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Tender Enquiry No.IT/2017-18/01Regarding Selection of Implementation Partner (Service Provider) for pending GIS Mapping of PSTCL Transmission Network and AMC .
Corrigendum No.1

PSTCL Reply to Pre-Bid Queries received against Tender Enquiry No.IT/2017-18/01.
07-05-201803:00 PM20-04-2018
Enquiry No.3/2018-19Quotations for work specified in Enquiry No.3/2018-19.30-04-201801:00 PM18-04-2018
Tender Specification No.72/2017-18Procurement of Portable on line DC earth fault locator for 400 KV protection hub of PSTCL.
Corrigendum No.1
12-05-201810:30 AM18-04-2018
Enquiry No.04/2018-19Quotations for work specified in Enquiry No.04/2018-19.01-05-201801:00 PM17-04-2018
EW-02/2018-19Plugging of Oil leakage of various 220kV, 132kV & 66kV Power Transformers at various 220/132kV SubStations under P&M Division, PSTCL, Sri Muktsar Sahib.07-05-201803:00 PM17-04-2018
Tender Specification No.05/2017-18For Dismantlement of Tower, Beam & Bus-Bar at 220 KV S/S, Jadla.
Corrigendum No.1
26-04-201803:00 PM17-04-2018
Enquiry No.04/2018-19Execution of job as per Enquiry No.04/2018-19.02-05-201811:00 AM17-04-2018
Tender Specification No.IT/2017-18/02Procurement of Computer Hardware and Software.
Corrigendum No.1
27-04-201803:30 PM16-04-2018
Tender enquiry No.7312017-18Regarding Procurement of Automatic Water Content Measurement Kit for ODTL of PSTCL .14-05-201811:00 AM16-04-2018
Tender enquiry No.STQ-3050Regarding Supply of Antifog Disc or Procelain Long Rod Insulators for 220KV SabStations.24-05-201812:00 Noon16-04-2018
Tender Enquiry No.02/TLSC/PTA/2018-19Construction of 3 no 220 KV Tower Foundations, Erection of Towers, Stringing & sagging of conductor for augmentation and providing arrangement for connecting Unit no 1 of Bhakra Left Bank Power House to 220 KV Bus of Bhakra Right Bank Switch yard instead of 66KV Bus at Bhakra Left Bank Power House.08-05-201811:00 AM13-04-2018
Tender Enquiry No.01/TLSC/PTA/2018-19Replacement of conductor of 220 KV Line Phaggan Majra - Ablowal Line (Between TL no 22 to 32).26-04-201810:00 AM13-04-2018
Tender Enquiry No.100/2017-18Hiring of Maruti CIAZ-VDI+ SHVS or Sedan or equivalent price (Model not earlier than May,2014) for one year on fixed charges ( inclusive of first 1500 KM), variable charges per KM after 1500 KM and outstation night halt charges.
Corrigendum No.1
23-04-201811:30 AM13-04-2018
Tender Enquiry No.01/18Purchase of Round Up Herbicide.24-04-201803:00 PM12-04-2018
Enquiry No.02/2018-19Quotations for refilling of fire extinguishers.26-04-201801:00 PM11-04-2018
Limited Tender Enquiry No.8/CFO/PSTCL/Taxation/2018Regarding engagement of Counsel on retainership basis for Income Tax matters for the FY 2017-18 (AY 2018-19).27-04-201803:30 PM10-04-2018
STQ-6055For Manufacture, Testing and Delivery of 28 Nos. 120 KV, 10 KA Surge Arrestors with Porcelain Housing.
Corrigendum No.1
26-04-201803:30 PM09-04-2018
STQ-2035Procurement of Line Hardware Fittings suitable for ACSR WOLF.24-05-201811:30 AM09-04-2018
Tender Enquiry No.01/2018-19Hiring of 1 No. Scorpio/Xylo or any other equivalent Vehicle for Sr. Xen, PSTCL, P&M Butari.23-04-201803:00 PM09-04-2018
Tender No.01/TLSC Divn./Jal/2018-19For Preliminary Reconnaissance survey, detailed survey and preparation of route plan of 220 KV S/S, Tibber to Railway Station, Sohal Line.27-04-201803:00 PM06-04-2018
EW-01/2018-19Painting of various 220,132 & 66 KV Power Transformers various other structures installed at various Sub-Stations under P&M Division, PSTCL, Sri Muktsar Sahib.24-04-201801:00 PM06-04-2018
CWC/T-01/2018-19Construction of All Technical Civil Works at 220 KV Sub Station Banga (U/G from 132 KV).10-05-201803:30 PM04-04-2018
STQ-1033/2018Manufacture, Fabrication, Galvanization & Supply of 220 KV tower material as per PSTCL specification STQ-1033.24-04-201811:00 AM26-03-2018
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