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STQ-8026Specification For Single Channel High Power PLC Terminals Without PC
29-06-201704:00 PM23-05-2017
CW/ET- 02/2017-18Construction of all Technical Civil Works at 220 KV Sub-Station, Banga ( U/G from 132 KV).20-06-201712:30 PM23-05-2017
Tender (Quotation) Enquiry No. 04/2017-18Quotation for Fabrication & Welding of Missing Members as Well as Welding of all existing members of 2nd storey of 220KV Botianwala LILO portion at tower No.s 2,6,7,8,9,10,14,15,&16.25-05-201711:30 AM23-05-2017
Quotation Memo No. 976/81Quotation For Repair and Recharging of all Types fire-fighting lying at various substations under P&M Division Lalton Kalan.06-06-201703:00 PM23-05-2017
Tender Enquiry No.01/2017-18Regarding Dismantling of 66KV Isolators at 220KV Sub Station Dhandari Kalan.26-05-201703:00 PM22-05-2017
STQ-6050Manufacture, Test, Supply and Delivery of Suger Arrestors With Porcelain Housing.22-06-201703:00 PM22-05-2017
Tender Enquiry No. 21/TLSC/PTA/Div/2017-18/WT432Sale & Cutting of Trees under the Transmission line under LILO of 220 kv Line from Patran- Kakrala and 220kv Line Patran-Rajla at 400kv S/s PGCIL Patran Rs.54,864/-(Trees 26, Vol: 9.3)06-06-201703:30 PM19-05-2017
Tender Enquiry No.STQ-3047Design, Manufacture, Test, Supply and Delivery of Line Hardware Fitting conforming to IS:2486 (Part-I), 2121 (Part-II), IS:9708 and PSTCL. Specification No. STQ-3047 for 220KV lines suitable for ACSR Zebra29-06-201711:30 AM19-05-2017
Tender Enquiry No.05/P&M/2017-18Quotation of Supply of Weedicide at P&M Division Mohali.02-06-201703:00 PM18-05-2017
Tender Enquiry No.01/2017-18Outsourcing of one No. Diesel Vehicle Mahindra Xylo, Scorpio, Tavera or equivalent in price, model not older than year 2015, for 1 year and extendable on year to year basis for further two years, for Protection Division, Bathinda.22-06-201704:30 PM18-05-2017
Tender Enquiry No.04/P&M/2017-18Refilling of Fire Extinguishers& supply of Acceessories.31-05-201711:30 AM18-05-2017
Tender Enquiry No.01/2017-18Hiring of one no vehicle (Scorpio/Xylo or Equivalent in price) for one year model dated 06-2017 Or not earlier than 3 year.22-06-201703:00 PM18-05-2017
Tender Enquiry No.4 to6/2017-18Construction of TCW for 2nd battery room and allied civil works at various Sub stations03-07-201712:30 PM17-05-2017
STQ-6049Manufacture, testing, supply & delivery of Surge Arrestors with Polymeric Housing
15-06-201703.00 PM15-05-2017
Tender Enquiry No.10/TLSC/PTA/2017-18Laying of tower foundations, Erection of Towers, Stringing & sagging of conductor for Raising 220 KV Sahnewal – lalton Kalan Line due to modification of railway track (Km 10/1-2) RVNL .08-06-201711:30 AM10-05-2017
Tender Enquiry No.09/TLSC/PTA/2017-18Laying of tower foundations, Erection of Towers, Stringing & sagging of conductor for Raising 220 KV Dhandari Kalan – Lalton Kalan Line due to modification of railway track (Km 9/4-5) RVNL .08-06-201711:15 AM10-05-2017
STQ - 7031Complete Engineering ,supply Erection testing and Commissioning of the bus bar protection scheme at 220KV Substation15-06-201703:30 PM10-05-2017
Limited Tender Enq. NO 03/TLSC JAL/2017-18Sale of Trees under 220 KV Nakodar, Rihana24-05-201703:00 PM09-05-2017
Corrigendum Tender Enquiry No. 26/2016-17Corrigendum No.1 Tender Enquiry No. 26/2016-17 Providing 1 No. PTS for the office of Civil/Mtc P&M Division PSTCL Patiala for 2 hrs and civil mtc sub division patiala (2 hrs)30-05-201712:30 PM10-05-2017
02/TLSC/PTA/2017-18Construction of well type foundation at Tower Location No. 124 and 125 ( For erection of J type 12 storey tower) for 220 KV Nakodar Ladhowal line.
25-05-201710:45 AM04-05-2017
TE No.02/PM/Brt /2017-18Outsourcing of One No. Canter (5 Ton) Make:-Tata Model LPT 1109 or.equivalent, not older than three years from the date of NlT, for 1 year and extendable on year to year basis, for further two years, for TL Sub-Division Bathinda under P&M Division Bathinda24-05-201702:30 PM03-05-2017
Corrigendum 93/2017-18Corrigendum No.1 to T-93/2017-18 Procurement of Silica Gel For Oil Conservator Tank of Power Transformers.25-05-201712:00 Noon03-05-2017
TE No.08/TLSC/PTA/2017-18Stub/Leg Strengthening Work and painting of Rusty/damaged tower stubs of 132 KV Verpal – Taran Taran line.25-05-201711:40 AM02-05-2017
TE No.07/TLSC/PTA/2017-18Construction of 3 no 220 KV Tower Foundations, Erection of Towers, Stringing & sagging of conductor for augmentation and providing arrangement for connecting Unit no 101-06-201711:15 AM02-05-2017
TE No.01/PM/ABL/2017-18Outsourcing of one No. Mahindra Genio Twin Cabin or equivalent model, not older than three years from the date of NIT, for 1 year and extendable o year to year basis, for further two years, for maintenance gang team under P&M Division Ablowal (Patiala)31-05-201711:30 AM02-05-2017
TE No.03 (C) 2017-18Hiring of One No Scorpio-Xylo or Equivalent in price for one year for the office of the Sr.Executive Engineer, Grid Mtc. P&M Divn.Sarna (Pathankot)25-05-201711:30 AM27-04-2017
STQ-3046Design, Manufacture, Test, Supply and Delivery of Composite Long Rod Type Insulators25-05-201704:00 PM26-04-2017
STQ-3045Manufacture, testing, supply & delivery of ACSR Zebra nominal aluminium area 420mm2 to be used on 220KV Lines as per PSTCL Specification No. STQ-304525-05-201703:00 PM26-04-2017
STQ-3044Design, Manufacture, Test, Supply and Delivery of B&S Type 90KN Normal Disc Insulators 7,800 No., 70KN Antifog Disc Insulators 19,500 No. and 160KN Antifog Disc Insulators 33,600 No. as per PSTCL Specification No. STQ- 3044, for 220KV Lines and Substations.25-05-201712:15 PM26-04-2017
TE No. 05/TLSC/PTA/2017-18Laying of tower foundations, Erection of Towers, Stringing & sagging of conductor of 220 KV DC line between 220 KV S/s Gaunsgar-220 KV S/s Ladhowal.25-05-201711:15 AM25-04-2017
01/2017-18Laying of PCC flooring, Harvesting and Drainage system in yard area at 220 Kv Sub Station Ladowal.25-05-201712:30 PM25-04-2017
STQ-1030Manufacture, Testing, Supply and Delivery of Hot Dip Galvanized Step Bolts Specification STQ-1030 (16 MT).06-06-201711:00 AM19-04-2017
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