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10/2024-25Refilling & replacement of worn out parts of Fire Extinguishers at various 220/132 KV Sub-Stations, under P&M Division PSTCL Bathinda
Corrigendum No.1

Corrigendum No. 2
24-07-202414:30 Hrs24-07-202416-07-2024
TE-20/2024-25Repair and maintenance of existing road at 220kv s/s Ferozpur road Ludhiana.
TE-19/2024-25Horticulture work for office of Sr. xen civil Maintenance division,PSTCL Jalandhar.
TE No. 1/SE-OA/2024Quotation for Cleaning & General house-keeping of SLDC building & its complex area at Ablowal (Patiala) for the year 2024-25.26-07-202411:30 a.m.26-07-202416-07-2024
CWJ/LT-01/2024-25.Const. of Allied T/F Foundations for replacement of damaged 220/132 KV T/F at 220 KV S/S Wadala Granthian.01-08-202411:00 AM01-08-202415-07-2024
CWJ/T-04/2024-25.Const. of 1 No. 66 KV Patara Bay at 220 KV S/S Rehana Jattan.02-08-202411:00 AM01-08-202415-07-2024
CWJ/T-03/2024-25.Const. of Civil Works for Extension of Switch House Building at 220 KV S/S Butari.02-08-202411:00 AM01-08-202415-07-2024
04/2024-25Refilling of Fire Extinguishers at the various 220/132KV Sub stations under P&M Civil Line Division PSTCL Amritsar
Corrigendum No 1

Corrigendum No 2
Tender no. 03/TC/PSTCL/2024-25Regarding Supply of printed stationary items for corporate offices of PSTCL for July to Sep, 2024.30-07-202411:30 AM30-07-202415-07-2024
03/TLSC/Division/2024-25Preliminary reconnaissance survey and preparation of route plan for.:- 1) 220 KV DC line from 220 KV Khassa to Chogawan.12 KM on 0.4sq” 2) Disconnecting 220 KV Khassa-Civil line ASR Ckt and Chogawan-Khassa Ckts from Khassa and Diverting them to Naraingarh 3) 1 no. Ckt between 220 KV Chogawan-Naraing06-08-202411:00 AM05-08-202415-07-2024
03/2024-2025Supply of Herbicides ( GLUFISINATE AMMONIUM 13.5%WW SL for various Sub Station under P & M Division PSTCL Butari
Supply of Herbicides under various Sub Station under P & M Division PSTCL Butari
T. Enq. No. 02/2024-25Refilling and repair of fire fighting equipments at 400 KV S/s, Rajpura29-07-202411:30AM29-07-202412-07-2024
Tender Enquiry No. 01/EIC/HIS&D/PSTCLRepairing of 2No. Split (2 Ton) Air Conditioners.29-07-202411:30AM29-07-202412-07-2024
TE-04/2024-25Repair and Servicing of Air Conditioners installed at various 220 KV Sub Stations Under P & M Div Lalton Kalan
Corrigendum No-01

Corrigendum No-02

Corrigendum No-03

Corrigendum No 04

Corrigendum No 05

Corrigendum No.6
TE no.04/P&M Div.,Ropar/2024-25Purchase of Weedicide/Herbicide for 06 nos 220/132 kV Substations under P&M Division Ropar29-07-202411:00 Hrs26-07-202412-07-2024
04/2024-25Hiring of one no. Mahindra Genio Twin Cabin (Diesel vehicle) or in Equivalent segment on outsourcing basis for one year for C.O.& C. Sub/Division Sarna. Model not to be older than 5 years.
Corrigendum No 1
23-07-202412:00 hrs23-07-202412-07-2024
01/TLSC/PTA/2024-25Hiring of 1 No. outsourced vehicle (Scorpio/Xylo or equivalent in price) for one year as per PSTCL Corporate Transport Policy-2023 for ASE, TLSC Division., PSTCL, Patiala07-08-202411.00 AM07-08-202412-07-2024
1/2024-25Limited TE No.01/2024-25 for hiring of Mahindra Genio Twin Cabin or equivalent in price, diesel driven vehicle for O/o AEE/CO&C, S/d PSTCL, Patiala stationed at Patiala
Corrigendum No.-1

Limited Tender Notice-Corrigendum no.2
Tender enquiry 05/2024-25Servicing of 2 Ton split AC and 4 Ton tower AC Under 400 KV DIV MAKHU

Limited Tender Enquiry NO 01/2024-2025Limited Tender Enquiry No: 01/2024-25 due on 10/07/2024, regarding Service/Overhauling of Fire Fighting system (Electrical/Mechanical Equipment) including Repair of faulty parts and painting of Service Line in the office of 400 kV Sub-Station, PSTCL, Nakodar.
Corrigendum No 01
TE No. 2/P&M Moga/2024-25Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 6 No. 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioners of reputed Make like Hitachi/ Voltas/ Blue Star/ Diakin/ Lloyd or equivalent with minimum 3 Star BEE Energy Rating, Non-Inverter Type, YOM:2024 & other allied accessories at control room of 220 KV S/S Baghapurana.29-07-202411:30 AM29-07-202410-07-2024
01/2024-25Construction of augmentation of 20MVA with 31.5 T/F plinth and allied civil works at 220KV s/s Kohara.
Corrigendum 1
57/2023-24Construction for replacement of 1no. 100mva T/F with 160mva T/F plinth and allied TCW at 220kv s/s Ghulal.
Construction for replacement of 1no. 100mva T/F with 160mva T/F plinth and allied TCW at 220kv s/s Ghulal.








Corrigendum 8
09/2024-25Supply of GI and SS Nut Bolts of various sizes with Flat Washer for 220/132 KV Sub-Stations under P&M Division PSTCL Bathinda
Corrigendum No.1

Corrigendum No. 2
18-07-202414:30 hrs18-07-202410-07-2024
Tender Enquiry No. 02/ 2024-25Re-filling of Fire Fighting Equipments & replacement of damaged accessories of Fire Fighting Equipments at various 7 Nos. 220/132 kV Sub-Stations under P&M Division PSTCL Ferozepur
Corrigendum No. I
TE no. 04/PM/ABL/2024-25Refilling and spares of fire fighting equipments
TE 03/P&M Ropar/2024-25Refilling, repair and paint of Fire Extinguishing equipment at 132/220 kV 06 nos Substations under P&M Division Ropar24-07-202411:00 hrs23-07-202409-07-2024
TE-21/2024-25Protection of Tower No.321, OF 132 KV Kangra-Pathankot Line.24-07-202412:00PM24-07-202408-07-2024
04/2024-25Hiring of Tractors for T&P/ conductor lifting/ dragging purpose to attend stringing/ sagging work at various 400/220/132 kV transmission lines for the financial year 2024-25 under TL sub division Sri Muktsar Sahib
Corrigendum No. 01
01/T&C Cell/2024-25Hiring of One no. vehicle Scorpio/ Xylo/ Mahindra Bolero/ TUV 300 or equivalent in price for office of Sr.Xen Communication T&C Cell PSTCL Jalandhar for one year. The vehicle should not be older than 5 years.19-07-202412:00 Hrs19-07-202405-07-2024
Limited tender no. 1Detailed NIT for Replacement of Solar Inverter22-07-202402.30 PM22-07-202405-07-2024
12/24-25,13/24-25E Tender Enquiry 12/24-25, 13/2024-2501-08-202411:00 am31-07-202404-07-2024
01/T&C Cell/2024-25Hiring of 1 no. Vehicle: Scorpio/Xylo or equivalent in price for offfice of Sr.Xen Comm.T&C Cell PSTCL Jal. for 1 year. Vehicle should not be older than 5 years.19-07-202412:00 hrs19-07-202404-07-2024
TE-61,62/2023-24-Aug. of 1no. 100mva 220/66kv T/F with 160mva & allied CW at 220kv s/s Mandi Gobindgarh (G-2), Const. of TCW for 4th additional 20mva T/F at 220kv s/s (G-4)
Corrigendum -1 for both works

Corrigendum-2 for both works

Corrigendum 3 for both works

Corrigendum-4 for both works

Corrigendum-5 for both of works

Corrigendum 6 for both works
Limited tender enquiry no 02/2024-25Limited Tender Enquiry No: 02/2024-25 due on 24/07/2024, regarding Service/Overhauling of High Velocity water system (Electrical/Mechanical Equipment) including Repair of faulty parts and painting of Service Line in the office of 400 kV Sub-Station, PSTCL, Nakodar.24-07-202414:00hrs24-07-202403-07-2024
Tender Enquiry No. 03/TLSC/P/2024-25Hiring of 1 no. PTS (Part Time Sweeper) outsource for sweeping, moping & cleaning of O/o Sr. XEN, TLSC Division Patiala, AEE TLSC S/D Patiala and AEE TLSC Civil S/D Patiala.02-08-202411:00 AM01-08-202403-07-2024
T.Enq. No. 01/2024-25NIT for supply of poly propylene rope for the office of AEE/TL, S/D, 400 KV S/s, PSTCL, Rajpura.16-07-202411:30 AM16-07-202401-07-2024
E- Tender Enquiry No. 03/2024-25Hiring of 01 No. Staff car i.e. Scorpio, Ertiga or equivalent for o/o Sr. XEN/ Grid Const. Division, PSTCL, Patiala22-07-202401-00 PM19-07-202428-06-2024
Limited Tender Enquiry No. 06/2024-25Erection of 2nd DC battery source at 07 No. 220 KV PSTCL Sub-stations i.e. Kakrala, Sandaur, Ikolaha, Bangan, Amloh, Jhuneer & Passiana.22-07-202402-00 PM22-07-202428-06-2024
TE 1/2024-2025Inviting sealed quiataion of Outsourcing of cleaning and sweeping service at 400kv S/S Dhanansu26-07-202411:30 AM26-07-202426-06-2024
Tender Enquiry No 01/2024-25For the fabrication & supply of 1 No. turret for new type of HV Bushing for 100 MVA 220/132v kV T/F T-3 and 1 No. turret for new type of LV Bushing for 100 MVA 220/132v kV T/F T-4 alongwith Cu Lead extension Adopters and Gaskets as per site requirement at 220 KV sub-station Verpal under Sr. Xen, P&M16-07-202411:30 AM16-07-202425-06-2024
Tender Enquiry No. 02/TLSC/P/2024-25Hiring 1 no. PTS (Part Time Sweeper) outsource each for sweeping, moping & cleaning (for 2 hours each) of a) O/o AEE TLSC S/D, PSTCL, Muktsar b) O/o AEE TLSC S/D, PSTCL, Bathinda.25-07-202411:00 AM24-07-202425-06-2024
Open E-tender No. 05/2024-25Hiring of 01 No. 2.5 ton capacity vehicle for the office of AEE/ Grid Const. Sub-Division, PSTCL, Sangrur.22-07-202413-00 Hrs19-07-202424-06-2024
Open E-tender No. 04/2024-25Hiring of 01 No. 2.5 ton capacity vehicle for the office of AEE/ Grid Const. Sub-Division, PSTCL, Patiala.22-07-202413-00 Hrs19-07-202424-06-2024
04/2024-25Maintenance of plants and grass as per DNIT at VIP Guest House cum CMD office sector-51, Mohali.19-07-202412:00PM17-07-202420-06-2024
STQ-8057/2024-25Design, Manufacture, Testing and Supply of Digital Tele Protection Couplers25-07-202412:00 PM22-07-202420-06-2024
CWJ/T-02/2024-25Const. of Civil Works for Extension in 11 KV Control Room Building at 220 KV S/S Ajitwal.16-07-202411:00 AM15-07-202408-06-2024
CWJ/T-01/2024-25Const. of 20 MVA 66/11 KV T/F Plinth and Allied Civil Works at 220 KV S/S Singhawala.16-07-202411:00 AM15-07-202408-06-2024
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