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Tender Enquiry No.07/2017-18Quotations for printing of stationery for P&M Circle, Dhandari Kalan and for the substations under it.28-08-201702:00 PM23-08-2017
STQ-7033Supply, erection including civil works, testing & commissioning of Nitrogen Injection Fire Prevention and Extinguishing Systems (NIFPES) alongwith required accessories for in-service 100 MVA 220 KV Transformers.14-09-201704:30 PM21-08-2017
TE No.01/PM/BWG/2017-18Quotation for Providing of 1 No. Water Purifier (R.O. and UV System) ISO 9001-2000.05-09-201704:00 PM21-08-2017
Tender Enquiry No.12/2017-18Construction of Aluminium partition in Flat No.2 at Officers Flats complex, Shakti Vihar, Patiala.05-09-201711:30 AM21-08-2017
STQ-8027For Design, Manufacture, testing and Delivery of 48 Volts, 20 Amp & 40 Amp DC Battery Chargers.
26-09-201711:30 AM18-08-2017
Corrigendum No.1 to STQ-2025Corrigendum No.1 to STQ-2025: Design, Manufacture, Testing at firms works & at PSTCL site and supply of material as per tender.

Corrigendum No.5
08-09-201703:30 PM18-08-2017
Tender Enquiry No.03/2017-18Repair of fans of 3 No. Power Transformers at 220 KV S/S, Verpal.07-09-201712:30 PM18-08-2017
STQ - 7031Complete Engineering ,supply Erection testing and Commissioning of the bus bar protection scheme at 220KV Substation
Corrigendum No.1

Corrigendum No.2

Corrigendum No.3
25-08-201711:30 AM18-08-2017
STQ-5069Tender Specification No. for design, maufacture, testing and supply of 66 KV PTs.
Corrigendum No.1

Corrigendum No.2
07-09-201703:30 PM18-08-2017


Corrigendum No.2

Corrigendum No.3
14-09-201712:30 PM18-08-2017
Tender Enquiry No. STQ- 2026 / 2017-18Specification for Design, Manufacture, Test, Supply & Delivery of Galvanized Steel Barbed Wire Of Designation A-1 IS:278, to be used on 220KV/132KV Transmission Line Towers-5mt.
Corrigendum No.2

Corrigendum No.3

Corrigendum No.4
08-09-201711:30 AM18-08-2017
STQ-7032Tenders against STQ-7032 Description-(i)220 KV Transformer C&R Panels, (ii)66 KV Transformer C&R Panels and (iii)Control Panel for 220 KV Line C&R panels.20-09-201711:30 AM16-08-2017
T-06/2017-18Refilling of Fire Extinguishers at various 132/220 KV Sub-Stations under P&M Division, PSTCL, Malout (220 KV S/S Badal, 132 KV S/S Gidderbaha, 132 KV S/S Balluana).04-09-201701:00 PM16-08-2017
Tender Enquiry No.02/2017-18Hiring of One No. Mahindra Genio Double Cabin/Mahindra Bolero Double Cabin/TATA Xenon Double Cabin or equivalent diesel vehicle for CO&C S/D Ropar for one year. Model not earlier than 3 years.08-09-201703:30 PM16-08-2017
Tender Enquiry No.97/2017-18Sealed Tender are Invited for Hiring of Maruti CIAZ-VDI or Sedan or Equivalent Price (Model not earlier than 2015) for one year on fixed Charges (inclusive of first 1500KM), Variable Charges per KM after 1500KM and Outstation Night Halt Charges.28-08-201710:30 AM14-08-2017
Tender Enquiry No.11/2017-18Outsourcing of One Number Mahindra Scorpio/Xylo or Equivalent in Price, Vehicle Model not More than Three Years old (i.e. September 2014) for one Year for the o/o Addl. S.E./Civil Works Division, PSTCL, Patiala.01-09-201711:30 AM14-08-2017
TE No. 125Quotation for Refilling/Inspection of Fire Fighting Equipment Installed at SLDC Building Ablowal Patiala.01-09-201711:30 AM14-08-2017
Enquiry No.05/2017-18Quotation for Refilling of Fire Fighting equipments at 400 KV S/S, Sri Muktsar Sahib.31-08-201712:30 PM11-08-2017
QuotationQuotations for supply of Stationery items-Paper Rim for the month August to October 2017.24-08-201711:30 AM11-08-2017
QuotationQuotations for supply of printed items for the month August to October 2017.24-08-201711:30 AM11-08-2017
Limited Tender No.03/2017-18Quotation for Hiring of 2 No. Part Time Sweepers (PTS) through Outsource Agencies.30-08-201712:30 PM11-08-2017
STQ-6051Unarmoured FRLS PVC outer Sheathed, heat resistance PVC insulated copper control cable with stranded 7 wires per core, annealed, tinned high conductivity electrolytic copper conductor of various sizes.14-09-201703:30 PM11-08-2017
Tender Enquiry No.03/2017-18Quotations for hiring of 2 No. Part-time Sweepers (PTS) through outsource agencies.
Corrigendum No.1
23-08-201711:00 AM11-08-2017
STQ-5078For Design, Manufacture, Testing and Supply of 66 KV PTs.
07-09-201712:00 Noon11-08-2017
Tender Specification No.02/2017-18Short term Tender against Specification No.02/2017-18 for Erection of Tower, Beam & Bus-Bar for U/G 66 KV S/S to 220 KV S/S, Maur.26-09-201703:00 PM11-08-2017
STQ-1032/2017Manufacture, Testing, Supply and Delivery of Hot Dip Galvanized Step Bolts as per Specification STQ-1032 (16 MT).12-09-201711:00 AM10-08-2017
Enquiry No.14/Grid/2017-18Erection of Tower, Beam and Busbar for Addl. 3rd 100 MVA, 220/66 KV P/T/F at 220 KV S/S, Dera Bassi.23-08-201710:00 AM10-08-2017
Tender No.05/TLSC Divn./Jal/2017-18Hiring of 1 No. Vehicle (Bolero or equivalent in price) for one year as per PSTCL Corporate Transport Policy for AEE, TLSC Sub-Division, PSTCL, Jalandhar. The vehicle model should not be more than 3 years old.29-08-201703:00 PM10-08-2017
STQ-5077For Design, Manufacture, Testing and Supply of 220 KV PTs.
07-09-201711:30 AM09-08-2017
QuotationQuotations for Refilling the firefighting equipment.23-08-201703:00 PM09-08-2017
STQ-5079For Design, Manufacture, Testing and Supply of 66 KV CTs.
07-09-201712:30 PM09-08-2017
Tender Enquiry No. 24/TLSC/P/2017-18Hiring on contract one No. Vehicles (Bolero or Equivalent) for AEE, TLSC S/D, Muktsar.06-09-201703:30 PM07-08-2017
Tender Enquiry No. 23/TLSC/P/2017-18Sale & Cutting of Trees under the Transmission line under 220 KV line from Muktsar to Malout , DFO Muktsar (Diversion of 0.742 hec of forest land)13-09-201703:30 PM07-08-2017
Tender Enquiry No. 22/TLSC/P/2017-18Sale & Cutting of Trees under the Transmission line under 220 KV line from GHTP Lehra Mohhabat -Himmatpura DFO Faridkot (Diversion of 0.1155 hec of forest land).13-09-201703:30 PM07-08-2017
Tender Enquiry No. 21/TLSC/PTA/Div/2017-18/WT432Sale & Cutting of Trees under the Transmission line under LILO of 220 kv Line from Patran- Kakrala and 220kv Line Patran-Rajla at 400kv S/s PGCIL Patran Rs.54,864/-(Trees 26, Vol: 9.3)
Corrigendum No.1

Corrigendum No.2
13-09-201703:30 PM07-08-2017
STQ-5073For the Manufacture, Testing, Supply and Delivery of 415 V 15 Ckt. ACDBs.
14-09-201711:30 AM04-08-2017
STQ-8026Specification For Single Channel High Power PLC Terminals Without PC

Corrigendum No.1

Corrigendum No.2
31-08-201711:00 AM03-08-2017
STQ-6049For manufacture, testing and delivery of surge arresters with polymeric housing.
Corrigendum No.1
24-08-201703:00 PM02-08-2017
STQ-5076Supply of 160 MVA 220/66KV Power Transformers .
07-09-201711:00 AM02-08-2017
STQ-5071Supply of 20 MVA 66/11KV Power T/F
24-08-201711:30 AM01-08-2017
STQ-5072Supply of 66KV CTS of various ratios
24-08-201712:00 Noon01-08-2017
STQ-2028Manufacture, testing & supply of Sub station structures as per PSTCL Specification STQ-2028 - 400 MT29-08-201711:30 AM28-07-2017
TE No.07/TLSC/PTA/2017-18Construction of 3 no 220 KV Tower Foundations, Erection of Towers, Stringing & sagging of conductor for augmentation and providing arrangement for connecting Unit no 1
Corrigendum No.1

Corrigendum No.2

Corrigendum No.3
29-08-201710:00 AM27-07-2017
Tender Specification No.01/2017-18Supply of 220 KV Circuit Breaker Spares for 2 No. 220 KV Bay for Baghapurana at 220 KV S/S, Bajakhana.31-08-201703:00 PM19-07-2017
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