Punjab State Transmission Corporation Limited
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Posting & Transfers : Non-Gazetted [Archive]
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Dated Office Order No Brief Description
20-10-2016690Posting/transfer of JEs/SSAs/ALMs
20-10-2016686Posting/transfer of RTM
18-10-2016680Cancellation of posting/transfer orders of 2 no. officials of O/o no.407 dated 06.06.2016
18-10-2016679Postings/transfers of ALMs
18-10-2016678Posting/transfer of ALM
07-10-2016660Promotions/postings of SSAs to JE S/S
07-10-2016657Posting/transfers of JEs/AAEs
06-10-201612235Posting/transfer of staff under stores and disposal wing
06-10-2016654Posting/transfer of Sr.Asstt.
06-10-2016648Posting/transfers of the officials
04-10-2016645Posting/transfer of UDC (General)
29-09-2016637Posting/transfer of LDC
22-09-2016630Posting/transfer of LDC
21-09-2016626Posting/transfer of UDC
16-09-2016615Posting/transfer of ALM
14-09-2016606Posting/transfer of Peon
07-09-2016596Promotion/posting of Circle Asstt. to Provisional Sr.Asstt.
05-09-2016589Posting/transfer of JE/Elect.
24-08-2016568Posting/transfer of AE (Elect.)
22-08-2016562Promotion/posting of DHD to CHD
12-08-2016546Postings/transfers of ALM/RTM/LDC
08-08-2016531Posting/transfer of Sr.Scale Steno./LDC/Driver/Chowkidar/Mali
29-07-2016513Continuation of O/o no. 417 dated 10.06.2016
29-07-2016512Promotion/posting of UDC to Circle Asstt.
26-07-2016506Posting/transfer of AAE
19-07-2016494Posting/transfer of JE/Comm.
14-07-2016490Posting/transfer of UDC (General) and LDC
12-07-2016481Promotion and posting of Divnl Acctt. against SAS Acctt. to Offg. SAS Acctt.
08-07-2016473Partial modification of this office O/o no. 446 dated 27.06.2016
30-06-2016461Promotion/posting of UDC to Circle Asstt.
28-06-2016454Postings/transfers of Circle Asstt and UDC
28-06-2016453Posting/transfer of SSA
28-06-2016451Posting/transfer of ALM
28-06-2016449Posting/transfer of RTM
27-06-2016447Postings/transfers of ALMs/RTM/LM/SSA
27-06-2016446Postings/transfers of SSAs
23-06-2016442Promotion/posting of Sr.Asstt. to Supdt. Gr-II
10-06-2016417Posting/transfer of lineman
10-06-2016416.Ban on transfer of personnel of PSTCL during paddy season
10-06-2016415Posting/transfer order of ALM
10-06-2016414Posting of Smt. Suratpreet Kaur UDC (General) after Child care leave
06-06-2016408Promotion/postings/transfers of Senior Assistants
06-06-2016407Postings/transfers of JEs and SSA
06-06-2016405Postings/transfers of Peons
02-06-2016395Posting/transfer of SSA
02-06-2016394Posting/transfer of AAE
31-05-2016389Postings/transfers of ALM and SSA
31-05-2016388Posting/transfer of Peon
30-05-2016384Posting/transfer of Lineman
16-05-2016360Posting/transfer orders of JE/Elect.
05-05-2016334Posting/transfer of Circle Asstt.
04-05-2016329Posting/transfer of JE/Elect.
18-04-2016279Posting/transfer of ALM
18-04-2016278Posting orders of UDC(General) on compassionate ground
11-04-2016270Promotions and postings of Fitters/Elect.Gr-II as Foreman (Elect.)
30-03-2016243Posting/transfer of JE and SSA
22-03-2016226Promotion and postings of JEs as AAEs
18-03-2016218Posting/transfer order of JE S/S
18-03-2016217Posting order of ALM
18-03-2016216Posting/transfer of ALM
10-03-2016186Promotion and posting of Circle Asstt. as Divnl. Supdt.
08-03-2016176Reinstatement of Sh. Barsati Lal ALM (221358)
08-03-2016173Posting/transfer of SSA
26-02-2016147Posting/transfer of JE
23-02-2016133Promotion and posting of Test Mechanic as JE/Testing
11-02-2016110Posting/transfer of SSA
11-02-2016107Posting/transfer of ALM
08-02-201697Posting/transfer of SAS Accountant
04-02-201690Posting/transfer of SSA
04-02-201689Posting/transfer of LDC
06-01-201610Posting/Transfer of Driver
05-01-201609Postings/Transfers of SAS Accountants and UDC(Accounts)
04-01-201606Posting/Transfer of Elect. Gr-II
31-12-2015997Posting/Transfer of LDC
31-12-2015996Postings/Transfers of JEs
30-12-2015994Promotion and posting from Divnl. Acctt. to SAS Acctt.
30-12-2015992Posting/Transfer of Peon
21-12-2015981Posting orders of Peons/SSA on Compassionate Grounds
18-12-2015979Promotion and posting of Law Officer Gr-II to Law Officer Gr-I
18-12-2015978Posting/Transfer of LDC
17-12-2015977Promotion and posting orders of UDCs as Circle Asstt.
14-12-2015967Posting/Transfer of Sh. Anil Kumar JE and Sh. Amarnath JE
14-12-2015966Posting/Transfer of Sh. Jatinder Pal Singh SSA and Sh. Ravinder Kumar SSA
14-12-2015965Posting/Transfer of Ms.Manjushi Srivastva UDC (General)
14-12-2015964Posting/Transfer of Smt. Sito Devi Hawaldar
14-12-2015963Posting/Transfer of Sh. Hitesh Walia JE/Elect. and Sh. Ashok Kumar JE/Elect.
03-12-2015939Posting/Transfer of Sh. Sarabjit Singh Electrician Gr-II
03-12-2015938Posting/Transfer of Sh. Harpal Singh JE S/Stn.
03-12-2015937Partial modification of office order no. 907/Admn/PSTCL dated 19.11.2015
03-12-2015936Posting/Transfer of Sh. Harmanpreet Singh SSA
03-12-2015935Promotion and posting of Sh. Madan Gopal Saini ASK to Store Keeper
30-11-2015927Posting/Transfer of Smt. Sarabjit Kaur LDC
26-11-2015923Posting/Transfer of Sh. Rahul Kaushal JE
23-11-2015917Promotion and posting of Sh. Bhupinder Singh DHD to CHD
23-11-2015916Postings/Transfers of SSAs
19-11-2015907Posting/Transfer of Sh. Baldev Singh Peon
17-11-2015895Posting/Transfer of Sh. Atul Batra SSA
17-11-2015894Posting/Transfer of Sh. Surinder Singh JE
02-11-2015871Posting/Transfer of Smt. Jaswinder Kaur Bedi, Sr.Asstt.
30-10-2015866Posting of Peons on Compassionate Grounds
09-10-2015833Posting and Transfers
08-10-2015830Promotion and Posting of Smt. Anurag UDC to Circle Assistant
18-09-2015795Posting orders of Smt. Kawaljit Kaur Sr.Asstt. after availing leave
21-08-2015722Posting and transfer of 2 no. ALMs
21-08-2015721Promotion and Posting of Smt. Jarnail Kaur Peon to Hawaldar
21-08-2015720Posting of 3 no. OC to Provisional SSA
14-08-2015705Posting and Transfer of Sh. Nirmal Singh LDC/Typist
13-08-2015699Promotion and posting of Sh. Jitan Gupta UDC(Accounts) to Divnl. Acctt.
13-08-2015698Posting orders on compassionate ground
30-07-2015664Posting and Transfer of Sh. Ashok Kumar PA
24-07-2015644Posting and transfer of Sh. Prem Singh Driver
24-07-2015643Promotion and posting of Sh. Gurmukh Singh OC to SSA
24-07-2015642Posting and Transfer of Sh. Surinder Singh ALM against SSA
24-07-2015641Posting and Transfer of Sh. Dharam Singh Virdi, LDC
17-07-2015619Promotion and Posting of Sh. Balwinder Singh SSA as JE S/S
17-07-2015617Posting and Transfer of Sh. Sukhdev Singh SSA
14-07-2015588Posting and Transfer of Er. Shikha Gupta JE
10-07-2015580Posting and transfer of Sh. Shyam Sunder Divnl.Accountant against SAS Accountant
10-07-2015579Promotion and posting of Sh. Jagdeep Singh Jr.Scale Steno to Sr.Scale Steno.
03-07-2015532Posting and transfer of Sh Kuldeep Singh JE
03-07-2015531Promotion and Posting of DHD to CHD
03-07-2015530Promotion and Posting of SSA to JE
03-07-2015529Promotion and Posting of UDC to Circle Asstt.
03-07-2015527Promotion and Posting of LM to JE
03-07-2015526Promotion and Posting of Circle Asstt. to Sr.Asstt
25-06-2015506Promotion and Posting of Sh. Davinder Singh Peon as Daftari
22-06-2015480Promotion and posting of Sh. Sukhwinder Singh SSA to JE/Substation
10-06-2015442.Regarding ban on the transfers.
09-06-2015432Posting orders of Sh. Sukhvir Singh JE/Civil against CRA-1/PSTCL/2011
09-06-2015431Postings and Transfers
04-06-2015419Postings and Transfers
28-05-2015403Postings and Transfers
28-05-2015402Postings and Transfers of Sr.Asstts
26-05-2015390Posting and Transfer of SAS Accountants
26-05-2015389Posting and Transfer of 2 no. UDCs
26-05-2015388Posting and Transfer of Sh. Saurabh Jain JE/Elect.
21-05-2015376Promotion, Posting and Transfer
21-05-2015375Posting and Transfer
21-05-2015374Posting and Transfer
18-05-2015361Promotion, Posting and Transfer of Sh. Davinder Singh OC to SSA
18-05-2015360Posting and Transfer of Sh. Kamaljit Singh AAE
18-05-2015359Promotion, Posting and Transfer of Sh. Deepak Chopra JE/Comm to AAE/Comm.
07-05-2015330Posting and Transfer of Sh. Manpreet Singh JE/Elect.
07-05-2015329Posting and Transfer of ALM against the post of SSA
07-05-2015328Posting and Transfers
04-05-2015308Promotion, Posting and Transfers
23-04-2015286Promotion, Posting and Transfers
16-04-2015269Posting and Transfers
16-04-2015268Posting and Transfer of ALMs against the post of SSA
16-04-2015267Promotion, Posting and Transfer of UDC to Circle Asstt.
10-04-2015260Promotion, Posting and Transfers of Divnl. Supdt. to Circle Supdt.
10-04-2015259Posting and Transfer
10-04-2015257Posting and Transfer of ALMs against the post of SSA
27-03-2015229Promotion/Posting/Transfers of officials
10-03-2015177Posting and Transfer of Sh. Mahinder Singh ALM against SSA
10-03-2015175Posting and Transfer of 2 no officials
05-03-2015169Posting and Transfer of the officials
05-02-201593Posting and Transfer of 2 nos. Peons
05-02-201592Posting and Transfer of 2 nos. JEs
05-02-201591Posting and Transfer of ALMs against the post of SSA
30-01-201582Posting and transfer of Sh.Jagdeep Singh,SSA
30-01-201580Posting and transfer of Sh.Ashok Kumar,AAE
28-01-201575Reinstatement of Sh. Kulwinder Singh, SSA
22-01-201567Promotion, Posting and Transfer of Test Mechanic to JE/Testing
13-01-201536Promotion, Posting and Transfers of Telephone Mechanic to JE/Comm.
13-01-201535Promotion, Posting and Transfers of Offg.OCs to Offg.SSA
13-01-201534Promotion, Posting and Transfers of UDCs to Circle Asstt.
01-01-201504Promotion, Posting and Transfers orders of Steno Typist to Jr. Scale Steno.
01-01-201502Posting and Transfer of Er. Ujjavala Singla, JE
01-01-201501Posting orders on compassionate ground
24-12-20141198Posting and Transfers
24-12-20141197Promotion, Posting and Transfers of Circle Asstt. to Sr.Asstt.
18-12-20141186Posting orders on compassionate ground
18-12-20141184Promotion, Posting and Transfer of Divnl. Acctt. to SAS Acctt.
18-12-20141182Posting and Transfer
04-12-20141116Posting and Transfer Sh. Bhupinder Singh, UDC
03-12-20141112Posting and Transfers
01-12-20141104Posting and Transfers
27-11-20141071Promotion, Posting and Transfer of Test Mechanic to JE/Testing
18-11-20141045Posting and Transfers of 2 no. SSAs
14-11-20141022Promotion, Posting and Transfer of Rakesh Kumar, SSA
07-11-2014976Posting orders on compassionate ground
07-11-2014975Posting and Transfers
05-11-2014968Posting and Transfer of Sh. Surinder Pal Singh, Circle Supdt.
04-11-2014962Posting and Transfer of Sh.Avtar Singh, Peon
27-10-2014923Posting and Transfers
27-10-2014922Promotion, Posting and Transfer
27-10-2014921Posting and Transfers
20-10-2014908Promotion, Posting and Transfers of Circle Asstt. to Sr.Asstt.
20-10-2014907Posting orders of UDC(General) against CRA.01/2011/PSTCL
20-10-2014906Posting and Transfers
20-10-2014905Amendment of the O/o No. 903/Admn./PSTCL dated 18/10/2014
16-10-2014888.Postings and Transfers
07-10-2014855Posting and Transfer
07-10-2014854Promotion, Posting and Transfer of Workcharge/T-Mate to ALM
01-10-2014853Promotion, Posting and Transfer of Jr.Scale Steno to Sr.Scale Steno
01-10-2014852Posting and Transfer
01-10-2014851Amendment of the O/o No. 768/Admn./PSTCL dated 04/09/2014
11-09-2014793Amendment of the O/o No. 767/Admn./PSTCL dated 04/09/2014
11-09-2014791Posting and Transfer of Sh. Anil Khindria SSA
04-09-2014768Posting and Transfer
04-09-2014767Posting and Transfer
26-08-2014740Posting and Transfer
26.08.2014 740/Admn./PSTCL Posting and Transfer
26.08.2014 738/Admn./PSTCL Posting and Transfer
26.08.2014 737/Admn./PSTCL Posting and Transfer
25.08.2014 734/Admn./PSTCL Posting
25.08.2014 734/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
25.08.2014 733/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
28.07.2014 662/Admn./PSTCL Posting
14.07.2014 636/Admn./PSTCL Posting
03.07.2014 611/Admn./PSTCL Partial Modification of O/o 606/Admn./PSTCL
03.07.2014 610/Admn./PSTCL Posting and Transfer
03.07.2014 609/Admn./PSTCL Posting and Transfer
03.07.2014 608/Admn./PSTCL Partial Modification of O/o 571/Admn./PSTCL
02.07.2014 606/Admn./PSTCL Partial Promotion, Posting & Transfer
02.07.2014 605/Admn./PSTCL Partial Promotion, Posting & Transfer
02.07.2014 603/Admn./PSTCL Partial Promotion, Posting & Transfer
30.06.2014 597/Admn./PSTCL Partial Modification of O/o 580/Admn./PSTCL
25.06.2014 580/Admn./PSTCL Posting and Transfer
24.06.2014 571/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
20.06.2014 561/Admn./PSTCL Partial Modification of O/o 519/Admn./PSTCL
17.06.2014 538/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
11.06.2014 525/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
11.06.2014 524/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
11.06.2014 523/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
10.06.2014 519/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
10.06.2014 518/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
10.06.2014 517/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
10.06.2014 516/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
10.06.2014 515/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
10.06.2014 514/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
10.06.2014 513/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
10.06.2014 512/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
30.05.2014 474/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
30.05.2014 473/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
29.05.2014 467/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
29.05.2014 466/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
29.05.2014 464/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
26.05.2014 440/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
25.03.2014 249/Admn./PSTCL Pay Charge
05.03.2014 213/Admn/PSTCL Posting & Transfer
05.03.2014 212/Admn/PSTCL Posting & Transfer
24.02.2014 166/Admn./PSTCL Pay Charge of Er. Anumita Kaushal, JE/Electrical
20.02.2014 163/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
17.02.2014 157/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
13.02.2014 152/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
13.02.2014 151/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
13.02.2014 150/Admn./PSTCL Promotion, Posting & Transfer
05.02.2014 121/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
03.02.2014 119/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
29.01.2014 102/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
29.01.2014 101/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
28.01.2014 95/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
28.01.2014 94/Admn./PSTCL Posting
27.01.2014 80/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
14.01.2014 37/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
08.01.2014 22/Admn./PSTCL Posting
08.01.2014 21/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
06.01.2014 18/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
01.01.2014 01/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
23.12.2013 1251/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
13.12.2013 1233/Admn./PSTCL Posting
12.12.2013 1224/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
11.12.2013 1214/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
10.12.2013 1208/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer (Amendment in name)
09.12.2013 1206/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
05.12.2013 1198/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
04.12.2013 1195/Admn./PSTCL Pay Charge
03.12.2013 1179/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
03.12.2013 1178/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
03.12.2013 1172/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
02.12.2013 1162/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
02.12.2013 1161/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
29.11.2013 1138/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
28.11.2013 1137/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
27.11.2013 1136/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
25.11.2013 1106/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
25.11.2013 1105/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
14.11.2013 1082/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
13.11.2013 1078/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
13.11.2013 1076/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
12.11.2013 1059/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
08.11.2013 1056/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
07.11.2013 1049/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
07.11.2013 1047/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
06.11.2013 1043/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
06.11.2013 1042/Admn./PSTCL Partial Modification in o/o no.1022
06.11.2013 1041/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
06.11.2013 1040/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
05.11.2013 1031/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
05.11.2013 1022/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
05.11.2013 1024/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
05.11.2013 1023/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
05.11.2013 1021/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
31.10.2013 1017/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
30.10.2013 1013/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
30.10.2013 1011/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
28.10.2013 993/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
24.10.2013 985/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
24.10.2013 986/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
23.10.2013 980/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
22.10.2013 979/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
10.10.2013 960/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
10.10.2013 959/Admn./PSTCL Posting( CRA NO.2)
04.10.2013 928/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
01.10.2013 918/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
01.10.2013 917/Admn./PSTCL Posting Order(Modified)
01.10.2013 913/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
30.09.2013 910/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
30.09.2013 909/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
30.09.2013 908/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
26.09.2013 891/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
26.09.2013 890/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer (Amendment in name)
24.09.2013 883/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
24.09.2013 881/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
19.09.2013 862/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
18.09.2013 856/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
18.09.2013 855/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
16.09.2013 845/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
13.09.2013 838/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting & Transfer
12.09.2013 832/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
12.09.2013 830/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
05.09.2013 790/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
03.09.2013 775/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
30.08.2013 756/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
30.08.2013 755/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
30.08.2013 754/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
30.08.2013 750/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
29.08.2013 747/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
23.08.2013 720/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
23.08.2013 716/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
20.08.2013 689/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
16.08.2013 679/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
14.08.2013 674/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
14.08.2013 670/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
14.08.2013 669/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
13.08.2013 647/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
12.08.2013 636/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
26.06.2013 537/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting&Transfer
26.06.2013 536/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting&Transfer
25.06.2013 535/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting&Transfer
20.05.2013 414/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting&Transfer
20.05.2013 413/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting&Transfer
15.05.2013 412/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting&Transfer
30.04.2013 379/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
30.04.2013 378/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
26.04.2013 372/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting&Transfer
03.04.2013 293/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting&Transfer
15.03.2013 226/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting&Transfer
06.03.2013 186/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
05.03.2013 179/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting&Transfer
04.03.2013 169/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
04.03.2013 165/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting&Transfer
07.01.2013 18/Admn./PSTCL Amendment
15.11.2012 902/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
15.11.2012 901/Admn./PSTCL Promotion,Posting&Transfer
25.10.2012 857/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
23.10.2012 843/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
23.10.2012 840/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
10.09.2012 693/Admn./PSTCL Posting & Transfer
30.07.2012 561/Admn./PSTCL Posting(CRA No.01)
27.07.2012 556/Admn./PSTCL Posting(CRA No.01)
26.07.2012 550/Admn./PSTCL Posting(CRA No.01)
25.07.2012 541/Admn./PSTCL Posting(CRA No.01)
24.07.2012 538/Admn./PSTCL Posting(CRA No.01)
18.07.2012 518/Admn./PSTCL Posting(CRA No.01)
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