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24-12-2019Memo No.15825Tentative Seniority List of SSA Employees from 5/09/2014 to 31/12/2015 Recruited by PSTCL. (In Punjabi) 581.96KB30-12-2019
12-12-2019Memo No.15271Tentative Seniority list of AEE (Civil) (1.04.2018 to 31.02.2019). (In Punjabi) 1.23MB16-12-2019
10-12-2019Memo No. 15056/61Regarding Concessions offered by patiala eye Hospital patiala to PSTCL employees pensioners/family pensioners and their Dependents. (In English) 474.91KB10-12-2019
21-11-2019Office Order No. 751New Department promotion Committee of Gazetted Officers and employees. (In Punjabi) 1.55MB22-11-2019
29-10-2019Memo No. 13240/44Probation Period of employees on Compassionate grand. (In Punjabi) 2.02MB31-10-2019
25-10-2019Memo No. 13221/28/PF-884Regarding issue of N.O.C for Ex-India Leave for PSTCL officers & Employees. (In Punjabi) 2.69MB31-10-2019
21-10-2019Memo No.13023To declare tentative Seniority list as final seniority list for peons of appointed on compassionate ground. (In Punjabi) 6.58MB23-10-2019
01-10-2019Memo No.12137/45Misc-604/Vol-XIISubmission of Agenda for Regarding Contractual Engagement of retired officers/officials. (In English) 917.09KB07-10-2019
09-09-2019Memo No.11066/75Regarding Transfer/Posting of Required Staff/Employees. (In English) 615.70KB16-09-2019
11-09-2019Office Order No. 589/SE/HR & Admn.Regarding Amendment in Office Order No. 589/SE/HR & Admn. (In English) 783.30KB12-09-2019
03-09-2019Memo No.10815/32/Misc-26Regarding Strike on 04.09.2019 by P.S.E.B Joint Forum. (In English and Punjabi) 1.20MB03-09-2019
02-09-2019office order no:570/SE/HR&AdminChanges in Organizational Structure of PSTCL (In English) 4.12MB02-09-2019
28-08-2019Office Order No : 550/HR&ADMNRegarding re-appointment of Company Secretary, PSTCL. (In English) 296.49KB29-08-2019
28-08-2019Office Order No : 549/HR&ADMNRegarding contractual engagements of retirees. (In English) 10.48MB29-08-2019
08-08-2019Memo No.1/13/04-EB(PR)/660.Punjab Govt Notification no. 1/13/04-EB(PR)/660. (In English) 194.30KB14-08-2019
08-07-2019Memo No. 1/15/Admn/NPTI/HQ/3243-358Appointment on deputation on foreign service terms to the post of Junior Accounts Officer (Level-6) and Junior Accountant (Level-4) in National Power Training Institute. (In English) 1.37MB01-08-2019
18-07-2019Office Order No.484/SE/HR& Admn.Abolish One No.post of SAS Accountant in FAR Section and Create One No. post of SAS Accountant in Audit (H.O) under Section CAO (F&A) PSTCL Patiala. (In English) 111.68KB24-07-2019
28-05-2019Memo No.6248/61/EBP-893Booking of Air Tickets one month before proceeding L.T.C. (In Punjabi) 1.31MB23-07-2019
19-07-2019List of Appellate AuthoritiesList of Appellate Authorities, PIOs & APIOs in PSTCL. (In English and Punjabi) 464.48KB19-07-2019
12-07-2019Office Order No.480/MiscRegarding regularization of strike period dated 08.01.2019 & 09.01.2019. (In English) 315.25KB15-07-2019
04-07-2019Memo No.8150/66PSERC Directives Issued vide Tarrif Order for FY 2018-19 quarter ending March-2019. (In English) 186.41KB04-07-2019
20-06-2019O/o no 431 dt. 20.06.19Restructuring dt 20.06.2019 (In English) 10.58MB20-06-2019
18-06-2019office Order No.422Regarding creation of posts for 132/66/11 KV Sub-Station, Alawalpur upgraded to 220KV Sub-Station. (In English) 565.87KB19-06-2019
13-06-2019Memo No.25-11/12019-PGSelection for the post of Director (Personnel) Power Grid Corporation (Personnel) power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL) a Schedule A CPSE-reg. (In English) 1.86MB13-06-2019
10-06-2019Free Dental Check-up for PSTCL Employees.Free Dental Check-up for PSTCL Employees. (In English) 78.64KB10-06-2019
29-05-2019Office Order No.381/SE/HR& Admn.Instruction regarding admissibility of Salary and allowances in case of public Interest postings. (In English) 788.11KB31-05-2019
29-05-2019O/o No 380Office order regarding re-employment of retirees (In English) 640.45KB30-05-2019
28-05-2019Office Order No.378/SE/HR& Admn.Regarding Upgradation of 132/66/11 Sub-Station to 220 KV Sub- Station Badhani Kalan. (In English) 517.13KB28-05-2019
28-05-2019Office Order No.377/SE/HR& Admn.Regarding grant of Grade pay of AM/HR and AM/IT. (In English) 398.41KB28-05-2019
20-05-2019Memo no. 602-609Observation of Anti-Terrorism Day on 21st May. (In English and Punjabi) 596.43KB21-05-2019
20-05-2019Memo no. 614-619Pledge of Anti-Terrorism Day 21st May at Shakti Sadan Building. (In English) 81.10KB20-05-2019
20-05-2019Pledge.Pledge. (In Hindi) 60.88KB20-05-2019
08-03-2019Office Order No.210/SE/HR& Admn.Changing in Organization Structure of PSTCL. (In English) 709.34KB04-04-2019
06-03-2019Memo No.3060Recovery of Security Bond. (In Punjabi) 463.81KB12-03-2019
07-03-2019Office order 194/AdmnRegarding Amended Qualification /Experience/ Mode of appointment (In English) 1.64MB08-03-2019
05-03-2019O/o No. 88Regarding change of Employee IDs (In English) 550.10KB05-03-2019
27-02-2019Memo No.2655List of Candidates being Called for Documents Checking for the post of LDC/Typist against PSPCL CRA 290/17. (In English) 1.05MB28-02-2019
13-02-2019Office Order No.131Regarding appointment of employees on compassionate ground. (In English) 639.43KB14-02-2019
13-02-2019Office Order No.130Regarding Transfer of Sh. Piyush Gandhi JE from PSTCL cadre to PSPCL cadre. (In English) 592.39KB14-02-2019
12-02-2019Memo No: 9/1/2019-5Regarding Preparations for 15 Finance Commission Punjab Assembly Session 2019-20 & Lok Sabha Elections 2019. (In Punjabi) 2.02MB13-02-2019
05-02-2019Memo No. 25-11/6/2018-PGSelection for the post of Chairman & Managing Director (CMD), Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL), a schedule ‘A’ CPSE – reg. (In English) 1.07MB06-02-2019
11-01-2019Memo No.273-372National Voters Days (25th January 2019)- reg. (In Punjabi) 1.24MB24-01-2019
24-01-2019Invitation card for Republic Day Celebration-2019.Invitation card for Republic Day Celebration-2019. (In English) 297.24KB24-01-2019
14-01-2019Office Order No.41Regarding Encashment of 10 days Earned Leave for availing LTC. (In English) 576.06KB16-01-2019
14-12-2018Office Order No. 784 CS/21-32Regarding Er. C.L Bains (Addl.SE) P&M Division PSTCL Moga. (In Punjabi) 1.19MB09-01-2019
14-12-2018Memo No. 14934/47/Estt-2/601231/SE/AdmnClarification Regarding recovery of amount in lieu of Notice period from resignees of CRAs 03 & 04/2016. (In English) 609.90KB17-12-2018
11-12-2018Office Order No. 781/HR & Admn PSTCLRagarding Administrative Control of General Section. (In English) 80.98KB11-12-2018
07-12-2018O/o No 777 /SE/ HR & AdminRestructuring of PSTCL (In English) 1.13MB07-12-2018
06-12-2018Memo No.2308/13/ASE/TC/209Nomination for suitable employees to honour them on the occasion of Republic day (26th January, 2019). (In English) 90.04KB07-12-2018
19-11-2018Memo No.14106/08/Prom/DivnlAcctt/15Regarding service particulars of Divisional Accountant for promotion as SAS/Accountant (In English) 2.67MB22-11-2018
12-10-2018Memo No.12/223/2018-G.C.(4) 567 (A)Observing 31s` October, 2018 as Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day) to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Vllabhbhai Patel. (In English and Punjabi) 902.44KB30-10-2018
08-10-2018Memo No. 12995/96Regarding service particulars of JE/Elec recruited up to 31-12-15 for promotion from JE/Elec to AAE/Elec. (In English) 724.23KB11-10-2018
28-09-2018Memo No 12461/69/Gen/CG/16Regarding fixation of seniority of employees recruited on compassionate grounds (In Punjabi) 738.60KB04-10-2018
03-10-2018Memo No 12575/81Regarding preparation of Seniority List of Deputy Manager/HR for period 01.06.2017 to 31.07.2018 (In Punjabi) 148.18KB04-10-2018
24-09-2018Office Order No. 666Regarding 50th meeting of BODs held on 29.08.2018 (In English) 782.71KB25-09-2018
17-09-2018Memo No 11993Regarding requirement of outsourced staff against the vacant posts (In English) 458.97KB17-09-2018
11-09-2018Memo No. 1773Filling up the post of Accounts Officer (DDO) on deputation basis in PSERC (In English) 485.63KB17-09-2018
11-09-2018Memo No. 1772Filling up the post of Registrar on deputation basis in PSERC (In English) 295.57KB17-09-2018
13-09-2018Memo No.11836/40Regarding concessions offered by the Phull Neuro & Multispeciality Hospital PSTCL employees/ pensioners/ family pensioners and their dependents. (In English) 169.16KB13-09-2018
12-09-2018Memo No 11769/76Particulars of UDC (Gen) for promotion (In Punjabi) 410.21KB13-09-2018
05-09-2018Memo No.11616/20/prom/JEs To AAE/019Regarding service particulars of JE/Elec recruited against CRA-01/2011 and CRA-02/2012 for promotion from JE/Elec to AAE/Elec. (In English) 4.74MB07-09-2018
28-08-2018Office Order no.425Removal from Service Order of Navdeep Dhindsa JE 304020 (In Punjabi) 2.48MB29-08-2018
28-08-2018Office Order No.621/SE/HR & AdmnReview of existing manpower struture of PSTCL. (In English) 986.97KB28-08-2018
23-08-2018Memo No 11178/85Instructions for compliance of Promotion/Posting/Transfer orders (In English) 153.69KB23-08-2018
08-08-2018Memo No.10655/59Regarding concessions offered by the Vardhman Mahaveer Care Patiala to PSTCL employees/pensioners/family pensioners and their dependents. (In English) 216.27KB14-08-2018
10-08-2018Memo No.1068/73Regarding Invitation to attend Independence Day Celebrations at SLDC Complex, PSTCL, Ablowal, Patiala. (In English) 3.10MB10-08-2018
06-08-2018Memo No. 10587/91Regarding concessions offered by the Bansal Child Care Hospital, Patiala to PSTCL employees/pensioners/family pensioners and their dependents. (In English) 1.85MB07-08-2018
02-08-2018NoticeNotice regarding Independence Day Celebration-2018 in PSTCL. (In Punjabi) 48.08KB02-08-2018
01-08-2018Memo No. 10419/Promo./SSA/08Regarding service particulars of SSA recurited against CRA-02/2012 for promotion from SSA to JE/Elec. (In English) 786.17KB02-08-2018
26-07-2018Memo No.10287/90/Prom/AE/Elect./10Regarding service particulars and assessment of ACRs of AEs for promotion from AE to AEE. (In Punjabi) 720.00KB27-07-2018
18-07-2018InformationList and Addresses of Appellate Authorities, PIOs and APIOs of PSTCL. (In English) 447.08KB18-07-2018
09-07-2018Memo No.9398/9403/General-589Allowing Journey By out-Sourced Vehicle to AE/AEE/AO/ Equivalent Falling under Grade Pay Category-III-Amendment thereof. (In English) 695.48KB12-07-2018
25-05-2018Offoce Order No.397/EST-2/609503/SE/AdmnIssuance of Letter of Warning to Smt Babita Kumari, Peon, Emp ID (609503). (In Punjabi) 688.35KB31-05-2018
13-02-2018Office Order No.97Regarding grant of Shift duty allowance to AEE/AE. (In English) 690.21KB03-05-2018
24-04-2018Memo No.6018/22Regarding concessions offered by the Columbia Asia Hospitals Patiala to PSTCL employees/pensioners/family pensioners and their dependents. (In English) 1.54MB01-05-2018
24-04-2018Endst. No.5889/Misc.-20Regarding Immovable/Movable Property Returns of PSTCL employees. (In Punjabi) 1.19MB26-04-2018
16-04-2018Memo No.5483/88/Gen.-266/Vol.IIRegarding change in Landline Telephone No. of Office of Dy.CE/HR & Admn., PSTCL, Patiala, (In Punjabi) 1.01MB25-04-2018
13-04-2018Memo No.5429/30Regarding work order cum contract Agreement No. 42 dated 18.06.2015 for Supply, installation, configuration, testing and commissioning of Biometric. (In English) 114.19KB16-04-2018
06-04-2018Office Order No.258/Admn./PSTCLRatification of decisions by BOD, regarding Agenda No.02/CE/HIS&D/Rectt/LDC/60, dated 29.01.2018. (In English) 1.02MB12-04-2018
06-04-2018Office Order No.259/HR&Admn.Regarding Stepping up of pay of senior employees of general category equal to junior employee of reserved category. (In English and Punjabi) 2.84MB09-04-2018
03-04-2018Memo No.4763/70/Rectt./SR-59/V.IIClarification: Roster point not to be considered as seniority point. (In Punjabi) 1.26MB04-04-2018
21-02-2018Office Order No.120Deemed date of promotion of Er. Rajesh Goyal. (In Punjabi) 312.28KB26-02-2018
21-02-2018Office Order No. 119Deemed date of promotion of Er. Lovenpreet Mittal. (In Punjabi) 765.19KB23-02-2018
23-01-2018Republic DayInvitation Card: Republic Day-2018 Celebrations in PSTCL (In English) 71.53KB23-01-2018
21-12-2017Memo No.19294/98/Prom/JE/AAE/19Regarding Service Particulars and Report of Disciplinary Cases (if any), of JE/Electrical recruited against CRA 01/2011 for promotion from JE to AAE. (In Punjabi) 230.19KB21-12-2017
14-12-2017Office Order No. 872/ Admn. PSTCLSenior Executive Engineer/Recruitment is designated as nodal officer for Ghar Ghar Rozgar Mission on behalf of PSTCL. (In English) 92.41KB18-12-2017
12-12-2017Office Order No. 863/ Admn. & HRRegarding revised rates of Guest House/Rest house under PSTCL (In English) 156.58KB13-12-2017
08-12-2017Memo No.18662/86Regarding Compliance report of promotion/posting/transfer order. (In English) 58.04KB08-12-2017
29-11-2017Memo No.18166/70/Prom/AE/Elect./10Reminder regarding Particulars of AEs recruited under CRA-01 & 02 of PSTCL for their consideration for promotion. (In Punjabi) 833.58KB01-12-2017
17-11-2017Office Order No.799/HR&Admn./PSTCLClarification with regard to an official in Seniority List of JE/Electrical. (In Punjabi) 641.94KB22-11-2017
08-11-2017Office Order No.771/HR&Admn./PSTCLRegarding renaming 01 no. post of Under Secy. (Regulation/Promotion section) as Dy. Manager/HR. (In Punjabi) 591.89KB09-11-2017
11-08-2017Invitation CardInvitation Card for Celebration of Independence Day-2017 in PSTCL. (In Punjabi) 56.08KB11-08-2017
11-08-2017Memo No.1119/24Regarding Celebrations of Independence Day-2017 in PSTCL. (In Punjabi) 86.23KB11-08-2017
21-07-2017Office Order No.508/SE/HR&Admn.Decision taken by BOD against CE/HIS&D Agenda No. 17/CE/HR, S&D and IT dated 09.05.2017. (In English) 80.96KB27-07-2017
11-07-2017Office Order No.481/SE/HR&Admn.Decision taken by BOD against CE/HIS&D Agenda No. 19/CE/HR, S&D and IT dated 08.06.2017. (In English) 78.06KB19-07-2017
12-07-2017Memo No.10560/66Regarding Grant of Grade Pay. (In English) 565.00KB12-07-2017
06-07-2017Office Order No.463/Rectt./S.Reg.-59/Vol-IIAdoption of Finance Circular No.54/2011, Finance Circular No.14/2012 and Office Order No.420/BEG-II dated 20.12.2011 of PSPCL, in toto. (In English) 2.52MB07-07-2017
07-06-2017Office Order No.369/HR&Admn.Withdrawl of Office Order No. 317/HR&Admn., dated 28.04.2016 w.e.f. 01.04.2017. (In English) 649.84KB08-06-2017
19-05-2017Ofiice Order No.316/SE/HR &AdmnRegarding creation of One No. Post of Divisional Accountant in the O/o FA,PSTCL, Patiala. 58.52KB01-06-2017
26-05-2017Ofiice Order No.332/SE/HR &Admn.Regarding renaming of the Estate & Corporate Building Maintenance Cell under the control of Sr. XEN/Admn,PSTCL, Patiala. 74.67KB01-06-2017
18-04-2017Memo No.5040/CRA-04/2016/ALM&LM/88Format of Request Letter for submission of corrections for the post of LM and ALM against CRA-04/2016. 551.47KB19-04-2017
05-01-2017General Legislative Assembly ElectionsGeneral Elections to Vidhan Sabha-2017: Application of Model Code of Conduct and release of funds under MPs/MLAs Local Area Development Scheme w.e.f. 04.01.2017. 1.10MB20-01-2017
14-12-2016Office Order No. 793/HRRegarding updating of HR Data of Employees posted in PSTCL 167.39KB29-12-2016
25-11-2016Office Order No.751/SCN-44Notice to Er. Amritpal Singh (Emp. Code: 106503) with Advise to be careful in future. 352.15KB25-11-2016
20-10-2016Speaking Order No.691/CE/HIS&D/Cert.Verf./51Regarding appeal of Sh.Jograj Singh (SSA, Emp.ID 603262 Terminated) in the context of Honble High Courts Judgement regarding CWP no. 4920 of 2016 in the Termination case of the concerned official. 361.90KB26-10-2016
05-09-2016Office Order No. 585/SE/HR&Admn./L/P-134Creation of Posts for Operation and Maintenance of 220 KV S/S, Jadla. 79.19KB20-09-2016
31-08-2016Office Order No. 581/SE/HR&Admn./Pers.-119Creation of Posts for Operation and Maintenance of 220 KV S/S, Bhari. 72.41KB20-09-2016
24-05-2016Office Order No. 375/SE/HR&Admn./L/P-422Creation of Posts for Operation and Maintenance of 220 KV S/S, Majra and Bhawanigarh. 78.40KB20-09-2016
07-09-2016Office Order No. 598/SCN-49/50Censure Letter to Mrs. Kanta Rani(Sr.Asstt.)(Emp.Code: 228402)for negligence/dereliction. 811.21KB15-09-2016
07-09-2016Office Order No. 597/SCN-49/50Censure Letter to Mrs. Parminder Kaur(Dy.Secy./Establishment)(Retired on 31.08.2016)(Emp.Code: 108038)for negligence/dereliction. 944.36KB15-09-2016
06-09-2016Office Order No. 594/HR&Admn.Office Order: List of Appelate Authorities, PIOs, APIOs in PSTCL. 545.36KB07-09-2016
28-04-2016Office Order No. 317/HR&Admn.Amendment in Office Order No. 225/SE/HR&Admn., dated 22.03.2016. 282.74KB05-05-2016
22-03-2016Office Order No. 225/SE/HR & Admn./L/P-336Revised Manpower Structure/Organizational Structure. 9.99MB30-03-2016
16-03-2016Office Order No. 200/SCS-18Letter of Censure: Er. Salim Muhammad (ASE). 763.51KB18-03-2016

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