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Office Orders/ Circulars : O/o IT Section
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Dated Reference No. Brief Description File Details Last Updated on Website
17-02-2022Memo No.74-76/IT-1078Instruction for officers/official of PSTCL regarding requirement of Antivirus software for official Desktops & laptops. (In English) 684.12KB17-02-2022
02-02-2022Memo No.38-40/IT-1078Regarding requirement of Antivirus Software for official Desktops & Laptops. (In English) 863.85KB02-02-2022
13-01-2022informationRegarding scheduled server maintenance (In English) 214.48KB13-01-2022
11-10-2021Office Order No.436/IT-1092Regarding Maintenance/Repair of IT equipment. (In English) 852.49KB11-10-2021
26-08-2021Certificate format for updating PSTCL WebsiteCertificate Format i.r.o. Cyber Security & Website information in PSTCL. (In English) 312.28KB26-08-2021
13-08-2021Memo No.634-636/IT-1092Computer Norms and Guidelines (Revised 2021). (In English) 1.68MB17-08-2021
03-06-202107/IT-1092Minimum Technical Specifications of Laptops (In English) 294.40KB03-06-2021
15-02-2021Regarding Future Skills PRIMERegarding future Skills PRIME (Programme for Re-skilling/UP-Skilling of IT Manpower for Employability). (In English) 772.01KB08-03-2021
24-09-2020circular no:6Amendments in Computer Norms and Guidelines (In English) 1.15MB24-09-2020
17-06-2020Gujarat Electricity RegulatorySelection of Members for Gujarat Electricity regulatory commission (In English) 737.14KB17-06-2020
22-05-2020221-228/IT-1193Regarding Implementation of e-Office in PSTCL and Training of Users (In English) 3.14MB22-05-2020
27-11-2019Office Order No. 287/IT-1004All email correspondence must be carried out through official email ids. (In English) 486.39KB27-11-2019
11-07-2019O/o No 267 / IT-1064Regarding Maintenance/Repair of IT equipment (In English) 322.80KB11-07-2019
05-03-2019Memo No.36-43/IT-1004Regarding resetting of password for Official e-mail Ids (@ pstcl.org). (In English) 457.62KB06-03-2019
26-09-2018Memo No.434/440/IT-1143Regarding Training of GePNIC Portal for e- Tendering. (In English) 443.45KB26-09-2018
21-09-2018Circular No.05Performa for creation of users for GePNIC Platform (In English) 2.05MB21-09-2018
06-09-2018Memo No. 345/IT-1143Contract Agreement for Implementation of GePNIC in PSTCL. (In English) 2.81MB21-09-2018
27-08-2018Circular No.03Regarding e-tendering services in PSTCL (In English) 421.48KB27-08-2018
27-08-2018Circular No.02Computer Norms and Guidelines (In English) 2.85MB27-08-2018
31-07-2018Office Order No.222/IT-1020 Vol.IVRegarding procedure for preparation of Identity Cards in PSTCL. (In English) 1.88MB01-08-2018
02-02-2018Circular No.01Website Policy for the website of PSTCL. (In English) 374.23KB02-02-2018
13-05-2015Memo No. 216/IT-1034Amendment of Work Order cum Contract Agreement No. 6 dated 30.09.2010 for implementation of e-tendering in PSTCL. 278.89KB13-05-2015
06-01-2015Office Order 15Regarding Standardisation of Punjabi Font Asees in preparation of all official documents across all offices of PSTCL. 586.86KB06-01-2015
25-07-2014Office Order 48PSTCL Website Updation Policy. 493.51KB25-07-2014
10-10-2012Office Order 794/Admn./PSTCLRegarding Issuance of Data Cards. 1.05MB10-10-2012
16-12-2010Circular No 46/PSTCL/2010Computer Norms & IT Guidelines for PSTCL offices along with requisition slip 536.87KB10-10-2012

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