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Tender Enquiry No. 20/2017-18Quotation for providing boring and fixing 1 BHP Submersible Pump complete in all respects.03-07-201703:00 PM22-06-2017
Tender Enquiry No.01/2017-18Hiring of One No. Mahindra Genio Double Cabin/Mahindra Bolero Double Cabin/TATA Xenon Double Cabin or equivalent diesel vehicle for CO&C S/D Bathinda for one year. Model not earlier than 3 years.12-07-201703:30 PM22-06-2017
Memo No.1230/35Quotations for purchase of one no. window AC for the office of ASE/P&M Division, Lalton Kalan.27-06-201703:00 PM20-06-2017
Memo No.1223/28Quotations for cleaning of Sewerage System at the residential colony at 220 KV S/S, Lalton Kalan.27-06-201712:30 PM20-06-2017
STQ - 7031Complete Engineering ,supply Erection testing and Commissioning of the bus bar protection scheme at 220KV Substation
Corrigendum No.1
06-07-201711:30 AM16-06-2017
95/2017-18Procurement of 357 No. Numerical Back up 3 O/C + 1 E/F(BUOCEF) Non Directional, Directional and Non Directional (for 11KV) Relays.06-07-201712:00 Noon16-06-2017
Enquiry No.01/2017-18Quotation for Refilling of Fire Fighting Equipment.30-06-201701:00 PM15-06-2017
T-02/2017-18Hiring of One No. Mahindra Genio Twin Cabin or equivalent vehicle for Maintenance gang, P&M Division, PSTCL, Jamsher (Jalandhar), to be used for maintenance of various Transmission Lines/Substation & other official works under the office of Maintenance gang, P&M Division, Jamsher (Jalandhar).18-07-201703:00 PM14-06-2017
T-01/2017-18Hiring of One No. LCV (Canter/Tata-407), 2.5 Ton or equivalent vehicle for AO&SDO TL S/D, PSTCL, Jamsher (Jalandhar) to be used for maintenance of various transmission lines/substation and other official works under the office of AO&SDO TL S/D, PSTCL, Jamsher (Jalandhar).17-07-201703:00 PM14-06-2017
Tender Enquiry No. 02/2017-18Quotations for Refilling of Fire Extinguisher,etc.07-07-201703:00 PM14-06-2017
08/2017-18Painting of UC-Fencing at 220 KV S/S, Jhunir under P&M Division, PSTCL, Bathinda.30-06-201702:30 PM14-06-2017
Tender Enquiry No.17Construction of 132 KV SF6 Breaker Foundation & Brick Step at 132 KV S/S, Tangra.29-06-201703:00 PM14-06-2017
Tender Enquiry No.16Construction of 2 No. 132 KV SF6 Breaker Foundation & Brick Step at 220 KV S/S, Sultanpur and 132 KV S/S, Khera Mandir.29-06-201703:00 PM14-06-2017
Tender Enquiry No. 19/2017-18Repair of Boundary Wall at 132 KV S/S, Kathunangal, Amritsar.03-07-201703:00 PM12-06-2017
Tender Enquiry No. 18/2017-18Repair of tile terracing and providing false ceiling in Control room at 220 KV S/S, Civil Lines, Amritsar.03-07-201703:00 PM12-06-2017
TE No.03/PM/ABL/2017-18Refilling/Inspection & Painting of Fire Fighting Equipment at 220 KV S/S Ablowal, Rajpura, Bhateri, Passiana and Devigarh under P&M Division, Ablowal.10-07-201704:00 PM08-06-2017
01/2017-18Supply and lnstallation of 2200 Nos. Ampact Fired C Wedge Boltless Connectors alongwith Wedge suitable for Zebra to Zebra ACSR Conductor confirming to lS 5561 Code with latest amendements at different PSTCL works. Corrigendum No.130-06-201703:00 PM08-06-2017
T-01/2017-18Erection of Tower/Beam/Busbar for 2 No. 220 KV O/G Bays and 1 No. 220 KV Bus Coupler Bay at 220 KV S/S, Mehalkalan.06-07-201711:00 AM08-06-2017
TE No.02/PM/ABL/2017-18Quotation For Providing & Flexing of Truck Mounted Mobile Crane Cum Loaders Front Tyres along with tube Flap 10.00-20 BT 112-16 PLY Make Birla.06-07-201704:00 PM07-06-2017
01/2017-18Laying of PCC flooring, Harvesting and Drainage system in yard area at 220 Kv Sub Station Ladowal.
13-07-201712:30 PM07-06-2017
T-01/2017-18Hiring of One No. Scorpio/Xylo or equivalent Diesel vehicle for one year on fixed charges (inclusive of first 1500 Km) and variable charges after 1500 Km per Km and outstation night halt charges for vehicle of model not older than May 2014.
Corrigendum No.1
28-06-201712:30 PM06-06-2017
CW/ET-03/2017-18Construction of Storage Shed at 400 KV Sub-Station Rajpura. (both in English and Punjabi)27-06-201703:30 PM02-06-2017
Corrigendum-3 to STQ-2027Corrigendum-3 to STQ-2027 Manufacture, testing & supply of hot dip galvanized HTGSS Earth wire of size 7/3.15mm as per PSTCL Specification STQ-2027 - 100 MT11-07-201711:30 AM30-05-2017
Corrigendum No.1 to STQ-2025Corrigendum No.1 to STQ-2025: Design, Manufacture, Testing at firms works & at PSTCL site and supply of material as per tender.
13-07-201703:30 PM30-05-2017
STQ-1031/2017Manufacture, testing, supply & delivery of 201MT Hot Dip Galvanised Nuts and Bolts and 9MT Electro-Galvanised Spring Washers.13-07-201711:00 AM26-05-2017
TE No. 1/2017-18Tender against Specification 112017-18 for Supply and lnstallation of 2200 Nos. Ampact Fired C Wedge Boltless Connectors alongwith Wedge suitable for Zebra lo ZebraACSR Conductor confirming to lS 5561 Code with Latest amendements at different PSTCL works.
30-06-201703:00 PM25-05-2017
STQ-8026Specification For Single Channel High Power PLC Terminals Without PC
29-06-201704:00 PM23-05-2017
Tender Enquiry No.STQ-3047Design, Manufacture, Test, Supply and Delivery of Line Hardware Fitting conforming to IS:2486 (Part-I), 2121 (Part-II), IS:9708 and PSTCL. Specification No. STQ-3047 for 220KV lines suitable for ACSR Zebra29-06-201711:30 AM19-05-2017
Tender Enquiry No.4 to6/2017-18Construction of TCW for 2nd battery room and allied civil works at various Sub stations03-07-201712:30 PM17-05-2017
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