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Tender Enquiry No.10/Grid/2018-19To Upload 100 MVA, 220/66KV P/T/F from Plinth onto Trailor at 220KV S/S Lalru.25-10-201810:30 AM17-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No.19/Grid Moga/2018-19supply of Tyre, tube and flap for Truck cum crane PB-29G-9036.30-10-201810:30 AM17-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No.18/Grid Moga/2018-19LILO bay for Himmatpura-jagraon line at 220kV S/S Ajitwal.30-10-201811:00 AM17-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No.18/2018-19Construction of car parking shed & interlocking tiles pavement for cycle/scooter parking at Shakti Sadan Building, PSTCL, Patiala02-11-201811:30 AM17-10-2018
STQ- 2038Design, Manufacture, Test,Supply& Delivery Of 150 W LED Lighting Fixtures- 200 Nos.22-11-201804:00 PM17-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No.10/2018-19Const of TWC for regarding of tiles, woodwork and allied civil works for M&R of V.I.P Guest House sector 51 mohali.
Corrigendum No.1
09-11-201811:30 AM17-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No.09/Grid/2018-19Labour Charges for dismantling of complete control wiring of local 100 MVA, 220/66KV P/T/F (RTCC Panel, Cooling Fan, Buchholz Relay etc.) at 220 KV S/S Lalru.23-10-201810:30 AM16-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No.08/Grid/2018-19Labour Charges for the Repair and over hauling of 2no. 100 TON Capacity hydraulic jack including replacement of main check nut, Hydraulic oil, and set right of shaft against Dismantlementof 100 MVA, P/T/F 220 KV at 220 KV at 220 KV S/S Lalru.23-10-201810:00 AM16-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No.07/Grid/2018-19Fabrication and Supply of wooden gutkas of hardwood for jack packing against Dismantlement of 100MVA, P/T/F 220/60 KV at 220 KV S/S Lalru.22-10-201810:30 AM16-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No.06/Grid/2018-19Providing and Supply of dry Nitrogen dioxide gas filling in to 100MW A,220/66KV P/T/F for 12 No. cylinders after inspection of P/T/F internal body. Gas filling up to 06kg /cm pressure against Dismantlement of 100 MVA, P/T/F 220KV/66KN at 220 KV sab Station Lalru.22-10-201810:00 AM16-10-2018
STQ-2037Specification for Design, Manufacture , Test, Supply & Delivery Of Galvanized Steel Barbed wire of designation A-1 IS:278, to be used on 220KV/132KV Transmission Line Towers.22-11-201803:00 PM16-10-2018
Enquiry No. 3/SE/STORE AND DISPOSAL/2018-19To provide an electronic platform for conducting forward the E-Auction for sale of scrap, Obsolete, Un-serviceable material , un-serviceable Vehicles & any other material of PSTCL lying at various stores/offices under the jurisdiction of PSTCL.
Corrigendum No.1
29-10-201811:30 AM16-10-2018
02/ 2018-19Plugging the Oil leakage in 2 No Transformers at 132KV S/s Pakherpura under PnM Division Wadala Granthian14-11-201811:30 AM15-10-2018
Memo No 1623-27Quotation for purchase of Yard lights for various sub station under P & M Div. Lalton Kalan30-10-20183:00 PM15-10-2018
STQ-8032Supply of 1250A/1.0 mH Wave Trap Quantity-34 Nos.
20-11-201812:00 Noon15-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No.04/2018-19Purchase of 100 Nos. Kailwood Sleepers 1st Grade size 300x25x13 cm & up, free from cracks, knots and any wooden disease.
31-10-201803:00 PM15-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No. 80/2018-19Tender For Complete Engineering, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of SAS based Disturbance Recorders and Event Loggers for 6 Nos of 220 kV Sub-Stations of PSTCL
Corrigendum No . 2
06-11-201810:30 AM12-10-2018
Tender enquiry no 13,14 and 15/2018-19Supply and Hoisting of Ferro Trench covers for various substations as under,(i) P&M Division, Patran. (ii) P&M Divison, Malerkotla. (iii)Repair of toe wall and UCfencing at 220 kv s/s Passiana.
Corrigendum No.1
22-10-201812:00 Noon12-10-2018
STQ-8031Supply of 200 Watts Coupling Device

Corrigendum No.1
30-10-201811:00 AM12-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No.33/2018-19Supply of material as per Tender Enquiry No.33/2018-19.29-10-201811:00 AM12-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No.17/2018-19Supply of 2 ton capacity 3 star Split AC’s (Voltas/Carrier/Blue star make) including voltage stabilizer, MS stand and installation in Extension of control room building of 220 KV S/S Bajakhana.30-10-201811:30 AM12-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No.18 & 19/2018-19Supply and Hoisting of Ferro Trench covers at various sub-stations under P&M Division Ferozpur. (ii) Providing Temporary protection of tower no 5 of RTP-Gobindgarh line.30-10-201812:00 Noon09-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No.32/2018-19Supply of Material as per Tender Enquiry No. -32/2018-19.26-10-201811:00 AM09-10-2018
STQ-3053Specification for Design Manufacture,Testing, Supply & Delivery of B & S Type 6000 Nos. 70KN Antifog & 13,500 Nos. 90KN Antifog Disk Insulator to be used on 220KV Lines / Sub Station as per PSTCL Specification No. STQ-3053.15-11-201803:00 PM09-10-2018
STQ-3052Conduction of 1 No.400 KV ICT bay,1 No. 400 KV Tie bay 1 No. 400 KV Future bay 1 No. 220 KV ICT bay and Engineering Manufacture Supply Transportation Erection Testing and Commission of 1 No. 500 MVA 400/220/33 KV autotransformer at 400 KV Sab Station Makhu.15-11-201811:00 AM09-10-2018
CWC/T-06/2018-19Construction of Extension in Switch House Building, concrete road and other misc. civil works at 220 KV Sub-Station Mehal Kalan.
Corrigendum No - 1

Corrigendum No - 2

Corrigendum No - 3
23-10-201811:30 am08-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No.31/2018-19Erection of 11 KV New VCB Pennal.25-10-201810:30 AM08-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No.03/PM/ABL/2018-19Regarding various paint related works at 220 KV Sub Station Ablowal and Bhateri.22-10-201811:30 AM08-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No. 17/2018-19Renovation of Control room hall of 220 kv s/s Barnala25-10-201812:30 pm08-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No. 16/2018-19Supply and Hoisting of Ferro Trench covers at various sub-stations under P&M Division Ropar25-10-201812:30 pm08-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No. 79/2018-19Tender For Supply, Retrofitting, Commissioning & Testing of Line Differential Protection Relays on Various Short Transmission Lines of PSTCL
Corrigendum No - 2
01-11-201810:30 am05-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No. 87/2018-19Procurement of Stainless Steel Oil Sampling bottles of one Litre Capacity.
Corrigendum No - 1
22-10-201810:30 am05-10-2018
Tender Enquiry No. 2/2018-19Regarding works as per Tender Enquiry under Sr XEN 400 KV S/s Rajpura22-10-201811:30 am05-10-2018
Enquiry No.30/2018-19Execution of Job as per Tender Enquiry under O/o Sr XEN Grid Const Shakti Sadan Jalandhar23-10-201810:30 am05-10-2018
Enquiry No.29/2018-19Execution of Job as per Tender Enquiry under O/o Sr XEN Grid Const Shakti Sadan Jalandhar22-10-201810:30 am05-10-2018
Limited Enq No. 04/TLSC Divn/Jal/2018-19Regarding selling of Trees by TLSC Division, PSTCL Jalandhar.23-10-20183:00 PM05-10-2018
Enq No. 03/TLSC Divn/Jal/2018-19Regarding selling of Trees by TLSC Division, PSTCL Jalandhar.23-10-20183:00 PM05-10-2018
STQ-1034Specification for Design Testing Manufacture,Supply of high Temperature Low Sag conductor(HTLS)except gap conductor along with Stringing/replacement of existing conductor on 220 KV & 132KV Single Circuit Transmission Lines of 5Km &12 Km aprx.Length respectively.25-10-201803:00 PM21-09-2018
Tender Enquiry No. - 88/2018-19Repair of Rusted/Damaged Tower Stubs and Repainting after Repair of various Transmission Line Towers of PSTCL.25-10-201810:30 AM20-09-2018
STQ-6059Manufacturing , Testing and Delivery of 325 KL Nepthenic Base Transformer Oil.25-10-201811:30 AM17-09-2018
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