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E-Tender Enquiry No.CW/ET-09/2017-18Regarding Construction of Boundary Wall at PSTCL Store Jamsher .15-03-201803:30 PM23-02-2018
Enquiry No. 32/Grid /2017-18Regarding Purchase of Heaters for fiter set.08-03-201811:00 AM23-02-2018
Enquiry No. 30/Grid /2017-18Regarding upload 160 MVA, 220/66 KV P/T/F from T/F Plinth onto Trailor at 220 KV S/S Amloh.05-03-201811:00 AM23-02-2018
Enquiry No. 31/Grid /2017-18Regarding To make the way tailer of shifting 160 MVA 220/66 KV P/T/F from 220KV S/S Amloh to 220KV S/S Bhateri.05-03-201811:30 A.M23-02-2018
Memo No. 169Regarding Quotation for cleaning and general housekeeping of SLDC building and its complex area at Ablowal, (Patiala) for the year 2018-2019 .16-03-201803:30 PM23-02-2018
Tender Notice No. 30/TLSC/P/2017-18Regarding Tender Notice No. 30/TLSC/P/2017-18 on Revised tender form (LILO of 220KV line from Mansa to Sunam at 400 KV S/S Patran (PGCIL ) .07-03-201803:30 PM23-02-2018
Tender Notice No. 31/TLSC/P/2017-18Regarding Tender Notice No. 31/TLSC/P/2017-18 on Revised tender form (survey work for 132kv line from 132kv S/s IGS Bathinda to Gehri Bhagi Railway Station (Railway Deposit work) .07-03-201803:30 PM23-02-2018
Tender Enquiry No.06/2017-18Outsourcing of Mahindra Genio or equivalent model not older than 3 years from the date of NIT, for 1 year and extendable, on year to year basis, for further two years.16-03-201811:30 AM22-02-2018
Tender Enquiry No.14/2017-18Quotations for Replacement of old damaged floor with vitrified floor tiles and providing of plinth protection and brick masonary columns at 220 KV S/S, Sunam under P&M Div., Patran.05-03-201801:00 PM22-02-2018
Tender Enquiry No.13/2017-18Quotations for Repair of common toilets at SLDC Building in Ablowal (Patiala).05-03-201801:00 PM22-02-2018
Tender Enquiry No.32/2017-18Construction of balance work of boundary wall at 400 KV S/S, Rajpura (At the risk and cost of M/s Jyoti Structures Ltd.)16-03-201811:30 AM21-02-2018
Tender Enquiry No.24/TLSC/PTA/2017-18Balance work of Stubbing, erection, Stringing & Sagging of 0.4 sq inch Conductor for 220 KV Line from 220 KV S/Stn Abohar to 220 KV S/Stn Malaut SC On DC Towers
Corrigendum No.1

Corrigendum No.2.
13-03-201811:10 AM21-02-2018
Tender Enquiry No.17 & 18/2017-181.) Construction of TCW for Concrete Road and Trenches at 220 KV S/S, Banur. 2.) Running and maintenance including housekeeping etc. of VIP Guest House-cum-CMD office, Sec-51, Mohali as per DNIT.
Corrigendum No.1 to Tender Enquiry No.18/2017-18.
09-03-201811:30 AM21-02-2018
QuotationRegarding Copper Flexible strip.28-02-201801:00 PM19-02-2018
ET-07/2017-18Construction of Allied Civil Works for ODTL Building at 220 KV S/S, Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana.
Corrigendum No.1
09-03-201812:00 Noon19-02-2018
Enquiry No.15/2017-18Quotations regarding the work specified in Enquiry No.15/2017-18.05-03-201803:00 PM19-02-2018
STQ-3049Construction of 1 No. 400 KV ICT bay, 1 No. 400 KV Tie bay , 1 No. 400 KV Future bay,1 No. 220KV ICT bay and Design, Engineering, Manufacture Supply Transportation Erection , Testing and Commissioning of 1 No. 500 MVA 400/220/33 KV Autotransformer at 400 KV Substation Makhu.
Corrigendum No.1

Corrigendum No.2
01-03-201803:00 PM16-02-2018
Quotation No.26/2017-18Quotations for dismantlement of 132 KV tower, beam and Bus bars at 220 KV S/S, Ghulal.05-03-201811:15 AM16-02-2018
Corrigendum to CWJ/T-55/2017-18Corrigendum No.1 to CWJ/T-55/2017-18: Extension to Switch House Building at 132 kV S/S Baghapurana.16-03-201802:30 PM16-02-2018
Corrigendum to CWJ/T-54/2017-18Corrigendum No.1 to CWJ/T-54/2017-18: Extension to Switch House Building at 132 kV S/S Muktsar.12-03-201802:30 PM16-02-2018
QuotationQuotations for hiring Part Time Sweeper (PTS) through outsource agency.28-02-201803:00 PM16-02-2018
Tender Enquiry No.30/2017-18Providing & laying vitrified floor tiles on existing flooring laid with cement based high polymer modified quick set tile adhesive, complete in the room of SE/Technical Audit, Flat No. 2, Officers Flats Complex, PSTCL, Patiala.27-02-201811:30 AM16-02-2018
Tender Enquiry No.07/2017-18Supply of material for 220 KV S/S, Katorewala under P&M Div., Malout.05-03-201812:30 PM16-02-2018
Tender Specification No.71/2017-18Supply, Installation and Integration of automatic fault SMS alert system at 400 KV Substations of PSTCL.19-03-201810:30 AM16-02-2018
TE No. 04/2017-18Quotations for Trimming of trees in front of ASE/P&M office, removing of old grass, making beds, levelling and dressing of ground, cemented design wooden with color, planting of plants, planting of grass, etc. including labour & supervision without material.01-03-201811:30 AM16-02-2018
Enquiry No.25/Grid Moga/2017-18Earthing of equipment & cable laying for 2 Nos. 66 KV, Tajpur Road & Chunta Ckt-II O/G bays at 220 KV S/S, Ghulal.26-02-201810:30 AM15-02-2018
Enquiry No.24/Grid Moga/2017-18Purchase of material for EOT Crane at Crane Bay, Lalton Kalan.26-02-201810:30 AM15-02-2018
Enquiry No.23/Grid Moga/2017-18Purchase of material for various works at Crane Bay, Lalton Kalan.26-02-201810:30 AM15-02-2018
Enquiry No.22/Grid Moga/2017-18SDE of 100 MVA 220/132 KV Works at 220 KV S/S, Maur.26-02-201810:30 AM15-02-2018
Tender Enquiry No.04/2017-18Regarding purchase of Earthen pots for 220 KV S/S, under P&M Division, Jamsher.28-02-201803:00 PM13-02-2018
Tender Enquiry No. 30/2017-18, 31/2017-18 and 32/2017-18(i) Renovation of quarter type A at 132 KV S/S, Beas. (ii) Repair and Replacement of U-Fencing at 132 KV S/S, Bhogpur. (iii) Paint work of Switch House Building at 220 KV S/S, Civil Line, Amritsar.
Corrigendum No.1 to Tender Enquiry No. 30/2017-18 and 31/2017-18.
26-02-201812:30 PM08-02-2018
Tender Enquiry No.04/2017-18Regarding Registration/Enlistment of contractors on panel of grid construction division PSTCL Moga.06-03-201803:00 P.M07-02-2018
Tender Enquiry No. 29/TLSC/P/2017-18Hiring of Ambasador/Swift-D-Zire VDI or equivalent in price ourtsource vehicle for Dy.CE TLSC Patiala (for one year).27-02-201803:30 PM05-02-2018
STQ-5082For Design, Manufacture, Testing & Supply of 15 KV NCTs.
01-03-201811:30 AM05-02-2018
Tender Enquiry No. 28/TLSC/PTA/2017-18Laying of tower foundations, Erection of Towers, Stringing & sagging of conductor of 220 KV DC line between 220 KV S/s Gaunsgar-220 KV S/s Ladhowal.06-03-201811:00 AM02-02-2018
Tender Enquiry No. 27/TLSC/PTA/2017-18Construction of pile type foundation of Tower Location no. 123 (DD+0 M Extra ) of 220 KV Line from 400 KV Nakodar to 220 KV Ladhowal.27-02-201811:30 AM02-02-2018
Tender Enquiry No. 26/TLSC/PTA/2017-18Construction of Pile type foundation of Tower Location No. 62 +9 M Extra of 220 KV Makhu - Algon Line.27-02-201811:00 AM02-02-2018
STQ-8028Supply of 3 Star 1.5 Ton Window AC of Voltas/Carrier/Blue Star Make Only Including Stabilizer (Excluding Installation & Civil Works).
08-03-201812:30 PM02-02-2018
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