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Dated Reference No. Brief Description Last Updated on Website
12-05-2017Memo No. 1417/49Notice Inviting Limited Tender for Rs. 250 crore loan.12-05-2017
05-04-2017Memo No. 702Regarding Submission of VAT-19 and VAT-24 forms for 4th Quarter FY 2016-17.11-04-2017
31-03-2017Memo No.922/23/FA/Budget-30 (2017-18)Annual Financial Statement 2017-18 for Capital Expenditure.03-04-2017
31-03-2017Memo No. 932/38/FA/Budget-30 (2017-18)Regarding Revenue Budget for FY 2017-18 Q1- period 04/17 to 06/17.31-03-2017
30-12-2016Public NoticePublic Notice: Petitions for Capital Investment Plan (No.44 of 2016), Business Plan (No.45 of 2016) and Aggregate Revenue Requirement for MYT Control Period from FY 2017-18 to FY 2019-20 filed by PSTCL before PSERC.24-01-2017
18-01-2017Estimates of Financial ResourcesEstimates of Financial Resources 2016-17 (R.E.) & 2017-18 (Estimates).19-01-2017
30-09-2016Memo No. 2744/50/FA/Budget-30 (2016-17)Annual Budget Estimates for FY 2016-17 and Revised Estimates for FY 2015-16.30-09-2016
29-06-2016Memo No. 1301Regarding Submission of VAT-19 and VAT-24 forms for 1st Quarter FY 2016-17.29-06-2016
01-06-2016Memo No. 1687/1731/FA/Budget-20 Vol.4Regarding Expenses on Advertisement of Tenders during FY 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16.01-06-2016
04-04-2016Memo No. 1048Instructions regarding Financial Management Information System (FMIS).04-04-2016
28-03-2016Memo No. 923/24/FA/Budget-30 (2016-17)Annual Financial Statement 2016-17-Q1 for Capital Expenditure and Annual Financial Statement 2016-17-Q1 for Revenue Heads.28-03-2016
17-03-2016Memo No. 751/57/FA/Budget-7 Vol.6Estimates of Financial Resources 2015-16 (R.E.) & 2016-17 (Estimates).17-03-2016
23-02-2016Memo No.676Features of Salary Account with HDFC Bank.23-02-2016
27-01-2016Memo No.134Features of Salary Account with ICICI Bank.27-01-2016
31-12-2015Memo No. 2678Regarding Submission of VAT-19 and VAT-24 forms for 3rd Quarter FY 2015-16.31-12-2015
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