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Office Orders/ Circulars : O/o Chief Engineer/ HR , IT and S&D
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Dated Reference No. Brief Description File Details Last Updated on Website
13-08-2021Memo No. 11201/05Regarding payment of Property Tax. (In English) 1.33MB16-08-2021
10-03-2021Office Order No .182Additional Charge of Dy.CE/H.R & Admin PSTCL Patiala. (In Punjabi) 572.47KB15-03-2021
20-10-2020Memo No.5057-61/PSERC/Gen/Admn/414Filling up the 01 post of Director Technical in PSERC on deputation/Contract basis. (In English) 2.52MB26-10-2020
28-08-2020Memo no.1/03/2017/OS-5/1839 to 1840Advertisement for the Post of Director/Generation in Punjab State Power Corporation Limited. (In English) 1.08MB28-08-2020
22-07-2020Memo No.7546/47/HR&AdminRegarding precautionary measures and efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19. (In Punjabi) 808.16KB23-07-2020
13-07-2020Memo No.6769/PB-64Regarding Sing off for the information requested by DGR for the Public Grievance Redressal System. (In English) 907.89KB15-07-2020
17-06-2020Office Order No. 315/IT-1008Using Whatsapp for Official Communication in PSTCL. (In English) 529.35KB17-06-2020
13-03-2020605For Recruitment of Director/Technical in PSTCL, Patiala (In English and Punjabi) 496.51KB14-03-2020
09-03-2020Memo No.3079/3149Regarding ex- India Leave N.O.C for officers/employees of PSTCL. (In Punjabi) 242.27KB13-03-2020
23-01-2020Memo No.33/38/SDX-04Regarding Disposal of IT Scrap/E-Waste. (In English) 437.52KB27-01-2020
20-01-2020Memo No.899/907To issue N.O.C for Ex-india Leave (Foreign Leave) for officers/employees of PSTCL. (In English) 585.69KB22-01-2020
30-10-2019Memo No.2778Appointment to the Post of Chairman, Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) Regarding. (In English) 1.77MB31-10-2019
21-12-2018Memo No.15448/56/Misc-604/Vol-XIRegarding requirement of new/extension cases for Contractual Engagement of retired officers/officials. (In English) 1.33MB27-12-2018
16-04-2018Office Order No.280/Admn./PSTCLRegarding Committee for Document Checking for the eligible candidates for various categories of posts as per CRA-03/2016 and CRA-04/2016 on 18.04.2018 at 10:00 AM. (In English) 635.50KB17-04-2018
04-04-2018Office Order No.253/Admn./PSTCLRegarding Committee for Document Checking for the eligible candidates for various categories of posts as per CRA-03/2016 and CRA-04/2016 on 09.04.2018 at 10:00 AM. (In English) 1.51MB06-04-2018
08-02-2018Office Order No.91/HR&Admin./PSTCLRegarding amendment of probation period of CRA-03/2016 and CRA-04/2016 (In English) 660.20KB09-02-2018
08-02-2018Office Order No.90/HR&Admin./PSTCLRegarding amendment in the criteria for promotion of JE/Elect.to AAE/Elect. (In English) 766.39KB09-02-2018
10-01-2018Amendment to Govt. of Punjab NotificationAmendment to Govt. of Punjab, Dept. of Power Notification No.1/9/2008-EB(PR)/239, dated 16.04.2010: The Qualifications and Experience for appointment as CMDs and Directors of PSPCL and PSTCL. (In English) 6.46MB10-01-2018
09-01-2018NoticeNotice regarding amendments in Punjab Government holidays list. (In Punjabi) 96.03KB09-01-2018
30-12-2017NotificationList of Holidays 2018 (Notification No. 6/7/2017-2PP3/604, dated 30.12.2017 of Government of Punjab, Department of Personnel). (In English) 157.40KB03-01-2018
22-12-2017Office Order No.889/Admn./PSTCLRegarding Committee for Document Checking for the eligible candidates for post of JE/Civil as per CRA-03/2016 on 28.12.2017 at 10:00 AM. (In English) 395.50KB26-12-2017
30-11-2017Endst No.11/143/2015-EB4Regarding use of govt. email Ids for official works (In Punjabi) 476.97KB06-12-2017
06-10-2017Office Order No.691/Admn./PSTCLRegarding Committee for Document Checking for the eligible candidates for various categories of posts as per CRA-03/2016 and CRA-04/2016. (In English) 85.98KB09-10-2017
16-08-2017Office Order No.563/Admn./PSTCLPartial modification of Office Order No.561/Admn./PSTCL, dated 14.08.2017. (In English) 324.62KB17-08-2017
14-08-2017Office Order No.561/Admn./PSTCLRegarding Committee for Document Checking for the eligible candidates for various categories of posts as per CRA-03/2016 and CRA-04/2016. (In English) 533.16KB17-08-2017
14-08-2017Memo No.12898/12906Regarding requirement of services of Outsourced Manpower. (In English) 75.24KB16-08-2017
12-07-2017Office Order No.483/Admn./PSTCLRegarding constitution of Committees for Document Checking for the eligible candidates called vide Advt. No. CRA 03/2016. (In English) 358.65KB14-07-2017
13-07-2017Memo No 1/10/2013-EB5/2267Advertisement for the post of Director (Finance/Commercial) in PSTCL (In English) 755.73KB13-07-2017
01-07-2017Press NoteVan Mahotsav Celebrations on 01.07.2017 in PSTCL as a part of GREEN PSTCL campaign. (In English and Punjabi) 757.47KB03-07-2017
05-06-2017CircularCircular regarding GREEN PSTCL campaign-Decision to celebrate Van Mahotsav in the corporation from 01.07.2017-07.07.2017. (In English) 123.45KB05-06-2017
09-03-2017No.137(32)-PO/O/C-IV/IE-07/2014(Pt)Appointment to the post of a Member of West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission 292.59KB21-04-2017
19-04-2017Memo No. 13/3/2014-ES2Public notice for the post of Member in Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission 109.74KB21-04-2017
18-04-2017Office Order No.225/Admn./PSTCLCommittees authorised to verify/scrutinize the documents to be submitted by the already registered candidates for correction in their online data for the post of Lineman and Asstt. Lineman against CRA-04/2016 from 20.04.2017 to 22.04.2017. 424.31KB18-04-2017
21-03-2017Memo No.11/49/2011/PE-(5)PF/650Inviting Applications for the post of Member in Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission (RERC). 264.28KB12-04-2017
21-03-2017Memo No.11/49/2011/PE-(5)PF/652Inviting Applications for the post of Member in H.P. Electricity Regulatory Commission. 305.43KB12-04-2017
07-04-2017Endst. No.1/2/2014-US-5/846Advertisement for the posts of Director/ Commercial and Director/ Distribution in Punjab State Power Corporation Limited. 726.39KB11-04-2017
04-01-2017Office Order No.8/SE/HR&Admn.Creation/ Abolition of Posts for upgraded and newly commissioned Sub-Stations under P&M circles. 1.09MB24-01-2017
23-01-2017Memo No.115/21Regarding celebrations of Republic Day-2017 in PSTCL. 84.04KB23-01-2017

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