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Office Orders/ Circulars : O/o Planning Section
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Dated Reference No. Brief Description File Details Last Updated on Website
03-05-2021194/P-1/275PSERC Directives in the Tariff Order for FY -2020-21 :Quarter ending March-2021 (In English) 1.36MB04-05-2021
02-02-2021Memon no.33/P-1/275PSERC Directives in the tariff order for financial year 2020-21 : Quarter ending Dec 2020 (In English) 452.30KB03-03-2021
25-02-2021Memo No.437/48 P-II/47/1/2021Regarding 15th punjab vidhan sabha for 14th Assembly starting from 01.03.2021. (In Punjabi) 749.37KB25-02-2021
23-09-2020Memo No. 1861/62400 KV Sub Station Transmission Works. (In English) 377.96KB23-09-2020
17-01-202038/p-1/275PSERC Directives in the Tariff Order for FY-2019-20- 3rd Quarter (ending Dec-2019) (In English) 381.35KB05-03-2020
20-11-2019Memo no 1017/P1-PSERC Directives in the Tariff Order For FY- 2019-20 2nd Qtr (ending September-2019-20) (In English) 527.94KB21-11-2019
09-08-2019Memo No.932/P-1/275PSERC Directives in the Tarrif Order for FY- 2019-20- 1st quarter (ending June 2019.). (In English) 706.46KB26-08-2019
26-04-2019Memo no. 735/P-1/275PSERC Directives in the Tarriff Order for FY 2018-19 quarter ending March-2019 (IVth quarter). (In English) 378.96KB23-05-2019
22-05-2019Memo No. 817/P-1/138Power Transmission Map as on 31.03-2019. (In English) 6.35MB23-05-2019
29-04-2019Office Order No.06Training Programme on Protection Coupler on 01.05.2019 at Puncom.. (In English) 725.07KB01-05-2019
29-01-2019Memo No.81/P-1/275PSERC Directive in the Tariff Order for FY-2018-19 iird Quarter (ending Dec. 2018). (In English) 537.74KB30-01-2019
18-12-2018Memo No.736/P-1/275PSERC Directivities in the Tariff Order for FY-2018-19 2nd Quarter (ending Sept. 2018). (In English) 991.71KB20-12-2018
03-12-2018Office Order No.52Personnel Amendment in office Order No.52 (In Punjabi) 537.15KB05-12-2018
14-08-2018Memo No.475/P-I/275Loading status of PSTCL Transmission Lines & Substations for 1st quarter i.e ending june 2018. (In English) 1.22MB20-08-2018
11-01-2018Memo No.10/13/P-ILoading Status of PSTCL Transmission Lines & Substations in response to PSERC directive in the Tariff Order for MYT control period from FY-2017-18 to FY-2019-2020. (In English) 336.41KB11-01-2018
23-02-2017Loading StatusLoading status of 132 KV/220 KV/400 KV Transmission Works/ Sub-Stations and Transmission Lines (for 3rd Quarter - Year 2016-17). 85.06KB23-02-2017
18-12-2015Loading StatusLoading Status of 132 KV Transmission Lines/ Sub-Stations for 2nd Quarter, Year 2015-16. 213.98KB18-12-2015
18-12-2015Loading StatusLoading Status of 220 KV Transmission Lines/ Sub-Stations for 2nd Quarter, Year 2015-16. 249.85KB18-12-2015

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