of AAE/AE (In English) 595.63KB07-04-2022
05-04-2022O/o no. 214Postings/transfers of Addl.SE/Sr.Xen/AEE (In Punjabi) 633.78KB05-04-2022
02-04-2022O/o no. 196Promotions/Postings/relieving of AAEs/AEs/AEEs (In English) 20.10KB02-04-2022
02-04-2022O/o no. 195Postings/transfers of Sr.Xens/Addl.SEs (In English) 16.41KB02-04-2022
01-04-2022O/o no. 190Promotions/postings/transfers orders of AAEs/AEs (In English) 2.41MB01-04-2022
01-04-2022O/o no. 189Promotions/postings/transfers orders of AE/AEE (In English) 1.34MB01-04-2022
24-03-2022O/o no. 178Repatriation of AE/Elect. to PSPCL. (In English) 617.73KB24-03-2022
24-03-2022O/o no. 174Postings/transfers of AE/Elect. (In English) 510.69KB24-03-2022
21-03-2022O/o no. 168Promotions/postings/transfers orders of CEs/Dy.CEs/Addl.SEs (In English) 891.50KB21-03-2022
15-03-2022O/o no. 165Regarding removal of condition imposed in O/o no. 156 dated 20.02.2019 (In Punjabi) 350.43KB15-03-2022
15-03-2022O/o no. 164Partial modification of O/o no. 596 & 597 dated 30.09.2021 (In Punjabi) 273.36KB15-03-2022
14-03-2022O/o no. 146Posting/transfer orders of AEs (In Punjabi) 361.47KB14-03-2022
14-03-2022O/o no. 144Promotion/posting/transfer order of PA to PS/PA (In Punjabi) 449.74KB14-03-2022
07-01-2022O/o no. 27Posting/transfer orders of AE/AEE (Elect.) (In English) 31.30KB07-01-2022
06-01-2022O/o no. 23Posting/tranfer orders of SE (In English) 381.08KB06-01-2022
06-01-2022O/o no. 22Posting/tranfer orders of Dy.CE/Addl.SE/SE (In English) 357.63KB06-01-2022
05-01-2022O/o no. 21Postings/transfers of officers (In Punjabi) 473.55KB05-01-2022
05-01-2022O/o no. 19Posting/transfer of AEE (In English) 397.45KB05-01-2022
04-01-2022O/o no. 03Regarding Additional charge of Dy.CE/HR & Admn. (In English) 271.63KB04-01-2022
31-12-2021O/o no. 806Repatriation orders of AEE/Elect. to PSPCL. (In English) 602.15KB31-12-2021
22-12-2021O/o no. 776Posting/transfer orders of Addl.SE/Sr.Xen (In English) 662.61KB22-12-2021
06-12-2021O/o no. 729promotion/posting/transfer of CEs/Addl.SE/SE (In English) 513.08KB06-12-2021
03-12-2021O/o no. 728Promotion/Posting of Addl.SE to Offg.SE (In English) 76.72KB03-12-2021
03-12-2021O/o no. 727Posting/transfer of AEE (In English) 75.51KB03-12-2021
29-11-2021O/o no. 724Posting/tranfer orders of Sr.Xen (In English) 275.00KB29-11-2021
29-11-2021O/o no. 722Promotion/postings/transfer orders of AEE/Sr.Xen (In English) 359.31KB29-11-2021
29-11-2021O/o no. 720Repatriation orders of AEE/Elect. to PSPCL (In English) 339.45KB29-11-2021
17-11-2021O/o no. 717Postings/transfers of AEs/AEEs (In English) 314.04KB17-11-2021
08-11-2021O/o no. 691Promotions/postings/transfers of CEs/SEs/Addl.SE (In English) 440.61KB08-11-2021
03-11-2021O/o no. 684Posting/transfer orders of AE/AEE (Elect.) (In Punjabi) 477.50KB03-11-2021
03-11-2021O/o no. 683Posting/transfer orders of Accounts Officers (In Punjabi) 662.43KB03-11-2021
01-11-2021Memo No. 16272/97ਸਟਾਫ ਮੁਹੱਈਆ ਕਰਵਾਉਣ ਅਤੇ ਅਧਿਕਾਰੀਆਂ/ਕਰਮਚਾਰੀਆਂ ਦੀਆਂ ਬਦਲੀਆਂ/ਤੈਨਾਤੀਆਂ ਸਬੰਧੀ (In Punjabi) 676.35KB02-11-2021
29-10-2021O/o no. 438Regarding additional charge of CE/HIS&D (In Punjabi) 281.17KB29-10-2021
27-10-2021O/o No. 668Repatriation of Addl.SE to PSPCL (In English) 396.34KB27-10-2021
25-10-2021O/o no. 652Postings/transfers of AE/Elect. (In Punjabi) 453.70KB25-10-2021
12-10-2021O/o no. 627Promotion/Postings/Transfers orders of CEs/SEs/Addl.SE (In English) 514.51KB12-10-2021
08-10-2021O/o no. 614Posting/transfer orders of Addl.SE (In English) 312.81KB08-10-2021
08-10-2021O/o no. 613Promotion/posting order of Dy.CE to Offg. CE (In English) 332.31KB08-10-2021
08-10-2021O/o no. 612Posting/tranfer orders of Addl.SE (In English) 320.80KB08-10-2021
04-10-2021O/o no. 602Promotions/Postings/Transfers orders of AE/AEE (Elect.). (In English) 1.14MB04-10-2021
30-09-2021O/o no. 596Postings/tranfer order of AE (In English) 377.03KB30-09-2021
27-09-2021O/o no. 586Promotion/posting order of Supdt. Gr-I to Under Secy. (In Punjabi) 406.11KB27-09-2021
24-09-2021O/o no. 585Promotion/posting orders of Dy. Chief Engineer to Offg. Chief Engineer, (In English) 358.14KB24-09-2021
20-09-2021O/o no. 571Postings/tranfer orders of Addl.SE/Sr.Xen (In Punjabi) 387.65KB20-09-2021
16-09-2021O/o no. 564Postings/transfers of AEs/Elect. (In Punjabi) 397.41KB16-09-2021
16-09-2021O/o no. 563Posting/transfer orders of AEE (In Punjabi) 337.02KB16-09-2021
10-09-2021O/o no. 555Regarding correction of name of Sh. Vipan Kansal Dy.CAO (In Punjabi) 357.98KB10-09-2021
10-09-2021554Promotion/Posting order of Sr.SS/PA (In Punjabi) 672.04KB10-09-2021
27-08-2021O/o no. 534Regarding removal of condition imposed in O/o no. 499 dated 10.08.2021 (In Punjabi) 416.09KB27-08-2021
10-08-2021O/o no. 499Promotion/Posting of CHD on Technical Training to Offg. AE (In English) 354.61KB10-08-2021
05-08-2021O/o no. 490Postings/transfers of CAO. (In Punjabi) 484.89KB05-08-2021
08-07-2021O/o no. 440Posting/transfer of Addl.SE (In English) 380.96KB08-07-2021
08-07-2021O/o no. 439Promotions/postings of AAO to Offg. AO (In Punjabi) 556.45KB08-07-2021
08-07-2021438Additional charge of IPRO (In Punjabi) 354.11KB08-07-2021
07-07-2021437Promotion/Posting order of Supdt. Gr-2 to Supdt. Gr-1 (In Punjabi) 132.05KB07-07-2021
07-07-2021435Promotion/Posting order of Sr.PS to Dy.Secy(Stenographer Cadre) (In English) 492.92KB07-07-2021
07-07-2021434Promotion/Posting/Transfer order of Sr.PS/PS to Sr.PS (In English) 578.80KB07-07-2021
06-07-2021O/o no. 433Posting/transfer of Dy.CE (In English) 349.31KB06-07-2021
06-07-2021O/o no.431Additional Charge of AEE/Civil O/o SE/Civil Works Circle,PSTCL, Patiala. (In English) 231.57KB06-07-2021
02-07-2021O/o no. 425Regarding change in office timings (in continuation to O/o no. 424 dated 01.07.2021) (In English) 211.40KB02-07-2021
01-07-2021O/o no. 420Regarding ban on transfer of personnel (In English) 281.71KB01-07-2021
22-06-2021O/o no. 396Posting/transfer of AE (In Punjabi) 346.08KB22-06-2021
21-06-2021O/o no. 391Postings/transfers of AEE/AE (In English) 361.68KB21-06-2021
17-06-2021O/o no. 384Promotion/posting/transfer of SE/Addl.SE to Offg.SE (In English) 356.43KB17-06-2021
17-06-2021O/o no. 381Repatriation of Addl.SE to PSPCL. (In English) 327.11KB17-06-2021
17-06-2021O/o no. 380Posting/transfer of AEs (In Punjabi) 408.28KB17-06-2021
16-06-2021O/o no. 376Posting/transfer orders of AEs/AEEs (In Punjabi) 495.85KB16-06-2021
15-06-2021371Promotion/Posting/Transfer order of Addl.SE, Sr.Xen, AEE, AE (In English) 561.66KB15-06-2021
04-06-2021O/o no. 353Promotion/posting/transfer of AEE/AAE/AE (In English) 438.37KB04-06-2021
24-05-2021O/o no. 327Promotion/posting/transfers of AEs/AEEs (In English) 639.27KB24-05-2021
12-05-2021O/o no. 305Posting/transfer of Addl.SE (In English) 378.90KB12-05-2021
12-05-2021O/o no. 304Postings/transfers of AEEs/AEs (In Punjabi) 240.26KB12-05-2021
04-05-2021295Promotions/Postings of Dy. Chief Engineer to Offg. Chief Engineer (In English) 23.89KB04-05-2021
03-05-2021O/o no. 290Promotion/Posting of AM/IT to DM/IT. (In English) 585.06KB03-05-2021
30-04-2021O/o no. 287Posting order of Newly recruited AE/OT (Elect.) (In English) 38.48KB30-04-2021
30-04-2021O/o no. 286Additional charge of CE/HIS&D, PSTCL, Patiala. (In Punjabi) 397.58KB30-04-2021
27-04-2021O/o no. 274Posting/transfer of AEE (In Punjabi) 367.63KB27-04-2021
27-04-2021O/o no. 272Posting/transfer of Sr.Xen (In English) 358.07KB27-04-2021
27-04-2021O/o no. 271Posting/transfer of Dy. CAO (In Punjabi) 525.97KB27-04-2021
20-04-2021Memo no. 4834Instructions regarding uploading of posting/transfer orders on PSTCL Website (In Punjabi) 899.71KB22-04-2021
12-04-2021O/o no. 252Promotion/Postings/transfers of AE/Offg. Sr.Xen/Addl.SEs (In English) 591.66KB12-04-2021
12-04-2021O/o no. 251Posting orders of Newly recruited AE/OT (Elect.) (In English) 850.18KB12-04-2021
12-04-2021O/o no. 249Posting/transfer of AE/AEE (In Punjabi) 879.27KB12-04-2021
05-04-2021O/o no. 239Posting/transfer of Dy. CAO (In Punjabi) 376.23KB05-04-2021
31-03-2021O/o no. 237Postings/transfer of Addl.SE/Sr.Xen (In English) 349.50KB31-03-2021
30-03-2021O/o no. 231Additional charge of SE/IT, PSTCL, Patiala and Dy.CE/HR & Admn., PSTCL, Patiala. (In English) 319.28KB30-03-2021
24-03-2021O/o no. 222Postings/transfers of AEEs/AEs (In English) 402.30KB24-03-2021
18-03-2021O/o no. 205Posting/transfer of Addl.SEs (In Punjabi) 479.80KB18-03-2021
18-03-2021O/o no. 204Posting/transfer of AE/Elect. (In English) 388.41KB18-03-2021
18-03-2021O/o no. 202Posting/transfer of AE/Elect. (In English) 404.83KB18-03-2021
12-03-2021O/o No. 187Promotions/postings/transfers of AAEs/AEs/AEEs (Elect.) (In English) 4.29MB12-03-2021
10-03-2021Memo no. 3022/28Instruction for compliance of promotion/posting/transfer orders. (In Punjabi) 483.56KB10-03-2021
08-03-2021O/o no. 172Additional charge of SE/S&D, PSTCL, Patiala (In English) 276.52KB08-03-2021
03-03-2021O/o no. 169Posting/transfer of Sr.Xen (In Punjabi) 501.33KB03-03-2021
22-02-2021O/o No. 143Posting/transfers of AE/Elect. (In English) 288.22KB22-02-2021
22-02-2021O/o No. 142Posting/transfers of Accounts Officer (In English) 321.87KB22-02-2021
22-02-2021O/o No. 137Posting/transfers of Sr.Xen/Addl.SE (In English) 497.36KB22-02-2021
13-01-2021O/o no. 35Posting/transfer order of SE/Elect. (In English) 368.46KB13-01-2021
13-01-2021O/o no. 35Promotion/posting orders of SE/Elect. (In English) 368.46KB13-01-2021
11-01-2021O/o no. 27Additional charge of SE/S&D, PSTCL, Patiala (In English) 305.47KB11-01-2021
01-01-2021O/o no. 02Posting/transfer of AE/AEE (In English) 960.38KB01-01-2021
18-12-2020O/o no. 761Promotion/Posting of AE to Offg. AEE (In English) 398.44KB18-12-2020
17-12-2020O/o no. 753Promotion/Posting/relieving of Addl.SE to Offg. SE (In English) 353.79KB17-12-2020
14-12-2020O/o no. 743Regarding Additional charge of CE/HIS&D, PSTCL, Patiala (In English) 290.47KB14-12-2020
08-12-2020O/o no. 720Posting/transfer of AEE (In English) 343.18KB08-12-2020
08-12-2020O/o no. 718Posting/transfer of AEE (In English) 327.98KB08-12-2020
26-11-2020O/o no. 683Promotion/posting orders of AE to AEE (In English) 357.71KB26-11-2020
19-11-2020O/o no. 660Promotions/Postings/transfers of AAE/CHD/AE to Offg.AE/Offg. CHD on Technical Training (In English) 557.68KB19-11-2020
09-11-2020O/o no. 640Promotions/postings of AE to AEE (In English) 657.88KB09-11-2020
09-11-2020O/o no. 639Promotions/Postings/transfers of AEEs/Sr.Xens/Offg.Sr.Xens/Addl.SEs (In English) 658.23KB09-11-2020
21-10-2020O/o no. 586Posting/transfer of Sr.Xen (In English) 342.07KB21-10-2020
19-10-2020O/o no. 579Promotion/Posting of CHD on Tech. Training to Offg. AE. (In English) 359.73KB19-10-2020
19-10-2020O/o no. 578Repatriation of Accounts Officer (In English) 334.03KB19-10-2020
05-10-2020O/o no. 541Promotion/Posting/transfer of Addl.SE/Offg.SE/Dy.CE (In English) 366.60KB05-10-2020
01-10-2020O/o no. 540Posting/transfer of AE (In English) 287.93KB01-10-2020
01-10-2020O/o no. 538Promotions/postings of AOs to Dy.CAOs (In English) 598.17KB01-10-2020
29-09-2020O/o no. 523Cancellation of posting orders of 2 no. newly recruited AEs (In English) 365.07KB29-09-2020
25-09-2020O/o no. 511Ratification of appointment of CFO, PSTCL, Patiala. (In English) 325.90KB25-09-2020
25-09-2020Memo no. 10709/15Instructions regarding relieving of the officers/officials. (In Punjabi) 340.69KB25-09-2020
21-09-2020O/o no. 501Promotion/Posting of Sr. PS to Dy. Secy./Stenographer cadre (In English) 360.96KB21-09-2020
21-09-2020O/o no. 499Additional charge of Hot Line Division, Ludhiana (In English) 395.24KB21-09-2020
14-09-2020O/o no. 483Promotion/Posting/transfer of Sr.Xen/Addl.SE to Offg. SE (In English) 498.87KB14-09-2020
09-09-2020O/o no. 469Promotion/Posting of Dy. Chief Engineer to Offg. Chief Engineer (In English) 375.89KB09-09-2020
27-08-2020O/o no. 434Promotion/posting of Supdt. Gr-I to Offg. Under Secy. (In English) 357.05KB27-08-2020
05-08-2020O/o no. 394Cancellation of Posting orders of newly recruited AEs(OT)/Electrical (In English) 294.64KB05-08-2020
01-08-2020O/o no. 01/SPL/PAdditional charge of Chief Engineer/SLDC (In English) 297.07KB01-08-2020
30-07-2020O/o 382Partial modification of O/o no. 372 dated 27.07.2020. (In English) 293.99KB30-07-2020
27-07-2020O/o no. 373Posting orders of newly recruited AEs (OT) /Electrical against CRA-05/PSTCL/2019 (In English) 1.37MB27-07-2020
27-07-2020O/o no. 372Postings/transfers of AEE/AEs (In English) 540.63KB27-07-2020
23-07-2020O/o no. 368Postings/transfers of SE/Civil (In English) 350.63KB23-07-2020
17-07-2020O/o no. 343Promotion/posting of AEE to Offg.Sr.Xen (In English) 384.67KB17-07-2020
15-07-2020O/o no. 334Promotions/posting/relieving of AEE to Offg.Sr.Xen (In English) 389.01KB15-07-2020
10-07-2020O/o no. 322Promotion/posting of CHD on Tech. Training to Offg.AE (In English) 360.21KB10-07-2020
10-07-2020O/o no. 321Promotion/posting of Supdt. Gr-II to Supdt.Gr-I (In English) 437.72KB10-07-2020
09-07-2020O/o no. 317Posting/transfer of Chief Engineer (In English) 480.76KB09-07-2020
01-07-2020O/o no. 301Posting/transfer of Accounts Officer after leave (In English) 382.17KB01-07-2020
30-06-2020O/o no. 297Posting orders of newly recruited AEs (OT) /Electrical against CRA-05/PSTCL/2019 (In English) 1.58MB30-06-2020
24-06-2020O/o no. 288Posting/transfer of AE/Civil (In English) 295.44KB24-06-2020
24-06-2020O/o no. 282Ban on posting/transfer of personnel (In English) 259.99KB24-06-2020
16-06-2020O/o no. 267Promotion/posting of Sr.PS to Dy.Secy./Stenographer Cadre (In English) 411.55KB16-06-2020
16-06-2020O/o no. 270Postings/transfers of Supdt. Gr-I (In English) 451.64KB16-06-2020
16-06-2020O/o no. 269Promotions/postings of AE to AEE (In English) 380.37KB16-06-2020
10-06-2020O/o no. 258Posting/transfer of PS (In English) 405.88KB11-06-2020
22-05-2020O/o no. 238Promotions/postings of AE to AEE (In English) 739.02KB22-05-2020
22-05-2020O/o no. 236Promotions/postings of AE to AEE (In English) 877.94KB22-05-2020
22-05-2020Memo no. 4245/51Instructions regarding providing of staff and posting /transfers of the officers/officials (In English) 401.49KB22-05-2020
18-05-2020O/o no. 224Regarding held in abeyance of posting/transfer orders of AOs (In English) 350.33KB18-05-2020
12-05-2020O/o no. 218Promotion/posting/transfer of Addl.SE./AEEs/Sr.Xens (In English) 629.53KB12-05-2020
12-05-2020O/o no. 217Regarding postings/transfers of Addl.SEs/Sr.Xen (In English) 372.24KB12-05-2020
12-05-2020O/o no. 216Regarding promotions/postings/transfers of Addl.SEs/SEs/Dy.CE (In English) 572.45KB12-05-2020
19-03-2020O/o no. 198Posting/transfer of Addl.SEs (In English) 394.49KB19-03-2020
18-03-2020O/o no. 196Promotions/postings of AE to Offg.AEE (In English) 896.95KB18-03-2020
18-03-2020O/o no. 197Postings/transfers of Sr.Xen/Addl.SE/AOs (In English) 628.77KB18-03-2020
13-03-2020O/o 188Promotions/Postings/transfers of Addl. SE/SE (In English) 454.32KB13-03-2020
12-03-2020O/o 183Cancellation of Promotion/Posting of Smt. Anita Rani Supdt. Gr-II to Offg. Supdt. Gr-I (In English) 275.22KB12-03-2020
28-02-2020O/o no. 150Posting/transfer of AEE (In English) 382.67KB28-02-2020
28-02-2020O/o no. 149Posting/transfer of Sr.Xen (In English) 354.08KB28-02-2020
28-02-2020O/o no. 148Promotion/posting/transfers of AAE/AE (In English) 413.78KB28-02-2020
26-02-2020O/o 143Cancellation of O/o no. 65 dated 24.01.2020 (In English) 309.90KB26-02-2020
18-02-2020O/o no. 122Promotion/posting/transfers of AEE/Sr.Xen (In English) 519.26KB18-02-2020
18-02-2020O/o no. 121Posting/transfer of SE/Dy.CE (In English) 397.49KB18-02-2020
27-01-2020O/o no. 70Promotions/postings/transfers of AEs/AEEs (In English) 717.56KB27-01-2020
24-01-2020O/o no. 65Promotions/postings of Under Secy. to Dy.Secy. (In English) 403.24KB24-01-2020
17-01-2020O/o no. 54Promotions/postings/transfers of AEE/Sr.Xen (In English) 517.18KB17-01-2020
17-01-2020O/o no. 53Promotions/postings/transfers of CHD/AE/CHD on Tech. Training (In English) 405.83KB17-01-2020
10-01-2020O/o no. 30Promotion/posting/transfer of SEs/Civil (In English) 616.82KB10-01-2020
30-12-2019O/o no. 838Promotions/postings of Supdt. Gr-II to Gr-I (In English) 522.30KB30-12-2019
27-12-2019O/o no. 827Shifting of pay charging of AEs/AEEs (In English) 402.74KB27-12-2019
23-12-2019O/o no. 815Postings/transfers of PS (In English) 517.55KB23-12-2019
12-12-2019O/o no. 794Promotion/postings/transfer of AE/AEE (In English) 549.97KB12-12-2019
10-12-2019O/o no. 788Posting/transfer of Addl.SE/Elect. (In English) 604.64KB10-12-2019
02-12-2019O/o 771Posting/transfer of CE (In English) 848.07KB02-12-2019
02-12-2019O/o 769Promotions/Postings/transfers of Addl. SE/Sr. Xens/AEEs (In English) 1.52MB02-12-2019
29-11-2019O/o no. 766Posting/transfer of CFO (In English) 552.47KB29-11-2019
19-11-2019O/o no. 743Postings/transfers of SE/Dy.CE (In English) 365.42KB19-11-2019
15-11-2019O/o no. 737posting/transfer of AEE (In English) 304.76KB15-11-2019
15-11-2019O/o no. 736Promotion/posting/transfer of AE to AEE (In English) 677.04KB15-11-2019
08-11-2019O/o no. 722Promotions/postings of AE/Civil to Offg.AEE/Civil (In English) 625.69KB08-11-2019
30-10-2019O/o no. 703Posting/transfer of AEE (In English) 306.04KB30-10-2019
29-10-2019O/o no. 701Promotions/postings of JE/Civil to Offg. AE/Civil (In English) 585.65KB30-10-2019
29-10-2019O/o no. 699Posting/transfer of Sr.PS (In English) 335.73KB29-10-2019
29-10-2019O/o no. 700Promotion/posting of CHD to Offg.CHD on Tech Training (In English) 354.07KB29-10-2019
24-10-20191/10/2013-PE5/2332Appointment of Sh. Vinod Kumar Bansal as Director Finance and Commercial (In English) 446.45KB29-10-2019
25-10-2019O/o no. 696Promotions & postings of AM/IT to DM/IT (In English) 519.95KB25-10-2019
18-10-2019O/o no. 679Postings/transfers of Addl.SE/Sr.Xen (In English) 305.66KB18-10-2019
16-10-2019O/o no. 675Promotions/postings/transfers of Addl.SE/SE/Dy.CE (In English) 439.01KB16-10-2019
11-10-2019O/o no. 664Posting/transfer of AEE (In English) 327.59KB11-10-2019
10-10-2019O/o no. 663Posting/transfer of Dy.Secy. (In English) 332.96KB10-10-2019
10-10-2019O/o no. 653Promotion/posting/transfers of Addl.SE/Sr.Xens/AEE (In English) 484.38KB10-10-2019
09-10-2019O/o no. 647Posting/transfer of AE (In English) 301.16KB09-10-2019
27-09-2019O/o no. 630Posting/transfer of AEE (In English) 734.26KB27-09-2019
26-09-2019O/o no. 628Promotion/posting of AE to Offg.AEE (In English) 376.63KB26-09-2019
23-09-2019O/o no. 624Posting/transfer of AE (In English) 305.61KB23-09-2019
18-09-2019O/o no. 618Promotions/postings of CHD on tech training to Offg.AE (In English) 327.89KB18-09-2019
18-09-2019O/o no. 617Promotions/Postings/transfers of Sr.Xen/AEE/AE (In English) 357.80KB18-09-2019
18-09-2019O/o no. 616Postings/transfers of SE/Dy.CE (In English) 345.42KB18-09-2019
13-09-2019O/o no. 604Posting/transfer of SEs/AEEs/AEs (In English) 691.03KB13-09-2019
13-09-2019O/o no. 602Posting/transfer of Sr.Xen (In English) 464.89KB13-09-2019
13-09-2019O/o no. 601Posting/transfer of AE (In English) 435.56KB13-09-2019
13-09-2019O/o no. 599Posting/transfer of AEE (In English) 424.59KB13-09-2019
13-09-2019O/o no. 598Promotions/postings of AO to Dy. CAO (In English) 548.71KB13-09-2019
11-09-2019O/o no. 588Regarding additional charge of AO/Audit, PSTCL, Ludhiana (In English) 679.28KB11-09-2019
09-09-2019Memo no. 11066/75Regarding posting/transfer and staff requirements (In Punjabi) 269.85KB10-09-2019
26-08-2019O/o no. 545Posting/transfer of Dy.Secy. (In English) 99.46KB26-08-2019
22-08-2019O/o no. 541Promotions/postings/transfers of AEE/Sr.Xens/Addl.SEs (In English) 153.65KB22-08-2019
16-08-2019O/o no. 531Promotion/Posting/transfers of PS/Sr.PS/Offg. Dy.Secy(Stenography Cadre) (In English) 127.95KB16-08-2019
06-08-2019O/o no. 516Promotion/Posting/transfers of Addl.SE/Offg.SE/Dy.CE (In English) 114.63KB06-08-2019
24-07-2019O/o no. 503Postings/transfers of AEEs (In English) 115.81KB24-07-2019
04-07-2019O/o no. 463Posting/transfer of AE (In English) 107.92KB04-07-2019
02-07-2019O/o no. 459Posting/transfer of Jt.CAO/Dy.CAO (In English) 115.53KB02-07-2019
02-07-2019O/o no. 458Promotion/posting/transfers of CE/SE/ASE/AEE/AE (In English) 367.04KB02-07-2019
01-07-2019O/o no. 456Additional charge of work of disposal of S&D (In English) 75.06KB01-07-2019
28-06-2019O/o no. 435Posting/transfer of Dy.Secy. (In English) 106.60KB28-06-2019
20-06-2019O/o no. 438Postings/transfers of AOs (In English) 271.97KB20-06-2019
20-06-2019O/o no. 433Promotions/postings of PA to Offg.PS (In English) 117.43KB20-06-2019
20-06-2019O/o no. 432Posting/transfer of Sr.Xen/Civil (In English) 114.09KB20-06-2019
18-06-2019O/o no. 426Promotions/postings/transfers of Addl.SE/Sr.Xen/AEE/AEs. (In English) 280.49KB18-06-2019
18-06-2019O/o no. 425.Promotions/postings of Jt.CAO against CAO to Offg. CAO (In English) 136.48KB18-06-2019
18-06-2019O/o no. 423Posting/transfer of AO (In English) 111.50KB18-06-2019
12-06-2019O/o no. 414Promotions/postings/transfers of Addl.AE to Offg.AE (In English) 178.98KB13-06-2019
11-06-2019O/o no. 411Posting/transfer of Dy.CE (Civil) (In English) 105.20KB11-06-2019
11-06-2019O/o no. 410Postings/transfers of Addl.SE/Sr.Xen (Civil) (In English) 143.69KB11-06-2019
11-06-2019O/o no. 407Promotion/posting of Addl.SE to Offg.SE (In English) 109.29KB11-06-2019
04-06-2019O/o no. 394Promotion/posting/transfer of Addl.SE/SE (In English) 118.71KB04-06-2019
15-03-2019O/o no. 225Promotion/posting/transfer of Addl.SE/SE (In English) 150.63KB15-03-2019
08-03-2019O/o no. 205In continuation to this office O/o no. 219 dated 11.04.2017 (In English) 72.97KB08-03-2019
07-03-2019O/o no. 198Promotion/posting/transfer orders of AAE/AE/AEE/Addl.SE (In English) 170.05KB07-03-2019
07-03-2019O/o no. 196Posting/transfer of AE (In English) 90.96KB07-03-2019
01-03-2019O/o no. 177Promotion/posting of Dy.CE to Offg.CE (In English) 109.72KB01-03-2019
26-02-2019O/o no. 165Posting/transfer of AE (In English) 91.30KB26-02-2019
20-02-2019O/o no. 156Promotion/posting/transfer of AEs/AEEs (In English) 252.00KB20-02-2019
13-02-2019O/o no. 143Promotion/postings/transfers of AEE/Sr.Xens (In English) 155.36KB13-02-2019
12-02-2019O/o no. 126Posting/transfer of Addl.SEs/Sr.Xen/AEE/AM.IT/Supdt. Gr-I (In English) 222.40KB13-02-2019
12-02-2019O/o no. 125Posting/transfer of AEEs/AEs (In English) 226.45KB12-02-2019
08-02-2019O/o no. 117Posting/transfer of Sr.PS (In English) 101.50KB08-02-2019
01-02-2019O/o no. 89Removal of condition imposed in O/o no. 339 dated 31.05.2017 (In English) 79.27KB01-02-2019
01-02-2019O/o no. 87Promotion/posting of Addl.SE to Offg. SE (In English) 114.60KB01-02-2019
01-02-2019O/o no. 86Promotions/postings of Dy.CEs to Offg.CEs (In English) 121.97KB01-02-2019
29-01-2019O/o no. 78Promotions/postings of AE/Civil to AEE/Civil (In English) 127.89KB30-01-2019
25-01-2019O/o no. 70Promotions & Postings of CHD to Offg.CHD on Technical Training (In English) 137.35KB25-01-2019
16-01-2019O/o no. 50Promotions & Postings of AAE to Offg. AE (In English) 122.49KB17-01-2019
16-01-2019O/o no. 47Posting/transfer of AE (In English) 122.77KB16-01-2019
16-01-2019O/o no. 46Posting/transfer of AE (In English) 118.43KB16-01-2019
15-01-2019O/o no. 42Posting/transfer of Addl.SE/Civil (In English) 131.49KB15-01-2019
11-01-2019O/o no. 38Promotion/posting of Dy.CE to Offg.CE (In English) 115.47KB11-01-2019
04-01-2019O/o no. 15Posting/transfer of SE/Elect. (In English) 120.82KB04-01-2019
04-01-2019O/o no. 14Postings/transfers of AEEs(Civil) (In English) 96.40KB04-01-2019
01-01-2019O/o no. 03Regarding pay charge of Under Secy. (In English) 78.86KB01-01-2019
28-12-2018O/o no. 813Partial modification of Office order no. 776 dated 07.12.2018 (In English) 79.20KB28-12-2018
17-12-2018O/o no. 792Promotions/postings/transfers of AEs/AEEs (In English) 160.43KB17-12-2018
07-12-2018O/o no. 776Postings/transfers of Addl.SEs/Sr.Xens (In English) 129.14KB07-12-2018
05-12-2018O/o no. 772Posting/transfer of Addl.SE (In English) 117.36KB05-12-2018
21-11-2018O/o no. 756Postings/transfers of Addl.SEs/Sr.Xens (In English) 161.57KB21-11-2018
21-11-2018O/o no. 754Posting/transfer of Supdt. Gr-I (In English) 97.39KB21-11-2018
06-11-2018O/o no. 739Promotion/posting of AE to Offg. AEE (In English) 271.28KB06-11-2018
26-10-2018O/o no. 726Posting/transfer of Addl.SE (In English) 135.80KB26-10-2018
25-10-2018O/o no. 724Promotions/postings of Supdt. Gr-II to Offg. Supdt. Gr-I (In English) 133.46KB25-10-2018
12-10-2018O/o no.713Promotion and posting of Supdt. Gr-l to Offg. Under Secy. (In English) 427.78KB12-10-2018
09-10-2018O/o no. 708Promotions/postings/transfers of AEEs/AEs (In English) 233.70KB09-10-2018
05-10-2018O/o no. 699Posting/transfer of UDC(General) after Leave (In English) 102.07KB05-10-2018
05-10-2018O/o no. 698Promotion/posting/transfer orders of AEEs/Sr.Xens/Addl.SEs (In English) 181.05KB05-10-2018
04-10-2018O/o no. 693Promotion & Posting of Addl.SE to Offg.SE (In English) 106.09KB04-10-2018
28-09-2018O/o no. 678Posting/transfer of AE (In English) 106.90KB28-09-2018
24-09-2018O/o no. 668Postings/transfers of AEs/AEEs (In English) 109.42KB24-09-2018
16-08-2018O/o no. 604Posting/transfer of Sr.Xen (In English) 126.54KB16-08-2018
16-08-2018O/o no. 603Promotion/posting of CHD on Tech. Training to Offg. AE (In English) 127.71KB16-08-2018
09-08-2018O/o no. 589Posting/transfer of Addl.SE/Civil (In English) 130.85KB09-08-2018
09-08-2018O/o no. 588Promotion/posting of Supdt. Gr-I to Offg. Under Secy. (In English) 119.25KB09-08-2018
03-08-2018O/o no. 574Promotion/posting of PA to Offg. PS (In English) 117.43KB03-08-2018
19-07-2018O/o no.542Postings/transfers of AEEs/Civil (In English) 120.85KB19-07-2018
19-07-2018O/o no.541Postings/transfers of AEE/AE (In English) 104.36KB19-07-2018
19-07-2018O/o no.538Postings/transfers of Sr.Xen/AEE/AE (In English) 137.26KB19-07-2018
09-07-2018O/o no. 517Posting/transfer of AO (In English) 357.68KB09-07-2018
02-07-2018O/o no. 502Promotion/posting/transfer orders of CEs/SEs/Sr.Xen/AEE (In English) 320.20KB02-07-2018
26-06-2018O/o no. 499Postings/transfers of AEs/AEEs (In English) 110.74KB26-06-2018
22-06-2018O/o no. 489Promotions/postings/transfer of AEE/Addl.SE/Sr.Xen (Civil) (In English) 152.32KB22-06-2018
18-06-2018O/o no. 473Postings/transfers of AEEs/AEs (In English) 152.34KB18-06-2018
13-06-2018O/o no. 455Promotions/postings/transfers of AEEs/Sr.Xens/Addl.SEs (In English) 232.57KB13-06-2018
12-06-2018O/o no. 449Ban on posting/transfer of personnel (In English) 52.53KB12-06-2018
11-06-2018O/o no. 443Promotions/postings of AE to Offg.AEE (In English) 138.28KB11-06-2018
07-06-2018O/o no. 437Promotions/Postings/transfers of Addl.SEs/Offg.SEs/SE (In English) 152.57KB07-06-2018
07-06-2018O/o no. 436Postings/transfers of EICs/CEs (In English) 134.87KB07-06-2018
05-06-2018O/o no. 433Promotion/posting of Dy.CE to Offg.CE (In English) 101.37KB05-06-2018
31-05-2018O/o no. 426Promotion/posting of AAO against AO to Offg. AO (In English) 83.56KB31-05-2018
31-05-2018O/o no. 423Posting/transfers of Dy.CEs/Civil (In English) 72.83KB31-05-2018
30-05-2018O/o no. 416Posting/transfer of AEE/Civil (In English) 69.00KB30-05-2018
22-05-2018O/o no. 391Postings/transfers of AEs/AEEs (Elect.) (In English) 78.47KB22-05-2018
22-05-2018O/o no. 390Posting/transfer orders of AEs after leave (In English) 69.99KB22-05-2018
21-05-2018387Posting/transfer of Chief Engineer (In English) 107.69KB21-05-2018
04-05-2018O/o no. 332Promotions/postings/transfers of AAEs/AEs (In English) 155.10KB04-05-2018
04-05-2018O/o no. 331Promotion/posting of Dy.CE to Offg.CE (In English) 72.83KB04-05-2018
04-05-2018O/o no. 330Promotions/postings/transfers of AEs/AEEs (In English) 166.50KB04-05-2018
16-04-2018O/o no. 279Posting/transfer of AE/Elect. (In English) 63.89KB16-04-2018
13-04-2018O/o no. 272Promotion/posting of Dy.CE to Offg.CE (In English) 78.56KB13-04-2018
11-04-2018O/o no. 264Promotion/posting of JE to Offg.AE (In English) 89.02KB11-04-2018
03-04-2018O/o no. 250Promotions/postings/transfer of AE/AEE(Civil) (In English) 144.94KB03-04-2018
03-04-2018O/o no. 249Posting/transfer of AO (In English) 72.09KB03-04-2018
03-04-2018O/o no. 247Promotion/posting of AAE to Offg.AE (In English) 75.38KB03-04-2018
27-03-2018O/o no. 238Promotions/postings/transfers of Offg.SE/Addl.SE/AEE (In English) 176.36KB27-03-2018
21-03-2018O/o no. 216Postings/transfers of AE/AEE (Elect.) (In English) 79.80KB21-03-2018
16-03-2018O/o no. 203Promotion/posting of AAE/JE to Offg.AE/Civil (In English) 104.55KB16-03-2018
05-03-2018O/o no. 166Promotion/posting of Dy.CE to Offg.CE (In English) 78.73KB05-03-2018
26-02-2018O/o no. 152Posting/transfer of AEE. (In English) 72.29KB26-02-2018
21-02-2018O/o no. 118Promotions/postings/transfer of AAE/AE (In English) 104.69KB21-02-2018
06-02-2018O/o no. 84Posting/transfer of AEs/AEEs (Elect.) (In English) 136.86KB06-02-2018
29-01-2018O/o no. 70Promotions/postings/transfers of AEs/AEEs (Elect.) (In English) 134.37KB29-01-2018
29-01-2018O/o no. 69Promotions/postings/transfers of AEs/AEEs (Elect.) (In English) 477.96KB29-01-2018
29-01-2018O/o no. 68Partial modification of O/o no. 66 dated 25.01.2018 (In English) 57.31KB29-01-2018
25-01-2018O/o no. 66Promotion/posting of AEE to Offg.Sr.Xen (In English) 85.67KB25-01-2018
11-01-2018O/o no. 37Promotion/posting/transfers of AEE/Sr.Xen/Addl.SE (In English) 128.90KB11-01-2018
05-01-2018O/o no. 15Promotion/posting/transfer of DGM & Offg.SE (In English) 70.29KB05-01-2018
01-01-2018O/o no. 04Posting/transfer of Sr.Xen (In English) 82.40KB01-01-2018
11-12-2017O/o no. 861Posting/transfer of SE/Elect. (In English) 53.46KB11-12-2017
05-12-2017O/o no. 843Promotion/posting of AAE to Offg.AE (In English) 66.64KB05-12-2017
05-12-2017O/o no. 841Posting/transfer of Sr.Xen (In English) 62.04KB05-12-2017
05-12-2017O/o no. 840Posting/transfer of AEE. (In English) 59.12KB05-12-2017
22-11-2017O/o no. 807Promotion/posting of JE to Offg.AE and CHD to Offg.CHD on Tech. Training (In English) 118.07KB22-11-2017
14-11-2017O/o no. 785Postings/transfers of AE/AEE (Elect.) (In English) 83.28KB14-11-2017
10-11-2017O/o no. 775Promotions/Postings of AE/Elect. to Offg. AEE/Elect. (In English) 93.36KB13-11-2017
06-11-2017O/o no. 761Promotion/posting/transfer of Sr.Xens/Dy.Secy. (In English) 118.62KB06-11-2017
06-10-2017O/o no. 694Posting/transfer of AE/Elect. (In English) 67.30KB06-10-2017
06-10-2017O/o no. 690Posting/transfer of AEE/Elect. (In English) 72.12KB06-10-2017
04-10-2017O/o no. 683Partial modification of O/o no. 645 dated 18.09.2017 (In English) 63.22KB04-10-2017
27-09-2017O/o no. 674Postings/transfers of AEs/AEEs (Elect.) (In English) 134.81KB27-09-2017
26-09-2017O/o no. 672Posting/transfer of AO (In English) 77.84KB26-09-2017
19-09-2017O/o no. 648Imposing Condition and cancellation of office order. (In English) 81.22KB19-09-2017
19-09-2017O/o no. 649Postings/transfers of CAO/Dy.CAO (In English) 84.88KB19-09-2017
18-09-2017O/o no. 645Posting/transfer of AO (In English) 88.32KB18-09-2017
18-09-2017O/o no. 644Promotion/posting of AAO against AO to Offg. AO (In English) 82.92KB18-09-2017
11-09-2017631Promotions/postings/transfers of JEs/AEs/AEEs (In English) 384.45KB11-09-2017
01-09-2017O/o no. 609Postings/transfers of Addl.SEs/Sr.Xens (Elect.) (In English) 84.18KB01-09-2017
23-08-2017O/o no. 586Promotion & Posting of Addl. SE to Offg. SE (In English) 79.08KB23-08-2017
23-08-2017O/o no. 581Posting/Transfer of AE(Elect.) after leave (In English) 59.01KB23-08-2017
17-08-2017O/o no. 572Removal of condition (AE/Elect. to AEE/Elect.) (In English) 48.72KB17-08-2017
16-08-2017O/o no. 565Postings/transfers of AOs (In English) 75.93KB17-08-2017
16-08-2017O/o no. 564Regarding shifting of pay charge. (In English) 66.01KB17-08-2017
03-08-2017O/o no. 539Removal of pay charging (Dy.Secy.) (In English) 53.96KB03-08-2017
02-08-2017O/o no. 533Postings/transfers of Sr.Xens (Elect.) (In English) 71.94KB02-08-2017
27-07-2017O/o no. 517Promotion/posting of CHD on Tech. Training to Offg.AE (In English) 67.83KB28-07-2017
26-07-2017O/o no. 515Posting/transfer of AE/Elect. (In English) 55.50KB26-07-2017
21-07-2017O/o no. 510Posting/transfer of AE/Elect. (In English) 84.78KB21-07-2017
03-07-2017O/o no. 459Promotion/posting of AAE/JE to Offg.AE (In English) 120.88KB03-07-2017
03-07-2017O/o no. 458Promotion/posting/transfer of PS/Sr.PS (In English) 81.65KB03-07-2017
30-06-2017O/o no. 448Partial modification of O/o no. 443 dated 29.06.2017 (In English) 60.54KB30-06-2017
30-06-2017O/o no. 444Promotion & posting of Assistant Manager/HR to Dy.Manager/HR (In English) 120.06KB30-06-2017
29-06-2017O/o no. 443Promotions/postings/transfer of AEs/Civil (In English) 174.60KB29-06-2017
29-06-2017O/o no. 437Postings/transfers of AE/Elect. (In English) 70.06KB29-06-2017
29-06-2017O/o no. 435Promotions/postings of JE/Civil to Offg.AE/Civil (In English) 87.91KB29-06-2017
29-06-2017O/o no. 434Promotions/postings of AEs/Elect. to Offg.AEE/Elect. (In English) 106.89KB29-06-2017
23-06-2017O/o no. 428Postings/transfers of AE/AEE (Elect.) (In English) 78.67KB23-06-2017
16-06-2017O/o no. 405Posting orders of AM/IT against CRA-04/2016 (In English) 124.51KB19-06-2017
15-06-2017O/o no. 397Postings/transfers of AEs/Elect. (In English) 73.82KB15-06-2017
15-06-2017O/o no. 394Postings/transfers of Sr.Xen/Addl.SE (Elect.) (In English) 75.46KB15-06-2017
14-06-2017O/o no. 388Posting/transfer of AEE/Elect. (In English) 68.64KB14-06-2017
14-06-2017O/o no. 386Postings/transfers of Sr.Xens (Elect.) (In English) 70.65KB14-06-2017
08-06-2017O/o no. 375Ban on postings/transfers of personnel (In English) 53.50KB08-06-2017
08-06-2017O/o no. 374Posting/transfer of Addl.SE (In English) 79.49KB08-06-2017
07-06-2017O/o no. 370Promotion/posting of Offg.AEE (In English) 80.18KB07-06-2017
06-06-2017O/o no. 358Partial modification to Office order no. 355 dated 05.06.2017 (In English) 62.67KB06-06-2017
05-06-2017O/o no. 357Postings/transfers of AE/AEE (Civil) (In English) 71.37KB05-06-2017
05-06-2017O/o no. 356Promotions/postings/transfers of Sr.Xens/Addl.SEs (In English) 155.83KB05-06-2017
05-06-2017O/o no. 355Promotion/postings/transfers of SEs/Dy.CE (In English) 91.52KB05-06-2017
31-05-2017O/o no. 339Promotions & postings of AEs/Elect. to Offg.AEEs/Elect. and Postings/transfers of AEs/Elect. 366.15KB31-05-2017
23-05-2017O/o No. 325Posting orders of Assistant Manager/IT against CRA 4/2016 292.00KB23-05-2017
16-05-2017O/o no. 303Promotions/postings of PS to Offg.Sr.PS and posting/transfer of PS 85.11KB16-05-2017
16-05-2017O/o no. 300Posting/transfer of AE/Elect. 60.30KB16-05-2017
16-05-2017O/o no. 299Promotion & posting of Under Secy. to Offg.Dy.Secy. 75.67KB16-05-2017
16-05-2017O/o no. 298Postings/transfers of Sr.Xens/Addl.SEs(Elect.) 71.54KB16-05-2017
12-05-2017O/o no. 293Postings/transfers of Sr.Xens/(Elect.) 67.56KB12-05-2017
11-05-2017O/o no. 289Postings/transfers of AEEs/AE(Elect.) 74.52KB12-05-2017
11-05-2017O/o no. 287Promotions/postings of AAEs to Offg.AEs (Elect.) 102.13KB11-05-2017
08-05-2017O/o no. 278Posting order of AE/OT (Elect.) 120.94KB08-05-2017
08-05-2017O/o no. 277Posting/transfer of AE/Elect. 61.10KB08-05-2017
08-05-2017O/o no. 271Promotions/postings of AEEs to Offg.Sr.Xens and postings/transfers of Addl.SEs/Sr.Xens (Elect.) 115.97KB08-05-2017
28-04-2017O/o no. 260Promotion/posting of AAE to Offg.AE 76.88KB28-04-2017
25-04-2017O/o no. 254Postings/transfers of Addl.SEs/Sr.Xens (Elect.) 78.28KB27-04-2017
25-04-2017O/o no. 250Promotions/postings of AEs/Elect. to Offg.AEE/Elect. 109.38KB25-04-2017
11-04-2017O/o no. 217Posting/transfer of AE (Elect.)/AEE (Civil) 81.44KB11-04-2017
11-04-2017O/o no. 214Promotion/posting of Addl.SE (Civil) to Offg.SE 72.59KB11-04-2017
11-04-2017O/o no. 213Promotions/postings of Addl.SEs (Elect.) to Offg.SE 81.61KB11-04-2017
07-04-2017O/o no. 209Postings/transfers of AEs(Elect.) 67.61KB07-04-2017
07-04-2017O/o no. 208Postings/transfers of AAO/AOs 89.81KB07-04-2017
03-04-2017O/o no. 199Posting/transfer of Chief Engineer 81.53KB03-04-2017
29-03-2017O/o no. 185Posting/transfer of AE/Elect. 44.42KB30-03-2017
21-03-2017O/o no. 176Posting/transfer of Addl.SE/Civil 62.44KB21-03-2017
21-02-2017O/o no. 114Posting/transfer of Sr.Xen after Leave 75.25KB21-02-2017
20-02-2017O/o no. 109Posting/transfer of AE after Leave 81.61KB21-02-2017
04-01-2017O/o no. 12Posting/transfer of AE 61.02KB04-01-2017
04-01-2017O/o no. 10Postings/transfers of Addl.SE/Sr.Xen 70.09KB04-01-2017
04-01-2017O/o no. 09Postings/transfers of Chief Engineer/Dy.CE 82.24KB04-01-2017
03-01-2017O/o no. 04Promotion/posting of AAE to Offg.AE 82.61KB03-01-2017
03-01-2017O/o no. 06Posting/transfer of SE/Civil 61.74KB03-01-2017
30-12-2016O/o no. 841Posting/transfer of Sr.Xen 80.96KB02-01-2017
27-12-2016Office Order 833/Admn./PSTCLPostings/transfers of Addl.SEs/Elect. 68.75KB27-12-2016
27-12-2016Office Order 832/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of AE 64.29KB27-12-2016
22-12-2016Office Order 823/Admn./PSTCLPromotions/postings/transfer of AEE/Sr.Xen 111.74KB22-12-2016
19-12-2016Office Order 810/Admn./PSTCLPromotion/postings/transfers of Addl.SE/SE/Dy.CE 88.48KB19-12-2016
19-12-2016Office Order 809/Admn./PSTCLPostings/transfers of AE/AEEs (Elect.) 143.54KB19-12-2016
13-12-2016Office Order 791/Admn./PSTCLPostings/transfers of AEs/AEEs 142.96KB13-12-2016
09-12-2016Office Order 787/Admn./PSTCLPromotions, postings and transfers orders of Offg.CHD on Tech. Training 66.83KB09-12-2016
06-12-2016Office Order 779/Admn./PSTCLPosting and transfer of AEE 53.82KB06-12-2016
02-12-2016Office Order 771/Admn./PSTCLPosting of Er. Shinder Pal Singh in continuation to PSPCL O/o no. 219/BEG-I dated 03.11.2016 52.97KB02-12-2016
17-11-2016Office Order 749/Admn./PSTCLPromotions/postings/transfers of Dy.CEs/SEs/ASEs/Sr.Xens/AEE 140.74KB17-11-2016
07-11-2016Office Order 727/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of AEE/Elect. 58.14KB07-11-2016
01-11-2016Office Order 717/Admn./PSTCLPosting/transfer of Under Secy. 57.95KB01-11-2016
01-11-2016Office Order 716/Admn./PSTCLPromotion/posting of JE/Civil to Offg.AE/Civil 75.36KB01-11-2016
01-11-2016Office Order 715/Admn./PSTCLPromtion/posting of PS to Offg. Sr.PS 83.22KB01-11-2016

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