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19-06-2017GST Circular No.2/2017GST Circular 02/2017- Provisions of Central Excise, VAT (including WCT), Central Sale Tax and Service Tax law subsumed in Goods & Service Tax (GST) law from July 1st, 2017 and compliance the GST law in place of these existing indirect tax laws. (In English) 106.04KB19-06-2017
19-06-2017GST Circular No.1/2017GST Circular 01/2017- Migration from existing Indirect Tax system to Goods and Services Tax (GST) and collection of GSTIN/ARN (Application Reference Number) of all suppliers/contractors. (In English) 108.52KB19-06-2017
08-06-2017Taxation Circular No.5/2017Provisions regarding Tax Deducted at Source under Income Tax Act, 1961 for the FY 2017-18 (AY 2018-19) and amendments made vide Finance Act, 2017. (In English) 256.42KB12-06-2017
06-06-2017Memo No.1770-1817/CFO/A&R-20Instructions regarding on-line net payment of Gratuity and Commutation of pension. (In English) 450.21KB06-06-2017
28-04-2017Accounts Circular 6/2017Accounts Circular 6/2017 - Disclosure requirement for preparation of Balance Sheet as at 31st March 2017 - regarding details of Specified Bank Notes (SBN) held and transacted during the period from 8th November 2016 to 30th December 2016. 206.86KB28-04-2017
27-04-2017Taxation Circular 4/2017Amounts not deductible in respect of expenditure exceeding Rs. 10000/- as per Section 40A(3) of Income Tax Act,1961. 113.12KB28-04-2017
27-04-2017Accounts Circular 5/2017Accounts Circular 5/2017 - Provision of bonus payable for the FY 2016-17 under the Payment of Bonus Act, 1965 in March Annual Adjustment Account 2017. 302.12KB27-04-2017
24-04-2017Taxation Circular 3/2017Mentioning of GST User ID while filling ST-3 (Service Tax Return) 81.94KB24-04-2017
12-04-2017Taxation Circular No.2/2017Non Applicability of Section 206C of the Income Tax Act, 1961 i.e. Tax Collected at Source (TCS) on Purchase of Timber from Punjab State Forest Development Corporation Limited (PSFDC). 104.87KB18-04-2017
31-03-2017Accounts Circular 4/2017/PSTCLAccounts Circular 4/2017 - Implementation of electronic U-cheque Management System for the transactions occurring on or after 01.04.2017. 311.56KB31-03-2017
29-03-2017Office Order No.26/CFO/A&R-75Partial modification of Office Order No. 24/CFO/A&R-75 dated 27.03.2017 regarding implementation of Circle Level Accounting under P&M organisation from FY 2017-18. 86.33KB30-03-2017
27-03-2017Office Order No.24/CFO/A&R-75Implementation of Circle Level Accounting under P&M organisation from FY 2017-18 (w.e.f. April 2017) 103.13KB28-03-2017
21-03-2017Accounts Circular No. 3/2017/PSTCLPayment of Bonus for the year 2015-16 under the Payment of Bonus Act, 1965. 318.97KB22-03-2017
09-03-2017Memo No: 555-640Instructions regarding submission of March Annual Adjustment Account 2017. 1.33MB10-03-2017
03-03-2016Financial StatementPSTCL-Financial Statements FY 2014-15 13.20MB03-03-2017
03-02-2017Accounts Circular 2/2017Bookings under Inter-Corporate Transaction (ICT) Heads by PSTCL offices. 134.78KB06-02-2017
17-01-2017Taxation Circular No.1/2017Government of India-Circular No. 01/2017: Deduction of Tax at Source- Income-Tax Deduction from Salaries under Section 192 of the Income-Tax Act, 1961 during the Financial Year 2016-17. 489.31KB19-01-2017
17-01-2017Taxation Circular No.1/2017Deduction of Tax At Source - Income-Tax Deduction From Salaries Under Section 192 Of The Income-Tax Act, 1961 During The Financial Year 2016-17. 104.91KB19-01-2017
13-01-2017Accounts Circular 1/2017/PSTCLBooking of Expenditure on Diesel consumption of DG sets at Sub-Stations. 127.14KB16-01-2017
15-11-2016Memo No. 2905/CFO.A&R/151/Vol.2Regarding scrapping of WO cum Contract Agreement No.01/2016/A&R, dated 27.07.2016. 1.25MB17-11-2016
10-11-2016Accounts Circular 8/2016Accounts Circular 8/2016 - Transfer of material from one job to another job within same accounting unit. 140.90KB17-11-2016
09-11-2016Memo No. 1171/1176/P&A-TDSRegarding tentative income statement for the F Y 2016-17 and Form No.-12 BB. 555.41KB11-11-2016
01-11-2016Memo No. 1040/78Reminder: Submission of Income Tax Statements of Non-Gazetted staff for the Financial Year 2016-17 (AY 2017-18). 225.72KB02-11-2016
05-09-2016Accounts Circular 7/2016Accounts Circular 7/2016 - Opening of New A/c Code for booking of expenses for engagement of manpower through outsourcing agencies. 144.20KB07-09-2016
19-08-2016Accounts Circular 6/2016Accounts Circular 6/2016 - Opening of New A/c Code for booking of O&M charges of bays. 134.80KB31-08-2016
19-07-2016Memo No. 568/606/Bill-19Regarding Submission of A-Roll. 218.33KB19-07-2016
18-07-2016Memo No. 529/567/Bill-009Submission of Income Tax Statements of Non-Gazetted staff for the Financial Year 2016-17 (AY 2017-18). 295.60KB19-07-2016
05-07-2016Taxation Circular No. 9/2016Taxation Circular 9/2016 -Charging of different type of Taxes on deposit works done by PSTCL on behalf of PSPCL and for other agencies. 400.62KB08-07-2016
30-06-2016Memo No. 634/646/P&A-TDSSubmission of Tentative Income Statements for the FY 2016-17. 364.69KB05-07-2016
06-06-2016Office Order No.30/CFO/A&R-75Pre-audit of service books of CO&C Division, Ludhiana and Amritsar. 371.06KB07-06-2016
31-05-2016Taxation Circular No. 8/2016Taxation Circular 8/2016 -Provisions regarding Service Tax along with deposit mechanism, due dates for filling of returns, penalties etc. for the FY 2016-17 (AY 2017-18). 212.82KB01-06-2016
31-05-2016Taxation Circular No. 7/2016Taxation Circular 7/2016 -Provisions regarding Tax Collected at Source (TCS) along with deposit mechanism and filing of returns for the FY 2016-17. 160.55KB01-06-2016
31-05-2016Taxation Circular No. 6/2016Form 12BB 194.80KB01-06-2016
31-05-2016Taxation Circular No. 6/2016Taxation Circular 6/2016 and Form 12BB -Provisions regarding Tax Deducted at Source under Income Tax Act, 1961 for the FY 2016-17 (AY 2017-18) and amendments made vide Finance Act, 2016 and Notification No. 30/2016 dated 29.04.2016. 176.96KB01-06-2016
31-05-2016Taxation Circular No. 5/2016Taxation Circular 5/2016 -Krishi Kalyan Cess @ 0.5% applicable w.e.f. from 1st June, 2016. 128.30KB01-06-2016
24-05-2016Taxation Circular No. 4/2016Taxation Circular 4/2016 -Corrigendum regarding Taxation Circular No. 3/2016. 84.29KB25-05-2016
12-05-2016Taxation Circular No. 3/2016Taxation Circular 3/2016 -Deduction of WCT from bills of contractors as per Punjab VAT Act, 2005. 262.58KB13-05-2016
05-05-2016Accounts Circular 5/2016Accounts Circular 5/2016 - Clarification regarding Accounts Circular 3/2016/PSTCL. 128.54KB06-05-2016
05-05-2016Taxation Circular No. 2/2016Taxation Circular No. 2/2016: TDS on payments made to PESCO for supply of manpower. 126.63KB05-05-2016
29-04-2016Memo No. 865-871/CFO/A&R/147Submission of Physical Verification Report (PVR) item wise as on 31.03.2016. 160.01KB05-05-2016
28-04-2016Memo No. 654-662 /CFO/A&R/147Instructions regarding Transfer of balance of completed assets from CWIP to Fixed Assets as on 31.03.2016. 96.65KB04-05-2016
29-04-2016Accounts Circular 4/2016Accounts Circular 4/2016- Allotment of Location Codes to newly Constituted Accounting Units due to restructuring. 120.88KB04-05-2016
29-04-2016Memo No. 753-757/CFO/A&R/147Charging of Correct Depreciation on Fixed Assets by P&M Divisions for the FY 2015-16. 82.77KB02-05-2016
28-04-2016Accounts Circular 3/2016Accounts Circular 3/2016 - Instructions regarding accounting of stores after re-structuring. 224.85KB02-05-2016
27-04-2016Accounts Circular 2/2016Accounts Circular 2-2016 - Account Code for booking of Expenditure on Horticulture. 76.42KB28-04-2016
27-04-2016Accounts Circular 1/2016Accounts Circular 1-2016 - Account Code for Contribution to PSTCL CSR Trust. 91.03KB28-04-2016
31-03-2016Memo No.356/434Instructions regarding submission of March Annual Adjustment Account 2016. 435.21KB07-04-2016
13-01-2016Memo No. 22-66/CFO/Taxation/11EPFO Letter (Payment of Contribution by the employers by 15th of the following month-Removing of Grace Period of 5 days). 169.18KB14-01-2016
13-01-2016Memo No. 22-66/CFO/Taxation/11Payment of Contribution by the employers by 15th of the following month-Removing of Grace Period of 5 days. 103.89KB14-01-2016

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