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Tender Specification No.ET-09/2017-18Construction of office building for AEE/TL, Sub-Division at 400 KV S/s Rajpura.
Corrigendum No.1

Corrigendum No.2
09-07-201812:00 Noon21-06-2018
Tender Enquiry No.01/2018-19Hiring of One No. Scorpio/Xylo (Diesel) or equivalent for one year from dated 16/09/2018, Model not earlier than 2017 will be used by Sr. Xen/Protection Division, PSTCL, Gurdaspur25-07-201811:30 AM20-06-2018
STQ-6058Manufacture, Testing, Supply and Delivery of the VCB Panels as per STQ-6058.19-07-201811:00 AM19-06-2018
Enquiry No.16/2018-19Execution of job as per Enquiry No.16/2018-19 at 220 KV S/S, Verpal.03-07-201810:30 AM19-06-2018
Enquiry No.15/2018-19Supply of Material as per Enquiry No.15/2018-19 for U/G of 132 to 220 KV S/S, Alawalpur.02-07-201810:30 AM19-06-2018
Tender Enquiry No.03/TLSC/PTA/2018-19Laying of Tower Foundations, Erection of Towers, Stringing & Sagging of Conductor for 220 KV Line From Sandhaur to Kup Kalan Railway TSS - Two Phase on Double Circuit Towers ( Railway Deposit Work ).19-07-201812:15 PM18-06-2018
Tender Enquiry No.02/2018-19Augmentation of Existing 220 KV Twin Zebra Double Bus Bar Conductor with Quadruple Bus Bar Conductor at 220 KV S/S Jamsher.04-07-201803:00 PM18-06-2018
T-03/2018-19Cleaning and Sweeping activities at 132 KV Sub Station Srainaga and Jalalabad under P&M Division, PSTCL, Malout by outsourcing.27-06-201803:00 PM18-06-2018
Tender Enquiry No.1/2018-19Quotation for removal of moisture contents and insulation of 11 KV Bus bar of 25 No. 11 KV Breakers at 220 KV S/S, Kartarpur.10-07-201803:00 PM18-06-2018
Tender Enquiry No.7/2018-19Supplying & installation of 2 no. 5.5 HP (3 phase) Submersible Sewage Pumps, 2 no. 2 HP (3 phase) Submersible Sewage Pumps & Relocation of 2 no. existing Mono block Pumps of 5 HP at Various existing Sumps at 400 KV S/S Rajpura.
Corrigendum No.1
27-06-201811:30 AM18-06-2018
Tender Enquiry No.ET-49/2018-19Re-Routing of Power Cable Trench at 220 KV S/s Badshahpur under P&M Division, Jamsher.16-07-201802:30 PM13-06-2018
Tender Enquiry No/2E/2018-19Repair and Rectification of Control Valve and Tripping as Per Tender Enquiry No/2E/2018-19.27-06-201811:00 AM12-06-2018
Tender Enquiry No.T-3/2018-19Plugging of Oil Leakage of 1 No Power Transformer at 220 KV Sub Station Badal Under P&M Division PSTCL Malout.02-07-201812:30 PM12-06-2018
Tender Enquiry No.1E/2018-19Quotation For Battery Terminal Protection Kit as per Tender Enquiry No.1E/2018-19.25-06-201811:00 AM12-06-2018
Tender Enquiry No.13/2018-19Supply of Material as Per Tender Enquiry No.13/2018-19.25-06-201810:30 AM11-06-2018
Tender Enquiry No.14/2018-19Execution for Job as Per Tender Enquiry No.14/2018-1926-06-201810:30 AM11-06-2018
CWC/T-02/2018-19Construction of Officer Suites, Lobby, store & allied works on 1st Floor of VIP Guest House, Sec 51, SAS Nagar.
Corrigendum No.1
05-07-201811:30 AM08-06-2018
Tender Enquiry No.10/2018-19Construction of interlocking Tiles Paving, PCC Flooring, Fencing, Gates & Security Hut at 400 KV S/s Rajpura.26-06-201811:30 AM06-06-2018
Tender Enquiry No..09/2018-19Supply of 2 ton Capacity 3 Star Split AC’s (Voltas/Carrier/Blue star make) including Voltage Stabilizer, MS Stand and installation at 220 KV S/S Maur (U/G from 132 KV).22-06-201811:30 AM05-06-2018
CWJ/T-08-09/2018-19Construction of 2nd Battery Room at (1) 220 KV S/S Katorewala (Malout), (2) 220 KV S/S Ghubaya.22-06-201802:30 PM04-06-2018
CWJ/T-10-12/2018-19Civil Works for 630 KVA 33/0.433 KV T/F at (1) 400 KV Sub Station Nakodar, (2) 400 KV Sub Station Makhu, (3) 400 KV Sub Station Mukatsar.27-06-201802:30 PM04-06-2018
CWJ/T-13-14/2018-19(1) Civil Works for Railway bay at 220 KV Sub Station Tibber,(2) Civil Works for Addl.100 MVA T/F at 220 KV Sub Station Tibber.13-07-201802:30 PM04-06-2018
Tender Enquiry No.08/2018-19Regarding Construction of Addl. Battery Room at 220 KV S/S Nabha.17-07-201811:30 AM01-06-2018
Tender Enquiry No.24/TLSC/PTA/2017-18Balance work of Stubbing, erection, Stringing & Sagging of 0.4 sq inch Conductor for 220 KV Line from 220 KV S/Stn Abohar to 220 KV S/Stn Malaut SC On DC Towers
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Corrigendum No.5
03-07-201811:10 AM01-06-2018
Tender Enquiry No.02/TLSC/PTA/2018-19Construction of 3 no 220 KV Tower Foundations, Erection of Towers, Stringing & sagging of conductor for augmentation and providing arrangement for connecting Unit no 1 of Bhakra Left Bank Power House to 220 KV Bus of Bhakra Right Bank Switch yard instead of 66KV Bus at Bhakra Left Bank Power House.
Corrigendum No.1
26-06-201803:10 PM01-06-2018
Tender Enquiry No:ET13/2018-19Regarding Repair & Renewal of Chain link U-Fencing at 220 KV S/s Sarna.04-07-201802:30 PM31-05-2018
STQ-8028Supply of 3 Star 1.5 Ton Window AC of Voltas/Carrier/Blue Star Make Only Including Stabilizer (Excluding Installation & Civil Works).

Corrigendum No.1

Corrigendum No.2

Corrigendum No.03
26-06-201811:00 AM29-05-2018
Tender Enquiry No.ET-12/2018-19Regarding Repair & Renovation work of VIP Rest House at 132 KV S/s Kangra.28-06-201802:30 PM28-05-2018
Tender Enquiry No.4,5 & 6/2018-19Regarding Construction of Addl. Battery Room at 220 KV S/S MehalKalan, Bahadurgarh and Devigarh.22-06-201811:30 AM25-05-2018
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