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Dated Reference No. Brief Description Last Updated on Website
06-12-2019Memo No. 3853/FA/ARR-803Regarding approval of business Plan including Capital Investment plan for MYT Control Period from 2020-21 to FY 2022-23. (In English) 753.77KB06-12-2019
25-11-2019Memo No. 3658/3712Tax deduction at source on cash withdrawal. (In English) 738.46KB25-11-2019
14-10-2019Memo no. 3306/FA/Comml/803BUSINESS PLAN INCLUDING CAPITAL INVESTMENT PLAN FOR MYT CONTROL PERIOD FROM FY 2020-21 TO FY 2022-23 & PSTCL Reply to Deficiencies raised by the PSERC. (In English) 7.76MB16-10-2019
07-10-20191148Regarding scrutiny of Service books (In English) 748.58KB09-10-2019
24-09-2019Office Order No.59Regarding Promotion of Sh. Vikas Singla AO/Loan. (In English) 625.99KB25-09-2019
16-09-2019Memo no. 2905/2960Tax deduction at source on cash withdrawal. (In English) 8.90MB16-09-2019
16-09-2019Office Order No.55/CAO/F&AResult of English & Punjabi Type Test of UDCs working under O/o CAO (F&A) PSTCL. (In English) 718.95KB16-09-2019
28-08-2019Memo No.2615/21/CAO(F&A)/Budget-42Submission of agendas to finance section for concurrence. (In English) 385.08KB29-08-2019
22-08-2019Memo No.2520/64Payments to contractors/suppliers of PSTCL through digital mode. (In English) 245.39KB26-08-2019
16-07-2019Memo no.3/7/A-42Audit Schedule for Internal Audit. (In English) 1.02MB19-07-2019
11-07-2019Memo No.1948/53/FA/BudgetDraft Copy of Purchase Regulations of PSTCL. (In English) 282.42KB12-07-2019
28-06-2019ANNUAL BUDGET FY 2019-20ANNUAL BUDGET FY 2019-20 & REVISED BUDGET FY 2018-19. (In English) 13.06MB28-06-2019
14-06-2019Memo no. 1949/53/FA/Comml./802Preparation and submission of Capital Investment Plan & Business Plan for 2nd Control Period from FY2020-21 to FY 2022-23 before PSERC. (In English) 630.11KB14-06-2019
21-05-2019Memo no. 1123/1167/CPC/GST-1Information regarding GST for the month of 04/2019. (In English) 1.59MB22-05-2019
30-04-2019Memo No. 1211/14/Fa/Comm/.802Preparation and submission of Capital Investment Plan & Business Plan for 2nd Control Period from FY 2020-21 to FY 2022-23 before PSERC. (In English) 529.00KB03-05-2019
26-04-2019Memo No.949/933/CPC/Gst-1Information regarding GST Returns. (In English) 2.50MB29-04-2019
29-03-2019Memo No.936/41/FA/Budget-30(2019-20)Annual Budget 2019-20- Q-1 for Revenue Heads. (In English) 268.38KB29-03-2019
29-03-2019Memo No.928/29/FA/Budget-30(2019-20)Annual Budget 2019-20- Q-1 for Capital Expenditure. (In English) 85.29KB29-03-2019
25-03-2019Memo. No. 636/680/CPC/GST-1Information regarding GST for the month of 03/2019. (In English) 1.73MB25-03-2019
14-03-2019Memo No.274/82Provision of Liability for Pending Bills Payable relating to FY 2018-19. (In English) 1.29MB15-03-2019
28-02-2019Office Order No.08/FA/Budget-59Amendment in DOP, 2017. (In English) 91.76KB28-02-2019
13-02-2019Memo No.345/49/FA/ARR-06Public Notice for Inviting Objection/Comments from the Public and other Stakeholder on draft Multi Year Tariff Regulations, 2019 for the State of Punjab. (In English) 664.22KB25-02-2019
12-02-2019Memo No.307/352Regarding adjustments of advance received from Firms/Contractors/ Suppliers etc. (In English) 1.86MB22-02-2019
21-02-2019Memo No.421/465/CPC/GST-1Information regarding GST for the month of 02/2019. (In English) 1.80MB21-02-2019
05-02-2019Public Notice for Public HearingPublic Notice for Public Hearing -Determination of Tariff for FY 2019-20. (In English) 56.79KB06-02-2019
04-02-2019Salary Accounts offered by IDBI BankSalary Accounts offered by IDBI Bank for employees of PSTCL. (In English) 1.37MB05-02-2019
04-02-2019Salary Accounts offered by Corporation BankSalary Accounts offered by Corporation Bank for Employees of PSTCL (In English) 1.48MB05-02-2019
23-01-2019Memo No.102/147Information regarding GST for the month of 01/2019. (In English) 1.89MB28-01-2019
27-12-2018Office Order No.69/FA/Budget-59Regarding Amendments made in PSTCL DOP, 2017. (In English) 1.41MB28-12-2018
21-12-2018Memo No.3760/3805/CPC/GST-1Information regarding GST for the month of 12/2018. (In English) 210.37KB24-12-2018
21-12-2018O/o No. 68/FA/Budget-45Office order regarding amendment in Purchase Regulation (In English) 95.19KB24-12-2018
22-11-2018Memo No.2990/3035/CPC/GST-1Information Regarding GST for the month of 11/2018. (In English) 1.52MB22-11-2018
02-11-2018Memo No.2836/2881/CPC/GST-1Regarding creation of IDs for generation of e-Way Bills for additional place of Business in PSTCL. (In English) 2.66MB05-11-2018
01-11-2018Memo No.1059/1100Financial Management Information System (FMIS). (In English) 512.89KB01-11-2018
26-10-2018Memo No. 2717/2762Information regarding GST for the month of 10/2018. (In English) 1.72MB26-10-2018
11-10-2018Memo No.2488Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) number of PSTCL. (In English) 209.92KB15-10-2018
01-10-2018Memo. No.2533/2578/CPC/GST-1Information regarding GST for the month of 08/2018. (In English) 1.68MB03-10-2018
07-09-2018Memo No. 2194/2339 / CPC/GST-1Information regarding Additional places of Business (In English) 4.88MB07-09-2018
29-08-2018Memo No 2072-2117/CPC/GST-1Regarding e-way bills IDs for generation of E-way bills (In English) 1.68MB29-08-2018
23-08-2018Memo No 1972-2017/CPC/GST-1Regarding Online submission of information for GST Return for the month of August 2018. (In English) 2.52MB23-08-2018
24-07-2018Memo No. 1742/87/CPC/GST-1Information regarding GST for the month of 07/2018. (In English) 1.70MB24-07-2018
27-06-2018Annual BudgetAnnual Budget FY 2018-19 (Revised Budget FY 2017-18) (In English) 2.01MB27-06-2018
25-06-2018Memo No. 1434/1479-CPC/GST-1Regarding information of Additional Place of Business for E-way billing. (In English) 1.15MB25-06-2018
22-06-2018Memo No. 1423/1430-CPC/GST-1Regarding uploading of GST Invoices/Information on GST Online Software for the month of June 2018 and onwards. (In English) 879.06KB22-06-2018
21-06-2018Memo No.1350/1395/CPC/GST-1Information regarding GST for the month of 06/2018. (In English) 1.76MB21-06-2018
06-04-2018Memo No.829/874Regarding Total Amount of GST deposited upto Month of Feb-2018. (In English) 1.77MB06-04-2018
03-04-2018Endst.No.787/96Regarding online submission of information for GSTR-2 up to Mar-2018 (Purchase Data) (In English) 73.92KB03-04-2018
03-04-2018Endst. No.787/96Regarding online submission of information for GSTR-2 up to Mar-2018 (In English) 795.23KB03-04-2018
28-03-2018Memo No.860/61/FA/Budget-30 (2018-19)Annual Financial Statement 2018-19 for Capital Expenditure. (In English and Punjabi) 140.31KB28-03-2018
28-03-2018Memo No.868/74/FA/Budget-30 (2018-19)Annual Financial Statement 2018-19-Q1 for Revenue Heads. (In English and Punjabi) 494.38KB28-03-2018
21-03-2018Memo No.544/589/CPC/GST-1Information regarding GST for the month of 02/2018. (In English) 1.06MB21-03-2018
22-02-2018Memo No.340/384/CPC/GST-1Information regarding GST for the month of 01/2018. (In English) 819.06KB27-02-2018
22-02-2018Office Order No.10Regarding amendment in Schedule- A of Works Regulations, 1997. (In English) 450.41KB23-02-2018
13-02-2018PetitionPetition for True-up for FY 2016-17. (In English) 5.34MB17-02-2018
15-02-2018Memo No.447/53/FA/Budget-59Regarding clarification/addition/amendment in PSTCL DOP-2017. (In English) 1.71MB16-02-2018
18-01-2018Memo No. 89/133/ CPC /GST-1Information regarding GST for the month of 12/2017 (In English) 1.08MB23-01-2018
19-12-2017Memo No.3437/3487/CPC/GST-1Information regarding GST for the month of 11/2017. (In English) 1.04MB19-12-2017
13-12-2017Memo No.4099/FA/Budget-40 Vol IISubmission of Draft Agenda Notes for Finance Comments. (In English) 63.84KB13-12-2017
07-12-2017Memo No. 3300/3349/cpc-IRegarding online submission of information for GSTR-1 & GSTR-2 for the month of November,20L7. (In English) 115.17KB07-12-2017
08-11-2017Memo No.3591/97/FA/Budget-59Regarding PSTCL Delegation of Powers (DOP). (In English) 57.58KB10-11-2017
03-11-2017Delegation of PowerDelegation of Power (DOP) of PSTCL as approved by BOD in its 44th meeting held on 11.10.2017. (In English) 449.23KB03-11-2017
25-10-2017Memo No.3017-3063/CPC/GST-1Information regarding GST for the month of 09/2017. (In English) 1.87MB26-10-2017
27-09-2017Annual BudgetAnnual Budget for FY 2017-18 and Revised Budget for FY 2016-17. (In English and Punjabi) 1.93MB27-09-2017
22-09-2017Memo No. 2782/2828/CPC/GST-1Information regarding GST for the month of 08/2017 & 09/2017. (In English) 800.68KB25-09-2017
07-09-2017Memo No.2536/2571/CPC/GST-1Information regarding GST for the month of 07/2017 and 08/2017. (In English) 860.43KB07-09-2017
23-08-2017Memo No.2341/2389Instructions regarding GST online software developed by the Office of Dy. CE/IT, PSTCL, Patiala. (In English) 878.11KB24-08-2017
10-08-2017Office Order No.05/CPC/GST-IChecking/Verification of Details of Outward Supplies of taxable goods and/or services uploaded by Registered taxable suppliers in GSTR-1 on GSTN portal. (In English) 761.71KB10-08-2017
04-08-2017Memo No.2729/2855Payments to Contractors/Suppliers of PSTCL through digital mode i.e. RTGS or NEFT only. (In English) 122.26KB04-08-2017
03-08-2017Office Order No.4/CPC/GST-1Implementation of GST in PSTCL. (In English) 806.63KB03-08-2017
28-07-2017Office Order No.3/CPC/GST-1Implementation of GST in PSTCL. (In English) 2.13MB28-07-2017
19-07-2017Office Order No.02/CPC/GST-1Regarding workshop on GST and its Procedures on 24.07.2017 at PSPCL auditorium, TTI Complex, Shakti Vihar, Patiala. (In English) 75.64KB19-07-2017
30-06-2017Office Order No.57Office Order No.57: Continuation to Office Order No.55, dated 28.06.2017. (In English) 46.93KB12-07-2017
11-07-2017Office Order No.01/CPC/GST-1Implementation of GST in PSTCL. (In English) 111.45KB11-07-2017
03-07-2017Memo No.1532Regarding Submission of VAT-19 and VAT-24 forms for 1st Quarter FY 2017-18. (In Punjabi) 452.47KB06-07-2017
28-06-2017Memo No.2064/2189/FA/L&BRegarding adoption of austerity measures in PSTCL. (In English) 87.39KB29-06-2017
28-06-2017Office Order No.55Regarding Amendment in PSEB Purchase Regulations-1981 (Reprint-2005). (In English) 266.96KB29-06-2017
28-06-2017Memo No.1916/FA/L&BRegarding publication of Advertisements in print media by offices of PSTCL. (In English) 82.36KB29-06-2017
27-06-2017Memo No.1885/91/FA/Budget-30 (2017-18)Annual Financial Statement 2017-18 for Revenue Heads (01.04.2017 to 30.09.2017) (In English and Punjabi) 353.92KB29-06-2017
27-06-2017Memo No.1874/77/FA/Budget-30 (2017-18)Annual Financial Statement 2017-18 for Capital Expenditure (01.04.2017 to 30.09.2017) (In English and Punjabi) 89.72KB29-06-2017
12-05-2017Memo No. 1417/49Notice Inviting Limited Tender for Rs. 250 crore loan. 123.85KB12-05-2017
05-04-2017Memo No. 702Regarding Submission of VAT-19 and VAT-24 forms for 4th Quarter FY 2016-17. 429.84KB11-04-2017
31-03-2017Memo No.922/23/FA/Budget-30 (2017-18)Annual Financial Statement 2017-18 for Capital Expenditure. 493.19KB03-04-2017
31-03-2017Memo No. 932/38/FA/Budget-30 (2017-18)Regarding Revenue Budget for FY 2017-18 Q1- period 04/17 to 06/17. 2.00MB31-03-2017
30-12-2016Public NoticePublic Notice: Petitions for Capital Investment Plan (No.44 of 2016), Business Plan (No.45 of 2016) and Aggregate Revenue Requirement for MYT Control Period from FY 2017-18 to FY 2019-20 filed by PSTCL before PSERC. 898.20KB24-01-2017
18-01-2017Estimates of Financial ResourcesEstimates of Financial Resources 2016-17 (R.E.) & 2017-18 (Estimates). 1.62MB19-01-2017
30-09-2016Memo No. 2744/50/FA/Budget-30 (2016-17)Annual Budget Estimates for FY 2016-17 and Revised Estimates for FY 2015-16. 1.08MB30-09-2016
29-06-2016Memo No. 1301Regarding Submission of VAT-19 and VAT-24 forms for 1st Quarter FY 2016-17. 257.97KB29-06-2016
01-06-2016Memo No. 1687/1731/FA/Budget-20 Vol.4Regarding Expenses on Advertisement of Tenders during FY 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16. 479.40KB01-06-2016
04-04-2016Memo No. 1048Instructions regarding Financial Management Information System (FMIS). 158.81KB04-04-2016
28-03-2016Memo No. 923/24/FA/Budget-30 (2016-17)Annual Financial Statement 2016-17-Q1 for Capital Expenditure and Annual Financial Statement 2016-17-Q1 for Revenue Heads. 360.96KB28-03-2016
17-03-2016Memo No. 751/57/FA/Budget-7 Vol.6Estimates of Financial Resources 2015-16 (R.E.) & 2016-17 (Estimates). 1.50MB17-03-2016
23-02-2016Memo No.676Features of Salary Account with HDFC Bank. 495.21KB23-02-2016
27-01-2016Memo No.134Features of Salary Account with ICICI Bank. 598.87KB27-01-2016
31-12-2015Memo No. 2678Regarding Submission of VAT-19 and VAT-24 forms for 3rd Quarter FY 2015-16. 901.58KB31-12-2015
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