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Dated Reference No. Brief Description File Details Last Updated on Website
02-01-2024Information TechnologyProcedure for Requesting and Approving Service Book Update. (In English) 125.97KB02-01-2024
15-06-2023Memo No.400/IT-1210Implementation of iHRMS: Regarding checking of service book entries in iHRMS by each employee working in PSTCL. (In English) 615.77KB16-06-2023
16-06-2023FAQ-- iHRMS Code and PasswordTo Know Employee ID or iHRMS Code and Password. (In English) 144.40KB16-06-2023
08-06-2023FAQ--Login Into iHRMSHow To Login Into iHRMS Punjab Portal. (In English) 465.48KB08-06-2023
08-06-2023Memo No. 372/IT-1210Implementation of iHRMS Regarding keeping the iHRMS service book upto date always. (In English) 947.11KB08-06-2023
06-04-2023Memo No: 236 /IT-1210Regarding implementation of iHRMS in PSTCL (In English) 586.23KB06-04-2023
06-04-2023annexure IAnnexure I (In English) 474.61KB06-04-2023
27-03-2023FAQFAQs for Service Book/Salary/Leave Module (In English) 618.87KB27-03-2023

Last Updated: May 18, 2024
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