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SLDC/140/2019Survey, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Interface Energy Meters (IEMs) and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) in Punjab along with DSM billing and settlement system on turnkey basis along with comprehensive AMC services as per SAMAST guidelines.
Corrigendum No. 1
TE No 08/TLSC/PTA/2019-20Laying of tower foundations,Erection of Towers,Stringing & Sagging of 220 KV line from 220 KV S/Stn Verpal to 220 KV Dukhniwaran (Contributory work)
Corrigendum No. 1
04-02-202011.00 AM23-01-2020
Enquiry No. 10 EQuotation for Furniture repair items at Rest House Kangra12-02-202011:30 am23-01-2020
Enquiry no. 28Service of 6 no ACs installed at 220 kV S/S Lalton Kalan03-02-202011:3023-01-2020
Enquiry no. 29Supply of 11 kV Bus Bar Cleaning and Insulation kit05-02-202011:3023-01-2020
Enq. No. 11/2019-2020Regarding Works of Painting through limited tender at 220kv SS Ikolaha under P&M-1,MGG05-02-202009:30AM23-01-2020
Enq no.05/2019-20Outsourcing job of cleaning and sweeping activities in various sub station under p&m circle pstcl Amritsar
Outsourcing job of cleaning and sweeping activities in various sub station under p&m circle pstcl Amritsar

Outsourcing job of cleaning and sweeping activities in various sub station under p&m circle pstcl Amritsar
30-01-202011.30 Am22-01-2020
12/2019-20Corrigendum No.-2 for Outsourcing of One No. Canter (5 Ton) Make:-Tata Model LPT 1109 or equivalent in price, not older than four years from the date of NIT, for 1 year and extendable on year to year basis , for further two years, for TL Sub-Division Bathinda under P&M Division Bathinda
29-01-202002:30 PM22-01-2020
18/2019-20Regarding Leakage of 16/20 MVA T-4 T/F & 10/12.5 MVA T/F T-7 of 220 KV S/s G-2, Mandi Gobindgarh05-02-202011.30am22-01-2020
07/2019-20Floater Insurance Policy of Inventory lying in 4 No. Stores of PSTCL for Burglary, Fire, Earthquake, Riot, Act of Terrorism and Special Perils including STFI (Storm, Tempest, Flood & Inundation) for period of one year.
Corrigendum No.1
10-02-202011.00 AM22-01-2020
TE No 10/TLSC/PTA/2019-20Laying of tower foundations,Erection of Towers,Stringing & Sagging of conductor for Raising of 220 KV of Jalandhar-Butari line (T.No. 39-40) in between Beas Tarn Taran18-02-202011.00 AM22-01-2020
263/281Notice inviting tender for short term loan of rs.100 crore29-01-202011.30 am22-01-2020
P&M/PATRAN/2019-20/02Short term tender enquiry for refilling & repairing of firefighting equipments at different substations under P& M Divn. Patran.04-02-202011:30A.M21-01-2020
T.E 36/2019-20Const. of 220 kv bay for northen railway kup kalan at 220 kv S/S Sandhaur14-02-20201:30pm21-01-2020
Enq 55 / JalEnq 55 Charged to:- Dismentalment of 20 MVA 132/11 KV T/F at 220 Kv S/s Badni Kalan.31-01-202010:00 am21-01-2020
Enq 57 / JalEnq 57 Charged to:- Addl 100 MVA 220/66 Kv P/T/F at 220 KV S/s Alawalpur05-02-202010:00 am21-01-2020
Enq 56 / JalEnq 56 Charged to:- Prov. 66 Kv Ringman Bays for focal point and maksoodpur at 220 Kv S/s Kartarpur.03-02-202010:00 am21-01-2020
Enq 54 / JalEnq 54 Charged to:- Addl 100 MVA 220/66 KV P/T/F at 220 KV S/s Alawalpur.28-01-202010:00 am21-01-2020
48/P&M-jgn/2019-20Thimbles and Ties29-01-202011.3021-01-2020
08/2019-20Corrigendum No. 3 Purchase of Themovision Cameras for P&M Circle PSTCL Bathinda27-01-202002:30 PM21-01-2020
CWJ/T-22/2019-20Hiring of One no. vehicle: Scorpio/ XYLO or equivalent in price for official use of Addl. SE/ Civil Works Division, PSTCL, Jalandhar
Corrigendum No. 1
14-02-202011:00 AM20-01-2020
12/15Supply of T and P for maintenance of 220 132 KV Transmission Lines O/O AEE T/L Mahilpur under Adll. SE P & M Division Mahilpur31-01-202015.00 Hrs.20-01-2020
Tender Enquiry No 04/2019-20Limited Tender Enquiry For Printing of Stationary06-02-20203.00 PM17-01-2020
08/2019-20/Sr.XEN/S&DTender Enquiry for rewinding of ACSR Panther (0.2") conductor lying ( on damaged wooden reels) at Jamsher Store.
Corrigendum No. 1
27-01-20203.30 PM17-01-2020
Enquiry No. 23/GridPTA/2019-20Labour charges for control wiring for 01 no. 66KV Bay for Ghanour (CKT-2) at 200KV S/S Bhateri.05-02-202010:30AM16-01-2020
Enquiry No. 22/GridPTA/2019-201) Regarding Labour charges for double earthing and control wiring for the work 01 no. 66KV Sanauri Adda Bay at 200KV S/S Passiana. 2) Regarding labour charges for erection of Tower/Beam/Busbar for the work 01 no. 66KV Sanauri Adda Bay at 200KV S/S Passiana.31-01-202010:30AM16-01-2020
02/19-20NIT for Hiring of one no. Mahindra Bolero Camper or vehicle in Equivalent segment on outsourcing basis for one year for each C.O.&C.subdivision at Amritsar, Batala and Hoshiarpur. Model not to be older than 4 years.
Corrigendum No-1 for Tender Enquiry no.2/2019-20

Corrigendum No-2 for Tender Enquiry no.2/2019-20
28-01-202011.30 A.M16-01-2020
providing rustic paint and granite on columns of vip Guest House Sec-51 Mohali14-02-202011:30 AM14-01-2020
ET 127 AND 128Carried out work described in enquiry no 127 and 12803-02-202012:0014-01-2020
50/Grid Moga/2019-20Reparing of 6000 LPH Filter set Ludhiana31-01-202003:30 PM14-01-2020
Enq. No. 10/2019-2020Quotation for the attending of Oil leakage from 100MVA T3 & 20MVA T1 at 220kv Amloh under P&M-1,MGG28-01-202009:30AM13-01-2020
Tender Enquiry no.10/TLSC/Mohali/2019-20Erection of towers, stringing and sagging of conductor on 220KV RTP jadla D/C line on well type foundations
Corrigendum No-1

Coorrigendum No.2
27-01-202012:00 Noon13-01-2020
Tender Enquiry No. IT/2019-20/04Supply, Installation and Commissioning of wireless Access Point along with required hardware and software.10-02-202015:00 PM10-01-2020
Tender Enquiry no. 21/ Grid PTA/2019-20Erection of Tower/Beam/ Busbar for 1 no. 220 KV line bay for Northen Railway, Kupkalan, Malerkotla at 220KV S/S Sandhour.28-01-202010:30AM07-01-2020
TE No 09/TLSC/PTA/2019-20Laying of tower foundations,Erection of Towers,Stringing & Sagging of conductor for Raising/Shifting of 220 KV RTP-Kharar-Mohali DC line due to const.of flyover by NHAI (Contributory work)28-01-202011.00 AM06-01-2020
CWJ/T-21/2019-20Civil Works for 10/12.5 MVA 66/11 kV T/F Plinth and allied works at 220 kV S/S Kanjli.27-01-202011:00 AM03-01-2020
CWJ/T-20/2019-20Construction of allied civil works for replacement of 20 MVA 132/11 kV T/F with 20 MVA 66/11 kV T/F at 220 kV S/S Abohar.27-01-202011:00 AM30-12-2019
113/2019-20procurement of 425 No various types of Fire Fighting Equipments for 220/132 Kv Substations
corrigendum no 1
T.E 20/2019-20Const. of Drain, Rain Harvesting wells , Culverts and Allied civil works at 220 K/V S/s Banur
corrigendum no 1

corrigendum no 2

corrigendum 3

corrigendum 4

corrigendum 5 Banur

Corrigendum No.6.

corrigendum no 7

corrigendum no. 8

corrigendum no. 9
T.E 24/2019-20Earth Filling for upgradation for G.I.S at 220 KV S/S Sherpur
Earth Filling for upgradation for G.I.S at 220 KV S/S Sherpur

Earth Filling for upgradation for G.I.S at 220 KV S/S Sherpur
31-01-20201:00 PM27-12-2019
15/2019-20Construction of civil works for Addl. 2nd 100 MVA transformer at 220 KV S/S Bhawanigarh.28-01-20203 P.M.31-12-2019
3/CO&C/LDH/2019-2020Outsource for hiring of One NO Mohinder Genio Double Cabin or equivalent diesal vehicle for CO&C Subdivsion Muktsar01-03-202015:30HRS29-11-2019
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