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Tender Enquiry No.66/2018-19Quotation for Shifting of P-Type Trench and widening of gate at 220 KV S/s Jagraon.05-09-201801:00 PM20-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.65/2018-19Quotation for Supplying and Spreading Gravel at 220 KV S/s Dharamkot under P&M Division, Jagraon.05-09-201801:00 PM20-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.64/2018-19Quotation for Supplying and Spreading Gravel at 220 KV S/s Jagraon under P&M Division, Jagraon.05-09-201801:00 PM20-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.14/2018-19Construction of 2nd additional battery room at 220 KV S/s Passiana11-09-201811:30 am16-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.01/ PM Ropar/2018-19Quotation for Purchase of Surge Counter (132 KV Lightning Arresters) 05 no. for 132 KV S/s Ananadpur Sahib and 01 no. for 132 KV S/s Ropar.27-08-201811:30 AM14-08-2018
STQ-6058Manufacture, Testing, Supply and Delivery of the VCB Panels as per STQ-6058.
Corrigendum No.1

Corrigendum No.II
13-09-201811:00 AM14-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.06/2018-19Const of tech civil works for 2nd battery room & allied civil works at 132 KV S/s Sawadi Kalan.31-08-201811:30 AM14-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.05/2018-19Special repair of terracing and aluminium partition in switch house Building at 220 KV Sub-Station Baghapurana under Division P&M Moga.30-08-201812:30 PM13-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.04/2018-19Special Repair of Terracing and painting of non-residential switch house building at 220 KV Sub-Station Abohar under P&M Division Malout.30-08-201812:30 PM13-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.03/2018-19Special Repair and Renovation of Aluminium partition at 220 KV S/s Singhawala (Moga).30-08-201812:30 PM13-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.05/2018-19Repair of damage boundary wall of store at 220 KV S/s Ablowal Patiala Under Store & disposal Division Patiala.30-08-201812:30 PM13-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.03/2018-19Special repair and maintenance of 132 KV S/s Anandpur Sahib under P&M Division Ropar.30-08-201812:30 PM13-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.06/2018-19Hiring of One No. XYLO or equivalent Model earlier than 2015 for Sr.Xen P&M Div Lalton Kalan, PSTCL Ludhiana.05-09-201803:00 PM13-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.13/2018-19Construction of Addl. S.G.F. for 1 no. 2 phase 132 KV line bay for Northern Railway Bikaner-Gehri Bhagi at 132 KV S/S IGC Bathinda (Deposit work).18-09-201811:30 AM13-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.12/2018-19Construction of Civil Works for replacement of 12.5 MVA 66/11 KV T/F with 20 MVA T/F 66/11 KV at 220 KV S/S Talwandi Sabo.28-08-201811:30 AM13-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.01/2018-19Const for addition/alteration 2nd Battery Room in S.H.B at 220 KV S/S Mandi Gobindgarh G-2.21-08-201811:30 AM10-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.05/2018-19Const.of Bitumen Road,Retaining wall. gate pillar for link the sub station road to main highway at 220 KV S/S Ghulal.24-08-201811:30 AM10-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.04/2018-19Const. for addition/alteration in S.H.B & allied Civil Works at 220 KV S/S Kohara.21-08-201811:30 AM10-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.02/2018-19Const for addition/alteration 2nd Battery Room in S.H.B at 220 KV S/S Mandi Gobindgarh G-3..21-08-201811:30 AM10-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.03/2018-19Const. for addition/alteration in S.H.B & allied Civil Works at 220 KV S/S Ghulal.21-08-201811:30 AM10-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No. 13/FA/Budget/CA-II/PSTCL/2018-19Appointment of Cost Accountant for maintenance of Cost Accounting Records for FY 2017-18 & FY 2018-1931-08-20183:30 PM10-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.01/2018-19Hiring of One No. Scorpio/Xylo (Diesel) or equivalent for one year from dated 16/09/2018, Model not earlier than 2017 will be used by Sr. Xen/Protection Division, PSTCL, Gurdaspur
Corrigendum No.1

Corrigendum No.2
24-08-201811:30 AM09-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.CWJ/T-17/2018-19Const. of 66 KV Rahon Bay at 220 KV S/s Jadla.04-09-201802:30 PM09-08-2018
CWC/T-03/2018-19Construction of New Switch House Building at 132 KV Sub-Station, Pathankot.
Corrigendum No.1

Corrigendum No.2
28-08-201812:00 Noon09-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No. 1/2018-19Hiring of 1 No. of Vehicle each for ASE/CO&C Div, ASR , AEE/CO&C S/D, ASR & AEE/CO&C S/D, Moga11-09-201811:30 am08-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.16/2018-19Execution of job as per Enquiry No.16/2018-19 at 220 KV S/S, Verpal.
Corrigendum No.1
22-08-201810:30 AM08-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No. 01/2018-19Outsourcing of one no. MCV (Tata LPT 1109) 5 Ton or equivalent having Model not older than 4 years, for the office of AEE/TL, 400 KV Sub-station, Rajpura.
Corrigendum No.1
22-08-201811:30 AM07-08-2018
TENDER ENQUIRY NO.01/ ASE/TA(Civil) 2018-19Outsourcing of 1 No. Mahindra Scorpio/Xylo or equivalent in price Diesel vehicle Model not more than 4 years old for 1 year for the o/o ASE / Technical Audit (Civil), PSTCL, Patiala.04-09-201801:00 PM06-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.6/2018-19Tender against specification 06/2018-19 for erection of Tower , beam, busbar for erection of 66KV double busbar from 66KV single busbar at 220 KV S/s Sahnewal10-09-201803:00 PM06-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.04/2018-19Tender for Registration of Contractors for erection of Tower Materiel/Tower Structures,Beams, Bus bars and scheduled labour rates for various 220/132 KV Sub Stations.04-09-201803:00 PM06-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.05/2018-19Hiring of 9 No.Outsource House keeping staff for the office and subordinate offices of Dy.CE/Grid Const Circle Ludhiana and Dy.CE/Civil Circle Patiala06-09-201803:00 PM06-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.02/2018-19Hiring of one No. 6 Ton or equivalent in price Diesel Vehicle for one year model not older than 2017.22-08-201811:30 AM06-08-2018
CWC/T-02/2018-19Construction of Officer Suites, Lobby, store & allied works on 1st Floor of VIP Guest House, Sec 51, SAS Nagar.
Corrigendum No.1

Corrigendum No.2

Corrigendum No.3
23-08-201812:00 Noon03-08-2018
Tender Enquiry No.-02/2018-19Repair and Re- Routing of Power Cables Trench at 220 KV S/S Kharar Under P&M Division SAS Nagar Mohali.24-08-201812:30 PM31-07-2018
Tender Enquiry No.08/2018-19Repair of Damage UC-Fencing at Kv S/S Barnala Under P&M Division Bathinda.24-08-201812:30 PM31-07-2018
STQ-8030Supply of Battery Chargers – 48V/20A -10 Nos & 48V/40A -09 Nos.
30-08-201811:30 AM31-07-2018
STQ-2036Design, Manufacture, Test, Supply & Delivery of Galvanized Steel Barbed Wire of Designation A-1 IS:278, To Be Used On 220 KV/132 KV Transmission Line Towers.30-08-201803:30 PM27-07-2018
Tender Enquiry No. 04/TLSC/PTA/2018-19Construction of 3 no. 220KV Tower Foundations, Erection of Towers, Stringing & sagging of conductor for augmentation and providing arrangement for connecting unit no.1 of Bhakra Left Bank Power House to 220KV Bus of Bhakra Right Bank Switch yard instead of 66KV Bus at Bhakra Left Bank Power House.23-08-201811:00 AM27-07-2018
Tender No. 80/2018-19Complete Engineering, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of SAS based Disturbance Recorders and Event Loggers for 6 Nos. of 220 KV Sub-stations of PSTCL.27-08-201810:30 AM27-07-2018
Enquiry No.01/Grid/2018-19Supply of Material for 100 MVA, 220/66 KV P/T/F with same capacity at 220 KV S/S, Devigarh.31-08-201810:30 AM27-07-2018
ET-57/2018-19Re-routing of power cable trench at 220 KV S/s Badshahpur under P&M Division, Jamsher.27-08-201812:00 Noon27-07-2018
ET-56/2018-19Repair of U-Fencing & yard main road at 220 KV S/s Kotla Jangan under P&M Division, Jamsher.27-08-201812:00 Noon27-07-2018
ET-14/2018-19Supplying & spreading of gravel to required thickness in yard area at 220 KV S/S Jamsher under P&M Divn. Jamsher.27-08-201812:00 Noon27-07-2018
Tender Specification No. 79/2018-19Supply, Retrofitting, Commissioning & Testing of Line Differential protection relays on various short Transmission Lines of PSTCL.27-08-201810:30 AM24-07-2018
CWC/T-05/2018-19Construction of internal concrete road and trenches in yard area of 220 KV Sub-Station, Banur.
Corrigendum No.1
21-08-201812:00 Noon17-07-2018
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