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Posting & Transfers : Gazetted [Archive]
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Dated Office Order No Brief Description
25-10-2016699Postings/transfers of AEs/AEEs (Civil)
20-10-2016689Posting/transfer of AE/AEE (Elect.)
18-10-2016682Promotion/posting of AAE to Offg.AE
18-10-2016681Promotions/postings of AE to Offg.AEE
14-10-2016672Promotions/postings of PA to Offg.PS
12-10-2016665Posting order of Sr.Xen on re-instatement
06-10-2016655Promotion/Posting/transfer of Supdt.Gr-II to supdt. Gr-I
21-09-2016625Postings/transfers of Sr.Xen (Elect.) and AE (Elect.)
15-09-2016608Postings/transfers of AEs/AEEs (Elect.)
14-09-2016607Posting/transfer of SE/Elect.
12-09-2016605Posting/transfer of AE (Elect.)
26-08-2016574Postings/transfers of AEs/AEEs (Elect.)
24-08-2016568.Posting/transfer of AE (Elect.)
24-08-2016567Posting/transfer of AEE/Civil
08-08-2016530Posting/transfer of AEE/Elect.
29-07-2016511Postings/transfers of AEs (Elect.)
21-07-2016498Posting/transfer order of AE/Elect.
14-07-2016489Promotion/posting of AAE to Offg.AE
14-07-2016488Promotion/posting of Supdt Gr-II to Offg. Supdt. Gr-I
13-07-2016483Posting/transfer of Dy.CEs/SEs
28-06-2016450Postings/transfers of AEs(Elect.)
24-06-2016445Posting/transfer orders of Addl.SE/Civil
22-06-2016439Posting/transfer order of AE/Elect.
14-06-2016425Postings/transfers of Addl.SEs (Elect.)
10-06-2016416Ban on transfer of personnel of PSTCL during paddy season
03-06-2016398Postings/transfers of AEs
02-06-2016393Posting/transfer of AEE/Elect.
31-05-2016387Posting/transfer of AE
24-05-2016374Promotion and posting of AAE to Offg.AE (Elect.)
19-05-2016368Promotions, postings and transfers of AE/AEE(Civil)
19-05-2016367Promotions and postings of AAEs to Offg.AEs (Elect.)
10-05-2016348Promotion and posting of Supdt. Gr-II as Offg.Supdt.Gr-I
06-05-2016345Posting/transfer of Dy.CE/Civil
04-05-2016328Promotion and posting of AAO against AO as Offg.AO
02-05-2016321Promotion of AEE as Offg.Sr.Xen and posting/transfer of Offg.Sr.Xen
25-04-2016312Posting/transfer of PS
25-04-2016311Postings/transfers of Addl.SEs/Sr.Xens (Civil)
25-04-2016310Postings/transfers of Addl.SEs/Sr.Xens (Elect.)
22-04-2016308Posting/transfer of AE
11-04-2016269Promotions and postings of AAEs as Offg.AEs
01-04-2016252Revised organization structure- Additional charge to the officers
30-03-2016242Promotion and posting of Supdt. Gr-I as Offg. Under Secy.
30-03-2016241Posting/transfer of Addl.SE/Civil
28-03-2016229Posting/transfer of AE/Civil
14-03-2016192Posting/transfer of AAO against AO
14-03-2016191Posting/transfer of Sr.Xen
09-03-2016181Promotion and posting of AAE as Offg.AE
09-03-2016180Promotion/postings/transfers of AEEs/Sr.Xens/Addl.SEs
26-02-2016148Regarding charge of CE/HR and IT, PSTCL, Patiala
15-02-2016115Posting/transfer of AE
11-02-2016109Promotion and posting of AEs as Offg.AEEs
08-02-201696Posting/transfer of AAO against AO
03-02-201686Promotions and transfers of AAEs to Offg.AE
02-02-201677Posting/transfer of Addl.SE
02-02-201676Postings/transfers of Sr.Xens/Addl.SEs (Civil)
20-01-201657Posting/transfer of AEs
30-12-2015991Promotion and posting from AAE to Offg.AE
23-11-2015918Promotion and posting of Er. Sunita Rani AE as Offg.AEE
23-11-2015915Promotions/postings/transfers of AEs
19-11-2015906Postings/Transfers of Sr.Xens/Civil
19-11-2015905promotions, postings/transfers of Sr.Xens/Addl.SE
30-10-2015865Postings/Transfers of AE/AEE
16-10-2015846Promotions, postings and transfers of Addl.SEs/Sr.Xens
15-10-2015842Promotion and posting of Er. Jiwan Kumar Jindal as Offg.SE
21-09-2015802Posting and Transfer of Er. Akash Mittal, Addl. SE
21-09-2015801Posting and Transfer of AEEs
15-09-2015784Promotions, Postings and Transfers of Sr.Xens/Addl.SEs
11-09-2015778Promotion and posting of Er.Charanjit Singh as Offg.CE
09-09-2015766Posting and Transfers of SE/Dy.CEs
03-09-2015755Postings and Transfers of AEs
27-08-2015744Posting and Transfer of AEs
13-08-2015701Postings and Transfers of 2 nos. AEs
11-08-2015691Posting and Transfer of Sh. Surinder Singh Sr.PS
06-08-2015681Promotion and posting of Er. Ashok Kumar Garg as Offg.CE
30-07-2015663Posting and Transfer of Er. Ajay Kumar Kapoor, Chief Engineer
17-07-2015620Posting and Transfer
17-07-2015618Posting and Transfer of Sh. N.K. Setia Jt.CAO
16-07-2015598Posting and Transfer of Er. Gagneet Singh Kler, AE
10-07-2015578Posting and transfer of Er. Kulwant Singh Addl.SE/Civil
03-07-2015528Promotion and Posting of AAE to Offg AE
03-07-2015525Promotion, Posting and Transfers of AEEs/AEs/Sr.Xens/AddlSEs
22-06-2015481Promotion and posting of Sh. Surinder Singh PS to Sr.PS
10-06-2015442Regarding ban on the transfers.
09-06-2015434Promotion, Posting and Transfers
09-06-2015430Promotion, Posting and Transfers
04-06-2015418Amendment of the O/o No. 401/Admn./PSTCL dated 28/05/2015
28-05-2015401Postings and Transfers
28-05-2015400Promotions, Postings and Transfers of Sr.Xens/Addl.SEs
07-05-2015331Promotion, posting and transfers of AEs/AEEs
10-04-2015258Posting and Transfer of AEs/AEEs
30-03-2015248Cancellation of posting and transfer orders of Er. Shinderpal Singh AE/Civil and Er. Apninder Singh AE/Civil.
26-03-2015227Posting and Transfer of AE/Civil
10-03-2015176Promotion, Posting and Transfer of AEs/AEEs
03-03-2015166Promotion, Posting and Transfers of Offg.Sr.Xens.
03-03-2015160Posting and Transfer of Addl.SE/Sr.Xens
02-03-2015158Promotion, Posting and Transfers
02-03-2015154Promotion and posting of Er. Sarabjit Singh Mal as Offg.CE
16-02-2015125Promotion and posting of Er. Manohar Lal, AAE to Offg. AE
11-02-2015115Promotion, Posting and Transfer of AEEs to Offg.Sr.Xen
30-01-201581Posting and transfer of Sh.Sukhjinder Singh,AE
22-01-201566Posting and Transfer of Er. Dhan Singh Dhillon, Sr.Xen
19-01-201553Posting and Transfer of AEs/AEEs (Civil)
19-01-201551Promotion, Posting and Transfer of Er. Narinder Pal Singh from AAE to Offg. AE
05-01-201513Posting and Transfer of Addl.SE/Sr.Xen
02-01-201505Amendment of the O/o No. 03/Admn./PSTCL dated 01/01/2015
01-01-201503Posting and Transfers of AEs/AEEs(Civil)
26-12-20141200Promotion, Posting and Transfer of AEE to Sr.Xen
24-12-20141199Posting and Transfer of Er. Gurdeep Singh, AEE
18-12-20141183Posting orders of Er. Gagandeep Singh Anand, AEE
18-12-20141181Posting and Transfer of Sh. Bhupinder Singh, AAO
05-12-20141118Posting and Transfer of Er. Avtar Singh Kang, Addl.SE
20-11-20141057Posting and Transfers of Sr.Xens/Addl.SEs(Civil)
20-11-20141056Promotion, Posting and Transfers
20-11-20141055Promotion, Posting and Transfers of AAEs to AEs
20-11-20141054Promotion, Posting and Transfers of JE/Civil to AE/Civil
10-11-2014982Posting, Promotion and Transfers of Dy.CEs/SEs
07-11-2014974Posting and Transfer of Er.Rupinder Kaur, AE/OT
05-11-2014966Amendment of the O/o No. 957/Admn./PSTCL dated 04/11/2014
04-11-2014964Amendment of the O/o No. 957/Admn./PSTCL dated 04/11/2014
04-11-2014957Posting and Transfers of AEs/AEEs
21-10-2014913Posting and Transfer of Sr.AO against Dy.FA
18-10-2014904Posting and Transfer of Er.Jarnail Singh, Sr.Xen
18-10-2014903Posting and Transfers of Sr.Xens/Addl.SEs
16-10-2014888Postings and Transfers
22-09-2014818Posting and Transfer
05-09-2014776Promotion, Posting and Transfer
25.08.2014 732/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfers
18.07.2014 651/Admn./PSTCL Partial modification of O/o No. 604/Admn./PSTCL
15.07.2014 647/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
14.07.2014 637/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
08.07.2014 622/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
07.07.2014 619/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
04.07.2014 614/Admn./PSTCL Modification of O/o No. 604/Admn./PSTCL
04.07.2014 613/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
02.07.2014 604/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
02.07.2014 602/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
30.06.2014 598/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
26.06.2014 589/Admn./PSTCL Change of Headquarters of Er. Sunita Goel
25.06.2014 578/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
25.06.2014 577/Admn./PSTCL Modification of O/o No. 520/Admn./PSTCL
20.06.2014 562/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
19.06.2014 553/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
16.06.2014 532/Admn./PSTCL Modification of O/o No. 520/Admn./PSTCL
16.06.2014 529/Admn./PSTCL Partial Modification of O/o 520/Admn./PSTCL
11.06.2014 526/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
10.06.2014 520/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
30.05.2014 475/Admn./PSTCL Re-Designation
29.05.2014 465/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
15.05.2014 391/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
15.05.2014 390/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
15.05.2014 389/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
13.05.2014 385/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
25.03.2014 250/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
05.03.2014 207/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
03.03.2014 186/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
28.02.2014 180/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
25.02.2014 170/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
24.02.2014 167/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
21.02.2014 164/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
17.02.2014 156/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
05.02.2014 120/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
31.01.2014 115/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
24.01.2014 65/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
21.01.2014 53/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
21.01.2014 52/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
16.01.2014 40/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
16.01.2014 39/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
08.01.2014 22/Admn./PSTCL Posting(Pay Charge)
10.01.2014 26/HR & Admn./PSTCL Nominated as Member of PSTCL store disposal Committee
03.01.2014 11/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
02.01.2014 06/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
01.01.2014 03/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
23.12.2013 1252/Admn./PSTCL Posting
20.12.2013 1248/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
18.12.2013 1242/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
18.12.2013 1240/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
18.12.2013 1238/Admn./PSTCL Promotion & Posting
13.12.2013 1228/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
12.12.2013 1225/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
10.12.2013 1210/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
05.12.2013 1197/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
13.11.2013 1077/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
13.11.2013 1075/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
12.11.2013 1064/Admn./PSTCL Additional Charge
07.11.2013 1046/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
07.11.2013 1045/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer(Amendment)
05.11.2013 1027/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
05.11.2013 1026/Admn./PSTCL Posting(CRA No. 02)
05.11.2013 1025/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
01.11.2013 1017/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
31.10.2013 1016/Admn./PSTCL Promotion , Posting & Transfer
30.10.2013 1010/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
29.10.2013 1005/Admn./PSTCL Promotion , Posting & Transfer
29.10.2013 1004/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
25.10.2013 991/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
25.10.2013 989/Admn./PSTCL Promotion , Posting & Transfer
25.10.2013 988/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
23.10.2013 986/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
23.10.2013 982/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
23.10.2013 981/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
22.10.2013 978/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
14.10.2013 967/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
14.10.2013 966/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
10.10.2013 958/Admn./PSTCL Promotion , Posting & Transfer
10.10.2013 957/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
07.10.2013 935/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
01.10.2013 917/Admn./PSTCL Posting(Modification)
30.09.2013 894/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
27.09.2013 893/Admn./PSTCL Posting(Additional Charge)
24.09.2013 884/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
24.09.2013 880/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
24.09.2013 879/Admn./PSTCL Posting(Pay Charge)
18.09.2013 859/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
18.09.2013 858/Admn./PSTCL Posting(Pay Charge)
18.09.2013 857/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
09.09.2013 805/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
03.09.2013 774/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
02.09.2013 763/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
29.08.2013 744/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
26.08.2013 730/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
26.08.2013 728/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
20.08.2013 690/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
16.08.2013 678/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
14.08.2013 676/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
14.08.2013 673/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
14.08.2013 664/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
14.08.2013 663/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
14.08.2013 653/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
14.08.2013 650/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
14.08.2013 649/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
13.08.2013 646/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
13.08.2013 643/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
13.08.2013 642/Admn./Pstcl Posting & Transfer
12.08.2013 641/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
12.08.2013 640/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
25.07.2013 618/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
25.07.2013 617/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
22.07.2013 603/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
05.07.2013 555/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
01.07.2013 553/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
27.06.2013 543/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
03.05.2013 387/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
02.05.2013 392/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
29.04.2013 377/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
05.04.2013 303/admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
04.04.2013 296/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
04.04.2013 295/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
03.04.2013 292/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
03.04.2013 290/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
02.04.2013 287/admn./PSTCL Promotions,Posting & Transfer
02.04.2013 286/Admn./PSTCL Promotions,Posting & Transfer
02.04.2013 282/Admn./PSTCL Promotions,Posting & Transfer
01.04.2013 279/Admn./PSTCL Promotions,Posting & Transfer
19.03.2013 240/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
11.03.2013 202/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
06.03.2013 191/Admn./PSTCL Posting(Amendment)
06.03.2013 187/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
06.03.2013 186/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
06.03.2013 182/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
05.03.2013 175/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
05.03.2013 173/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
04.03.2013 168/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
04.03.2013 167/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
01.02.2013 73/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
09.01.2013 26/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
07.01.2013 17/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
04.01.2013 11/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
04.01.2013 10/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
13.12.2012 985/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
06.12.2012 967/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
04.12.2012 951/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
03.12.2012 945/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
23.10.2012 841/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
22.10.2012 835/Admn./PSTCL Posting(Modification)
18.10.2012 823/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
03.10.2012 765/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
26.09.2012 749/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
18.09.2012 724/Admn./PSTCL Posting(Cancelled order)
27.08.2012 630/Admn./PSTCL Posting(Order CRA-1)
22.08.2012 623/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
21.08.2012 620/Admn./PSTCL Posting(Order CRA-1)
17.07.2012 516/Admn./PSTCL Posting(Order CRA-1)
17.07.2012 514/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
04.07.2012 470/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
04.07.2012 467/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
04.07.2012 466/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
02.07.2012 452/Admn./PSTCL Posting(CRA No. 01)
02.07.2012 451/Admn./PSTCL Posting(CRA No. 01)
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